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How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on MacBook Air/Pro in 2022

Jenefey Aaron Posted by Jenefey Aaron Oct 31, 2022

Taking screenshots on Mac is very easy, which only needs pressing the hotkeys on your keyboard. But how to take scrolling screenshots on Mac? Whether you want to capture the whole content of your chat history in one image or record the entire web page to share the full content, taking a scrolling screenshot is the best way.

Since the built-in snipping tools or hotkeys don't support taking scrolling screenshots on Mac, you can learn how to take screenshots of the scrolling area of a window, document, chatting, or web page in this article. You can make use of third-party tools or install the extensions on different browsers. Here is also a relatively complex method to take scrolling screenshots without any software.

Part 1: How to Take Scrolling Screenshots of Any Content on Mac Part 2: 2 Ways to Take Scrolling Screenshots of Websites on Mac Part 3: How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac without Any Software/Extensions Part 4: FAQs of Taking Scrolling Screenshots on Mac

Part 1: How to Take Scrolling Screenshots of Any Content on Mac

Actually, there are not too many snipping tools that support taking scrolling screenshots of any software on Mac. CleanShot X is one of these powerful screen capture tools that provides 50+ additional features, including adding annotations, scrolling capture, link sharing, etc. Here are the detailed steps to take scrolling screenshots on Mac:

Step 1After launching CleanShot X, you can see it in the taskbar. Click its icon and choose the Scrolling Capture option to take scrolling screenshots on your Mac. Then right-click your mouse and drag the box to select the desired region to capture.

Cleanshot X Scrolling Screenshot

Step 2When you have chosen the screenshot area, click the Start Capturing button below the region. Then you can scroll down your mouse to drag down the capture region of the website or other apps. You can also use the downward arrow key on your keyboard to drag the content. At last, click the Done button to save the screenshots. (Check to see how to fix Mac screenshots not saving.)

Cleanshot X Save Scrolling Screenshot

Part 2: 2 Ways to Take Scrolling Screenshots of Websites on Mac

If you just want to take scrolling screenshots of web pages on Mac, you can also choose to install the extensions on chrome without downloading software. Here are 2 selected extensions you can find on Chrome Web Store.

1. GoFullPage

GoFullPage is a designed snipping tool for taking scrolling screenshots on Mac. It doesn't provide other modes for capturing screen, which means you can use it to screenshot full content quickly with one click or simple hotkeys. (Or you can use Mac screenshot shortcuts to capture snapshots directly.) It also provides editing tools to crop, edit, add emojis to the screenshots.

GoFullPage extensions for Scrolling Screenshots

2. FireShot

It's an easy-to-use scrolling screenshot extension for Mac. With one click, you can capture the entire page, visible part, selected part, browser window, all tabs of the web page. After taking a scrolling screenshot on Mac, you can also use simple tools to edit and crop it. Moreover, it provides PDF (screenshot to PDF), JPG, GIF, and PNG (compress PNG and reduce file size now) formats to export the screenshots.

FireShot extension Take Scrolling Screenshots

Part 3: How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Mac without Any Software/Extensions

Although the built-in screenshot tool on Mac can't take scrolling screenshots, you can directly save the web page as an image through the following methods. You don’t need to download any third-party software or plugins, and just keep reading the steps below.

1. Take scrolling screenshots through Safari on Mac.

Step 1Click the Safari menu and choose the Preferences option on the desktop. And then click the Advanced menu to change the settings. You should tick the Show Develop menu in menu bar option at the bottom.

Safari Advanced Options

Step 2Open the desired web page you want to capture on Safari. Click the Develop menu and then choose the Show Web Inspector option. Then a window with the code of this web page will pop up. Use your mouse to right-click the first line of “html...”, and then click the Capture Screenshot option. At last, click the Save button to proceed. You can find the scrolling screenshot on the local file.

Open Safari Web Inspector

2. Take screenshots of an entire web page through Chrome on Mac.

Step 1Open Google Chrome on your Mac. Click the Menu icon with three dots and choose the More Tools option. Then click the Developer Tools button and see the source code of this website.

  Chrome Developer Tools

Step 2Press the Ctrl+Shift+M buttons or click the Toggle Device Toolbar icon to preview the web page as an image. Then click the three-dot menu icon at the top right corner and choose the Capture Full Screen Size option to take scrolling screenshots on Mac.

Capture Full Screen Size Screenshot Chrome

3. Scrolling screenshot of the full content through Firefox on Mac.

Step 1Navigate to the desired web page on Firefox. Right-click your mouse anywhere on this page and choose the Take a Screenshot option. You can also click the three-dot menu icon below the URL of this page to start the snipping tool.

Take Screenshot Firefox

Step 2A window will pop up to let you choose the screenshot mode. Just click the Save Full Page option to take a scrolling screenshot on Mac.

Save Full Page

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Part 4: FAQs of Taking Scrolling Screenshots on Mac


Since the built-in screenshot tool only supports capturing visible areas, this article has introduced 6 efficient ways to take scrolling screenshots on Mac. You can use CleanShot X or extensions for chrome to capture the full content on one page. Besides, most browsers also provide default screenshot tools for taking scrolling screenshots. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Free Download

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