GIF to MP4 – 4 Ways to Convert Animated GIFs to MP4 Unlimitedly

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GIFs are across social media platforms, and people use them to express their opinions or add fun to a topic. But many people want to combine and merge GIFs to MP4 so they can edit and share GIFs as the video format. You can use this method to include GIFs on videos or share them with your friends! Let’s see the best tools to combine and merge GIFs to MP4.

Part 1: Merge and Convert GIFs to MP4 with AnyRec Video Converter

AnyRec Video Converter is a desktop tool that has the best GIF Combiner. It allows you to create a GIF from a video clip or photos, with supported formats such as MP4, MOV, JPG, PNG, and more. So, you can also combine and merge GIFs to MP4 with this software. The software is an AI-based algorithm that helps your output be of high quality, even blurry parts. If you wish to change specific settings, the Output Setting allows you to change the video resolution, quality, format, and others. Download AnyRec Video Converter and see more exclusive features for GIFs!

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Combine GIFs with essential functions to cut, crop, enhance, and modify photos for great results.

No file limit for uploading and accepting various input formats to create GIFs from scratch.

Enable users to preview the output GIF for future changes in frame rate, output size, and other settings.

An excellent desktop tool for other video and audio editing like conversion, merge, compression, etc.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.To download AnyRec Video Converter, click the "Free Download" button. Follow the prompts to install the video converter on your device and wait for it to launch automatically. Go to the "Toolbox" menu and select the "GIF Maker" option. Choose videos or photos to use for the GIF. Then, click the "Add" button to upload a file.

AnyRec GIF Maker

Step 2.Once you have added the desired files, you can change the position using the controls. Click the "Change Duration" button to cut or trim seconds. Click the "Play" button to see the whole GIF. The "Empty" feature helps you to delete all the items and add another batch.

AnyRec Controls Position

Step 3.For other settings, go to the "Output" menu, where you can configure the GIF. Select the drop-down list for resolution, frame rate, and zoom mode to see other options. You can also use the "Loop Animation" option for repeated play. Click the "OK" button to save the changes.

AnyRec Output Settings Merge GIF

Step 4.Check the preview of the output to see the result. Proceed to rename the GIF by clicking the "Rename" button. Then, browse for the perfect designated folder to save the output. Click the "Export" button to process the new GIF.

AnyRec Folder Export

Part 2: Combine Multiple GIFs into One Video in Photoshop

Combining multiple GIFs to MP4 in Photoshop gives you the best output. It is a convenient program for professional editing, providing effective effects, watermarks, and other elements. Although the interface is not for beginners, you can follow these simple steps to use Photoshop as a GIF Combiner.

Step 1.Open Photoshop on your device and head to the File menu. Hover your mouse over the Import option, then select the Video Frames to Layers button. Upload the desired GIFs repeatedly.

Photoshop Import

Step 2.Set the parameters for the GIFs, such as resolution, size, etc. Save the output by clicking the Export button. Select the Save for Web (Legacy) option to share the combined GIFs with your friends.

Photoshop Parameter Export

Part 3: Add GIFs into One File Change it to MP4 in Preview

Having a Mac means you can get a free program to combine GIFs to MP4. The Preview app is not only to organize your files or an image viewer but also an effective tool for GIFs. You can also use Preview to change the format, like converting live photos to GIFs. Here is the easy way to use Preview for GIFs combining.

Step 1.Browse for the GIF you want to use and right-click on it. Choose "Open With", then select the "Preview (default)" option from the submenu. The GIF will be displayed on the Preview app.

Preview Open With

Step 2.Drag and drop the other GIF to the Preview’s pane thumbnails to add to the list. You can add as many GIFs as you need. Then, go to the "File" menu and click the "Export" button. Rename the file and click the "Save" button to save the GIFs as one MP4 file.

Part 4: Merge GIFs to MP4 Online with VEED GIF Combiner

VEED GIF Combiner is an online program accessible to all popular browsers. The interface is simple for navigation, providing all the functions you need to trim, crop, rotate, and edit GIFs. You can also change the GIF background and then add the GIF to a video. Read the instruction below for VEED GIF Combiner.

Step 1.Visit the website and click the "Choose GIF Files" button. When you are redirected to another site, upload the file you want to edit. Wait for the GIF to upload completely.

Veed Choose GIF Files

Step 2.Locate and click the "Add Media" button above the frames to import another image from your folder. You will see another set of frames added from the end part of the first GIF. Proceed to edit the output by adjusting the speed, applying a background, and more.

Veed Add Media

Step 3.Once done with editing, click the "Play" button to see the preview. Save the final output by clicking the "Export" button from the top right corner of the website. If you are on the free version, you may need to sign up on VEED to download the GIF.

Veed Export Sign Up

Part 5: FAQs about Combine GIFs to MP4


After learning the recommended tools, combining GIFs has never been easier. You can use the above tools to combine and merge GIFs to MP4. Tools such as Preview and VEED give you free access to edit GIFs, but Photoshop can let you get the professional output you want. But if you are looking for an intuitive interface and professional result, AnyRec Video Converter is the best to try! Try the free trial version by clicking the Download button.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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