How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on MacBook Air/Pro in 2024 (12 Ways)

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Get 12 ways to take a scrolling screenshot on any Mac computer in any macOS version. You can use built-in Mac screenshot tools, professional scrolling screenshot software, browser extensions, and other tricks.

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Mac Scrolling Screenshot

In most cases, taking a scrolling screenshot on Mac refer to as a “full-page” or “long” screenshot. You can capture the entire webpage, document, or screen that may extends beyond the visible screen. By doing so, you can share more info and preserve the original layout directly. There is no need to capture multiple screenshots to provide a comprehensive view.

There are many scrolling screenshot tools you can choose, including default Mac screenshot programs, browser extensions, online tools, third-party apps, and more. You can continue reading and choose the best way to do Mac scrolling screenshot.

3 Ways to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Mac with Default Tools

There is no official long screenshot capture tool in Apple macOS 14 Sonoma and earlier. But you can record a video to grab the full-page content. Later, you can share this whole page screen capture video directly, or convert video to GIF as an image.

#1. Use Shift + Command + 5 Hotkey

Best for: Take screenshots or record videos on macOS Mojave/Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey/Ventura/Sonoma.

You can capture entire screenshots on Mac by using this hotkey combination. Later, you can save, edit, or drag this screenshot to Mac programs based on your need.

Step 1.Hold and press Shift, Command, and 5 keys on your keyboard to open the Screenshot app.

Step 2.Click the "Record Entire Screen" or "Record Selected Portion" button to start recording.

Step 3.Scroll down on the page or document you want to capture.

Step 4.Stop recording and find the captured content on desktop.

Shift Command 5

#2. QuickTime Player

Best for: Capture entire screen video and make a scrolling screenshot on Mac.

QuickTime Player can be your free screen recorder and screenshot tool on Mac too. You can start a new screen recording to do scrolling screenshots on all Mac computers.

Step 1.Open QuickTime Player. Click "New Screen Recording" from the top File dropdown list.

Step 2.Click the "Record Entire Screen" or "Record Selected Portion" from the screenshot toolbar.

Step 3.Click the "Stop" button or use Shift, Command, and 5 key combinations to stop recording on Mac.

Use QuickTime Player

#3. Preview

Best for: Capture entire screen video and make a scrolling screenshot on Mac.

Preview can be your free Mac screenshot tool as well. The secret is to find the "Take Screenshot" button from its File dropdown list. From this submenu, you can get 3 options to take screenshots of full screen, active window, or selection. Moreover, you can edit this screenshot before saving within Preview.

Step 1.Open Preview app on Mac.

Step 2.Click the "File" button on the top toolbar.

Step 3.Click the "Take Screenshot" button followed by the "From Entire Screen" button.

Step 4.Save, share, rotate, or edit your captured screenshot.

Screenshot on Mac with Preview

3 Ways to Take a Picture of the Whole Page on Mac without Scrolling

As you can see, the built-in Apple Mac tools are not good enough for scrolling screenshot taking. If you want to get better experience, it is suggested to use third-party macOS screenshot software.

#1. Shottr (The Free Version Is Available for 30 Days)

Best for: Take long screenshots and blur part of it to protect privacy in one stop. The scrolling screenshot max height is 20,000px.

Shottr can cover your mac screenshot capture and editing features. After taking a screenshot of a long webpage on Mac, you can pixelate, add text, draw, highlight, and apply more image effects. Moreover, it's OCR feature can extract text from the screenshot and copy it to clipboard. Shottr provides a 30-day free trial for users with macOS 10.15 Catalina and later. After that, you need to pay to get access to it.

Step 1.Open Shottr. Click "Scrolling Capture" from its drop-down list.

Step 2.The first time you use, you need to follow its guide to confirm with its accessibility permissions.

Step 3.Click "Scrolling Capture" from the Shottr list again to take a scrolling screenshot of full webpage.

Step 4.Edit and add drawings on this long screenshot.

Step 5.Click the "Save" button to export the entire webpage screenshot.

Take Scrolling Screenshots with Shottr

#2. CleanShot X

Best for: Do scrolling capture on Mac with built-in annotation tools and cloud uploading.

Actually, there are not too many snipping tools that support taking scrolling screenshots of any software on Mac. CleanShot X is one of these powerful screen capture tools that provides 50+ additional features, including adding annotations, scrolling capture, link sharing, etc. Here are the detailed steps to take scrolling screenshots on Mac:

Step 1.Open CleanShot X. Find its icon on the toolbar, then click the "Scrolling Capture" button to take scrolling screenshots on your Mac.

Cleanshot X Scrolling Screenshot

Step 2.Set the screenshot area. Click the "Start Capturing" button below the region. Then you can scroll down your mouse to drag down the capture region of the website or other apps. At last, click the "Done" button to save the screenshots. (Check to see how to fix Mac screenshots not saving.)

Cleanshot X Save Scrolling Screenshot

#3. Screenshot Guru

Best for: Take scrolling screenshots of any webpage or tweets on Mac by entering URL.

Screenshot Guru is a good choice for capturing webpages on any browser. Just enter the URL of the webpage you want to capture. Later, you can take a long screenshot of it in seconds. There is no need to register a user account or provide any personal information. By the way, you can install its Chrome extension to capture every tweets on the Twitter webpage as PNG instantly.

Step 1.Open Screenshot Guru on your browser.

