4 Methods to Take Screenshots from One Monitor on a Dual Monitors

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A dual-monitor setup has recently gained popularity among power users. No matter you are a stock trader, gamer, or programmer, a dual-monitor stand could increase your screen real-estate greatly and boost your productivity. However, things start to get complicated when you want to take a screenshot. If you simply press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, you would get a screenshot of both monitors. How could you take a screenshot from one monitor only?

To solve your problem, we have investigated multiple possibilities with the top tools on the market and curated the working methods that would help you out. Read the solutions down below to learn how to take a screenshot from only one monitor on your dual or multi-monitor setup.

Overall Best Method to Take Screenshots from Only One Monitor

Considering all the factors, the best way to take screenshots on one monitor from a dual-monitor setup is using professional screen recorder software. It not only gives you flexibility without any hassle but also has powerful editing and annotating tools. Among the screen recorder options, we strongly suggest AnyRec Screen Recorder as the go-to selection. You could easily set up an alternative hotkey and capture a screenshot from any screen or region with one simple click. Other advanced features include:

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Provide options to capture full-screen, customized region, and select window screenshots.

Powerful screenshots editing tools.

Easy-to-use hotkeys to take screenshots at any time

Support both Windows and Mac

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Install and launch the Program

Download the best screenshot application to your computer from the official website. On the main screen of the program, click on the "Screenshot" button. The hotkey combination was set as "Ctrl+Alt+C" by default. Press the key combinations to launch the screenshot feature.


Step 2.Take a screenshot

Now, you could select a screen region to take a screenshot. Drag the edge of the frame to select the desired region. Release the mouse to take the screenshot.


Step 3.Save the screenshot

A toolbar would appear below the screenshot giving you advanced editing features. Once the editing is finished, click on the "Save" button once the process is completed.

the Toolbox to Edit the Screenshot
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Other Working Methods to Take Screenshots

Method 1. Take Screenshots of One Monitor Using Windows Snipping Tool

Step 1.Click on the "Start" button and launch the "Search" tool. For Windows 10, you need to search "Snip & Sketch" tool instead (or Snipping tool on Windows 11). Click on the program to launch it.

Step 2.Press the "Ctrl + N" key combination and use the rectangle tool to select a custom region on the desired screen area.

Step 3.Release the mouse button, a screenshot would be automatically saved. Press the "Ctrl + S" key combinations or click on the "Save" button to save the screenshot to your disk.

Choose the Desired Shapes of the Screenshot

Method 2. Take Screenshots of One Monitor Using Windows Game Bar

Step 1.Make sure you are active on the monitor screen you wish to capture. On your Windows 10 PC, press the "Windows+G" key combinations to launch the Windows Game Bar.

Step 2.Locate the "Capture" button on the interface and click on the "Take Screenshots" option.

Capture Tool on Game Bar

Step 3.Click on the "Show All Captures" option to locate the screenshots you've just taken. You could either click the "Open File Location" button and find the screenshot, or directly share it with your friends by choosing the "Share to Twitter" option.

Copy the Screenshots to Clipboard Check to see how to screenshot part of screenshot on Windows if you are interested.

Method 3. Take Screenshots of One Monitor on Mac


Keep in note that this method works only on Mac OS X 10.14 and later versions.

Step 1.On the active monitor screen, press the Command + Shift + 5 key combinations.

Step 2.Click on the "Options" button, make sure that you have chosen to capture the Desktop.

Step 3.Click on the "Capture" button to create a screenshot of one monitor screen. The saved file could be found on your desktop.

Mac Capture one Monitor Screen

FAQs about Taking Screenshots on a Dual-Monitor Setup


How could you capture screenshots on one of the multi-screen monitors easily? As we have investigated, these are the best 4 practices to grab screenshots on a dual-monitor setup for Windows and Mac. Considering the pros and cons of each method, we conclude that using professional screen capture software is the overall winner as your screenshot assistant toolkit.

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