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JFIF refers to JPEG File Interchange Format and is the compressed version of the original JPEG file. You can open such a file in many programs like Windows Photos or Apple Preview. So, why bother converting JFIF to PNG since it is compatible with major views.? The truth is that PNG supports a larger scale of bit depth and has richer color rendering than the JFIF format. Therefore, to easily convert between these two formats, below are the 9 best JFIF to PNG converters that allow you to do the conversion for free.

Part 1: Free Ways to Convert JFIF to PNG

Freebies can also have the features you want for JFIF to PNG. The following free methods not only allow you to achieve conversion between JFIF to PNG but also offers more features waiting for you to explore. Except for being free, these converters also enable you to access them anywhere you go since they are also workable on mobile. Without further ado, you may follow the step-by-step guide below and convert your JFIF images to PNG right now.

1. AnyRec Free Image Converter Online

If you are looking for a free converter that offers batch conversion with a few limits, AnyRec Free Image Converter Online can be your first choice. You can upload up to 40 images of JFIF for conversion per day and the website will quickly convert JFIF to PNG for you. Or there are also other formats for you to choose like JPEG and GIF, which means you can animate your images.

◆ Allow batch conversion for your JFIF images.

◆ Convert any of your images with fast speed.

◆ Offer friendly operations and a simple guide.

◆ Guarantee no watermarks on your final PNG images.

Step 1.Go to the "Free Image Converter Online" website and choose the PNG format as your output format in advance. Then, you can click the "Add Images" button to upload a JFIF image and remember that your image cannot exceed 5MB.

Add Images AnyRec Free Image Converter

Step 2.After selecting a JFIF image and uploading it, the website will start processing for you automatically. And it will convert JFIF to PNG for you quickly. Once it finishes, you just need to click the "Download" button to save it to your device.

Download in PNG Format

2. Convertio

Convertio is a compound of all kinds of converters for different media files or documents. Converting JFIF to PNG is a piece of cake on this website. Meanwhile, you can upload an image file up to 100 MB or sign up to level it up and upload bigger images. Moreover, you can also upload your JFIF image stored on Google Drive or other online sources.

Step 1.On Convertio’s official website, find the "Online Image Converter" tool from the Convert dropdown menu.

Step 2.Then, click the "Choose File" button and choose a JFIF image to upload. Next, you will see the image is ready and you need to choose the PNG format by clicking the down-arrow icon. .

Step 3.Finally, click the "Convert" button. After that, click the "Download" button to save it.

Convertio JFIF to PNG Converter

3. CloudConvert

Step 1.Enter the "JFIF to PNG Converter" page on CloudCovert’s website. Then, click the "Select File" button to upload your JFIF image.

Step 2.After selecting, you can enter a new width and height for the final PNG image or leave it and continue.

Step 3.Now, click the "Convert" button and a popup will appear showing you a preview of the PNG file. You need to click the "Download" button to save it.

Downlaod PBG Image on CloudConvert

4. FreeConvert

The biggest highlight of FreeConvert is that it offers you more customization options for your JFIF images before conversion. Therefore, you can then directly decrease or increase image size online here, control image quality, or even make a transparent PNG image after converting the JFIF to PNG format. The max file size you can have without registration is 1GB and if you sign up, you can then get more.

Step 1.Click the "Choose File" button after entering the JFIF to PNG Converter on FreeConvert. Before uploading any JFIF images, you can decide whether choose a color to make transparent effects.

Step 2.If you tick yes, then you will get a transparent PNG image with the background removed. After setting it all, upload the JFIF image.

Step 3.You need to click the "Convert" button to start the conversion. Finally, click the "Download" button to save the final file or scan the QR code to download it on your mobile phone.

Freeconvert JFIF to PNG Converter

5. AnyConv

With the great accessibility and simple features, AnyConv’s JFIF to PNG Converter is another workable tool for you. Whether you are using a phone or a computer, you can use this tool to convert JFIF images anytime you want with a maximum file size of 100MB.

Step 1.First, once you are on the JFIF to PNG Converter page on the "AnyConv" website, you need to click the "CHOOSE FILE" button.

Step 2.Select and upload the JFIF image from your device. Simply click the "CONVERT" button below and wait till the conversion finishes. Click the "DOWNLOAD.PNG" button to save the image.

Anyconv JFIF to PNG Converter

6. Aconvert

Aconvert is a comprehensive tool site with extra editing features like compressing, resizing, cropping, and so on. Therefore, after converting the JFIF to PNG format, you may also be able to edit the image, change its size, etc. If you have other multimedia files like video or audio, this website can also accomplish the conversion for you.

Step 1.Click the "Image" button on the left side of the official website of "AConvert". Then, you will be naturally led to the converting page.

Step 2.Then, click the "Choose Files" button and upload your JFIF image. Choose your output format by clicking the "Target format" dropdown option.

Step 3.Next, click the "Convert Now" button. After conversion ends, you can click the "Save" button to download or the "View" button to preview the PNG image.

Aconvert JFIF to PNG

7. CoolUtils

CoolUtils is also a file converter for many different formats. The online converter for JFIF to PNG is quick and easy. With some simple customization, you can then easily get the desired final image with a few clicks. Besides, you can also cut out the unwanted part of your original JFIF image through resizing features.

Step 1.Once you enter the CoolUtils’s JFIF to PNG Converter page, you can directly drag your JFIF image to the page.

Step 2.Then you can adjust the options for PNG format like picture size or rotate the picture. Next, click the "DOWNLOAD CONVERTER FILE" button to convert and save the image together.

CoolUtils JFIF to PNG Online

8. Online Converter Free

As another online toolkit for different kinds of converters, OnlineConvertFree may not be your first choice. But you can use it as your backup choice and can still rely on its simple features when it comes to converting JFIF to PNG online. The maximum size for free users without registration is 100MB.

Step 1.Go to the website of OnlineConvertFree and click the "CHOOSE FILE" button to select and upload a JFIF image from your device.

Step 2.Next, it will start processing your file. After uploading successfully, you need to choose your output format.

Step 3.Then, click the "Convert" button and wait. Finally, click the "Download" button to save it.

Online Converter Free JFIF to PNG

9. OnlineConverter

OnlineConverter is also a backup solution for you to convert JFIF to PNG format. You can access this website anytime you want and directly drag your images to upload and convert. Or simply copy and paste the URL of a JFIF image and achieve the conversion. Here are the further steps on how to do so.

Step 1.Go to Image Converter on the "OnlineConverter" website. Then, find the JFIF converter from it. Next, drag and drop your JFIF file to the webpage.

Step 2.When the page says: Ready to convert. You can then click the "Convert" button to start the conversion.

Step 3.To save it to your local folder, click the "Download" button after the conversion completes.

Online Conv erter JFIF to PNG

Part 2: FAQs about JFIF to PNG


So far, you have obtained adequate knowledge in converting JFIF to PNG format with the best 9 methods discussed above. Therefore, next time when you try to convert between JFIF to PNG, you can easily rely on these free tools and quickly solve the issue.

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