Step 2.Enter the URL into the required place.

Step 3.Click the "Screen Capture" button

Step 4.Right-click on the captured image. Then click the "Download" button to take a long screenshot without scrolling.

Take Screenshots of Entire Webpages with Screenshots Guru

4 Ways to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Mac with Browser Extensions

Actually, our frequently-used browsers also provide scrolling screenshot capture tools. Or you can install an extension to take scrolling and entire screenshots on your browser in one click.

#1. GoFullPage - Chrome Scrolling Screenshot Extension

GoFullPage is a designed snipping tool for taking scrolling screenshots on Mac. It doesn't provide other modes for capturing screen, which means you can use it to screenshot full content quickly with one click or simple hotkeys. (Or you can use Mac screenshot shortcuts to capture snapshots directly.) It also provides editing tools to crop, edit, add emojis to the screenshots.

GoFullPage extensions for Scrolling Screenshots

#2. FireShot - Full Page Screen Capture Extension for Firefox and Chrome

It's an easy-to-use scrolling screenshot extension for Mac. With one click, you can capture the entire page, visible part, selected part, browser window, all tabs of the web page. After taking a scrolling screenshot on Mac, you can also use simple tools to edit and crop it. Moreover, it provides PDF, JPG, GIF, and PNG formats to export the screenshots.

FireShot extension Take Scrolling Screenshots

#3. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder - Entire Page Screenshot Extension for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder is a powerful and versatile extension for taking scrolling screenshots on Mac. It enables you to capture the whole page, a visible part, or a selected region of any web page. You can also annotate, blur, crop, and share the screenshots with others. Moreover, it offers a screen recorder feature that lets you record your screen and webcam.

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

#4. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder - Full Page Screenshot Extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder is another comprehensive extension for taking scrolling screenshots on Mac. It gives you the option to capture the entire web page, a visible part, a selected area, or the entire browser window. You can also edit, resize, add arrows, text, and shapes to the screenshots. Additionally, it provides a screen video recorder feature that allows you to record your screen, webcam, or both.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

4 Ways to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Mac Browsers without Extension (Safari & Chrome & Firefox)

If you don't want to install any software or extension, you can try the following 4 entire webpage capture method via browsers directly.

#1. Show Web Inspector (Safari)

Step 1.Open Safari Settings. Then click the "Advanced" button. You should click before "Show features for web developers" at the bottom.

Safari Advanced Options

Step 2.Open the desired web page you want to capture on Safari. Click the "Show Web Inspector" button from the "Develop" dropdown list. Then a window with the code of this web page will pop up.

Safari Connect Web Inspector

Step 3.Use your mouse to right-click the first line of "html lang=...", and then click the "Capture Screenshot" button. At last, click the "Save" button to proceed. You can save this Mac scrolling screenshot in PNG on dekstop.

Safari Capture Screenshot

#2. Capture Full Screen Size (Chrome)

Step 1.Open Google Chrome on your Mac. Right-click on the webpage you want to capture. Then click "Inspect". You can see the source code of this website.

Chrome Inspect

Step 2.Find and click the "Menu" button with the three-dots icon on the top right corner of Chrome Developer Tools. Later, click "Run command" from the dropdown list.

Chrome Run Command

Step 3.Type "screenshot" in the "Command" blank. Click "Capture full size screenshot". Google Chrome will take a full page screen capture automatically. You can find this scrolling screenshot in Chrome Recent Download History. Well, this long screenshot is captured as PNG format by default.

Chrome Take Full Size Screenshot

#3. Save Full Page (Firefox)

Step 1.Navigate to the desired web page on Firefox. Right-click your mouse anywhere on this page and click the "Take a Screenshot" button. You can also click the "Menu" button below the URL of this page to start the snipping tool.

Take Screenshot Firefox

Step 2.A window will pop up to let you choose the screenshot mode. Just click the Save Full Page option to take a screenshot on Firefox of the entire webpage.

Save Full Page

#3. Print As PDF (Safari)

Step 1.Go to the webpage you want to capture. Click the "File" button on the top.

Step 2.Click the "Print" button from the list.

Step 3.Select the "Save as PDF" button from bottom PDF list

Step 4.Click the "Save" button to take a scrolling screenshot of a webpage (or document, Notes, etc.) as PDF on Mac.

Save As PDF Safari

Recommend: The Best Snipping Tool for the Entire Screen or Selected Windows

When you just want to take quick screenshots on your Mac with the desired area, just go for AnyRec Screen Recorder. It is a powerful screen recorder that supports taking screenshots of the full-screen, selected region or a certain window. Moreover, it provides many additional functions to add annotations, clip the recordings, etc.

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screenshot Software

Take screenshots on Mac easily with high quality.

Able to capture the desired region as you like.

Hotkeys to take quick captures on Windows/Mac.

Adjust the output image format and quality.

Hardware acceleration to screenshot smoothly.

Provide editing tools with shapes, lines, highlights, etc.

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Free Download

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FAQs of Taking Scrolling Screenshots on Mac


Since the built-in screenshot tool only supports capturing visible areas, this article has introduced 12 efficient ways to take scrolling screenshots on Mac. You can use CleanShot X or extensions for chrome to capture the full content on one page. And you can use AnyRec Screen Recorder to get smooth Mac screenshotting and recording experience. Besides, most browsers also provide default screenshot tools for taking scrolling screenshots. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Free Download

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Free Download

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