Recover iPhone Screen Recording Not Working with 6 Effective Solutions [2023]

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Screen recording is one of the ways to record and save the precious moments you have on your screen. In addition, sharing what’s on your screen is one of the ways to connect yourself with the world. However, it is a bit stressful when your screen recording is not working. For some instance, you are watching your favorite artist’s live stream. In line with that, you want to save the moment and watch it countless times offline. Thus, a screen recorder is indeed a must for you. For iPhone with iOS 13/14/15, there’s a built-in screen recording tool in their device. But what will you do if your iPhone screen recording is not working? Lessen your stress and find out the smart way on how to fix iPhone screen recording in this article.

6 Efficient Solutions to Solve iPhone Screen Recording Not Working

Stress no more! We are here to give you efficient solutions to solve iPhone screen recording not working. Rely on the solutions below and we will try our best to meet your concern.

#Solution 1: Add Screen Recorder to the Control Panel for Easy Recording

If you want to easily and quickly access your screen recorder, you need to add it to the control panel.

Step 1.Go to the "Settings" app, then click the "Control Center" button. After that, simply add "Screen Recording" function to your Control Center.

Add Screen Recording To Control Center

Step 2.After that, go to the "Control Center". For the new update system of iOS, just pull down the hidden menu from the upper right corner of the device. On the other hand, if your system is outdated, you may scroll up the menu. Next, find the "Record" button in the "Control Center", turn it on then you may start recording your screen. In this way, you can fix the iPhone 13/12/11/X screen recording not working.

Record your iPhone Throught The Default

#Solution 2: Turn on the Microphone to Record Audio

For your audio to be recorded as well, turn on the microphone. Just like what we have done above, go to the "Control Center", then long-press the "Record" button. After that, tap the "Microphone" button then turn it on and you will see it will turn to the color red. You can try this solution to fix the iPhone screen recording not working and no sound problem.

Turn On The Microphone

#Solution 3: Check the Restrictions to Screen Recorder

To fix iPhone screen recording not working without an available "Recording" button in the "Control Center", you may follow the given steps below to make it accessible.

Step 1.Go to the "Settings" and find "Screen Time". Next, tap "Content & Privacy Restrictions" then "Content Restrictions".

Go to The Privacy Restrictions

Step 2.In the "Game Center", among the list, find "Screen Recording". After that, select "Allow" for your Screen Recorder to be added to the Control Center.

Allow iPhone Taking Screen Recording

#Solution 4: Check the Storage Space for Storing Recordings

When screen recording failed to save due to 5823, you may check your storage space. Because when you have low storage space, your recorded videos will not be able to be saved. With that, make sure to have enough space for your recorded videos by offloading unused apps. Moreover, you can just clear the cache of some apps that consume most of your space. By doing this, you can fix the iPhone screen recording not working.

#Solution 5: Force Restart Your iPhone to Fix the Stuck

If for instance, you can’t find the reason why your screen recorder suddenly stops recording, you can restart your iPhone to fix the problem. Simply press and hold the "top button" to turn off the iPhone SE (1st generation), 5, or earlier. To shut down your iPhone SE (2nd generation), 8, 7, or 6, please press and hold the "side" button. For the iPhone X or 11, press and hold both the "volume and side" buttons at the same time. Wait for at least 30 seconds before turning on your device again. Try this method to fix the iPhone 13/12/11/X screen recording not working. Later, you can screen record with sound on iPhone 12 and other models.

Force Restart iPhone

#Solution 6: Mirror Your iPhone to Computer for Better Recording

If you have done every step that is written above and still can’t record your screen, the best solution for you is to mirror your iPhone to the computer and record the iPhone screen on your computer using AnyRec Screen Recorder.

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FAQs of iPhone Screen Recording Not Working


With this article, we hope that we helped you in fixing your iPhone screen recording that is not working. You can try any mentioned way to check and fix this function on your iPhone, or you can simply rely on AnyRec Screen Recorder. Its phone recorder can mirror and record phone screen on PC in one stop. If you still have questions about iPhone screen recording not working, feel free to contact us.

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