WebM to PNG or JPG: 4 Ways to Extract Images from WebM Files

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WebM is a commonly used format for video uploading on a webpage. It holds high-quality with small file size. But many people want to convert WebM to PNG or JPG to open it. Because they might encounter a fantastic video on a webpage and want to produce an image out of it, either for storing or video editing. Well, there are many ways to do this, and in this post, we feature walkthrough guides for you. Continue reading this page to see 4 ways to convert WebM to PNG/JPG for video editing, storing, sharing, etc. Explore them now!

Part 1: 2 Software to Convert WebM to PNG and JPG [Windows/Mac]

If you wish to convert WebM to PNG on your Windows or Mac computer, explore these first two guides and choose the one you think could achieve your desired WebM conversion needs. So without any further delay, explore them now!

1. AnyRec Video Converter

In case you took a screenshot of a video with a WebM format on a website and want to convert WebM into a JPG or PNG for video editing purposes. Then, the tool we can recommend to you is the professional yet easy-to-use AnyRec Video Converter. This tool has a built-in Toolbox with an excellent feature named Image Converter. This feature is equipped with Customizable Export Settings that enable you to tweak your output’s Format, Zoom, and Quality. Additionally, in terms of format exportation, it supports the most popular formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, etc.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

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Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Install the AnyRec Video Converter on the computer. After that, launch the tool, and click the Toolbox button. And then, you can click the Image Converter button from Toolbox.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

AnyRec Select Toolbox and Click Image

Step 2.Next, click the Add button to import WebM. On the Folder window, select the file and click the Open button. Then, click the Format button to access the tool's formats.

AnyRec Import Screenshot and Choose Format

Step 3.After choosing the format, you can set the output on the Output Settings window. You can also modify your file's Zoom state and Quality. After that, click the OK button.

AnyRec Start Converting

Step 4.To start the conversion process, click the Export button at the lower right corner of the tool’s interface. This will only take a little time to finish the JPG WebM screenshots to PNG.

AnyRec Choose Format and Tweak Files Look
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

2. VLC Media Player

Another Windows and Mac-compatible tool that you can use to convert WebM to PNG/JPG is the VLC Media Player. Although this tool is dedicated to playing various media files, it is also made to accommodate file indirect conversion processes. It can play videos in WebM format and convert them into PNG or JPG via snapshot. However, VLC could be more reliable for converting lengthy videos into a WebM format. You might experience snapshot failures, tool crashes, and unpleasing quality output. But if you only need to convert short WebM videos, then VLC could provide excellent service. So how to use VLC to convert WebM to JPG/PNG? Go after the steps below:

Step 1.Launch the VLC Media Player on your Windows or Mac computer. After that, select the Tool tab at the upper right corner and click Preferences.

VLC Select Tool Tab and Click Preferences

Step 2.Next, on the Simple Preferences window, click the Video button. Then, choose between PNG and JPG as output formats under the Format option, and click the Save button.

VLC Access Video Settings and Set PNG

Step 3.After that, play the WebM file you wish to convert into PNG/JPG. To do this, click the Media tab and select the Open File option. On the Folder window, select the WebM file.

VLC Import and Play the WEBM File

Step 4.Then, play the WebM video and pause to the part you want to convert as PNG or JPG. After navigating, click the Video and Take Snapshot buttons to capture the scene.

VLC Take Snapshot

Part 2: 2 Tools to Change WebM to PNG and JPG [Online]

Now those are the 2 great Windows and Mac-compatible tools you can use to convert WebM to PNG/JPG. If you want a much more accessible tool to convert your WebM video files, we recommend you try these 2 online WebM video editors. However, online tools need to be more reliable, for they will limit you regarding file conversion. But; if you are only working with a small and short WebM file, you can use these two video converter tools! Start exploring them now.

1. AnyConv

The first free online WebM to PNG/JPG, converter tool recommendation, is the AnyConv. This tool supports converting video files with WebM format into over 400 file formats, including PNG and JPG. It aims to provide users with a fast conversion process by developing easy-to-understand and use features. However, AnyConv only allows you to import WebM videos with a 100MB file size. So before using it, you should check if it exceeds 100MB in size. So how to use AnyConv? Here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1.On your computer, launch your browser and search for AnyConv. After that, on the tool’s interface, click the CHOOSE FILE button to import the WebM file you wish to convert.

AnyConv Import WEBM File

Step 2.Next, tick the dropdown menu option and choose between PNG and JPG, the one you wish to convert your WebM file. Then, once you are done choosing, click the Convert button.

AnyConv Choose Format Click Convert

Step 3.Once it is done converting, click the Download button to store the output on your computer’s local storage.

AnyConv Downlaod Converted File


Another online tool to convert WebM to PNG/JPG is the EZGIF. The same goes with AnyConv; this tool can only convert various files, including WebM, to different formats, including JPG and PNG. What makes EZGIF ahead of AnyConv is that it is infused with simple editing features. You can also file with EZGIF. However, just like AnyConv, you are limited to converting a WebM with a maximum of 100MB file size. But it is still capable of converting WebM files without any hassle. How to convert WebM to PNG/JPG using EZGIF? Here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1.Access the EZGIF on your computer’s browser. After that, click the Video to GIF button, and choose between Video to JPG or Video to PNG options.

EZGIF Access EZGIF adn Choose Video to PNG Video to JPG

Step 2.Next, tick the Choose File button to import the WebM file you wish to convert. Once you are done uploading it, click the Upload video button to start the uploading process.

EZGIF Import WEBM File

Step 3.After that, once the uploading process is finished, tick the Convert to JPG! Button.

EZGIF Click Convert to JPG or PNG Button

Part 3: FAQs about WebM to PNG and JPG


Now that you know how to convert WebM to PNG or JPG, you can convert various videos on a website with a WebM format. With the help of those 4 workable guides, you can achieve your desired conversion process. If you are searching for an advanced tool dedicated to providing you with the best conversion service, then the AnyRec Video Converter is what you are searching for! This tool has an Image Converter feature that enables you to convert WebM PNG screenshots to JPG or vice versa and provides great editing features! Feel free to visit this tool’s official website to discover its other excellent features today!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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