5 Ways to Convert PNG to BMP on Windows/Mac/Online/iPhone/Android

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There are common scenarios in that people want to convert PNG to BMP. For example, you can change to BMP format for compatibility with older software. It is also an excellent way to get higher image quality by converting images to the BMP format. Or you can get the increased color depth and legacy support through the PNG to BMP image conversion. If you encounter those situations, and you want to find the best PNG to BMP converter for further image conversions, you can continue reading to get detailed information.

Part 1: 5 Ways to Convert PNG to BMP Unlimitedly

You can find the perfect solution here, no matter how many PNG images you want to convert to BMP, or how large the total file size is. Check the following table to see which method you prefer.

Tools Pros Cons
Online Tools • Turn PNG to BMP on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android without installing extra tools.
• Some online BMP converters support batch conversion.
• Require fast and stable Internet connection.
• Need to pay to remove the maximum file size limit or watermark.
Desktop Software • Full PNG to BMP image conversions offline.
• No maximum file size limit.
• Need to download extra software on your computer.
Chrome Extension • Free and easy to use.
• Get a quicker way to change the image format.
• If you use Firefox, Edge, and other browsers, you need to install other extensions.
Python • You can transform PNG to BMP and other thousands of images per time by using Python.
• It is safe to perform image conversions without the Internet.
• As for Mac users, you need to install Python and IDLE manually.
Mobile Apps • You can batch convert PNG to BMP images on iPhone and Android.
• The Internet connection speed doesn’t matter.
• Some apps require in-app purchases for advanced editing.

1. Online Tools

You can see many online PNG to BMP converters through search engines. Those online BMP converters have similar interface and functions. You can upload your PNG pictures from the local drive or cloud storage space. Then set BMP as the output format. The main difference is the maximum file size limit of those PNG to BMP online converters. Here is a quick list you can check.

Online BMP Converters Maximum Image Size
Convertio 100MB
CloudConvert 25 conversions per day
Zamzar 50MB
FreeConvert 25 conversion minutes per day

Step 1.Open a free PNG to BMP converter online on your browser, such as Convertio.

Step 2.Upload your PNG pictures from the local folder, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Step 3.Set BMP as the output image format.

Step 4.Click "Convert" to get the converted BMP images.

Convert PNG to BMP Online

2. Desktop Software

If you want to convert PNG images to BMP offline, you can try GIMP (Windows & Mac), Paint (Windows), Pixillion Image Converter (Windows & Mac), and more. Here will take GIMP as an example.

Step 1.Run GIMP on your computer. Add your PNG picture into GIMP.

Step 2.Click "Export As…" from the "File" drop-down list in the top left corner.

Step 3.In the "Select File Type" section, select "Windows BMP image".

Step 4.Click "Export" to export PNG to BMP on Mac and Windows for free.

3. Chrome Extension

Many online PNG to BMP converters also provides the Chrome extension, including Online-Convert (Chrome & Firefox), Free Image Converter (Chrome), etc. Just add the PNG to BMP extension on your browser. Later, you can click this image converter extension for other PNG to BMP free conversions.

Convert PNG to BMP Chrome Extension

4. Python

If you are familiar with Python, you can get one more way to convert .png to .bmp for free. Here is an example you can use to change a PNG image to BMP with PIL (Python Imaging Library).

from PIL import Image

# Open the PNG image

img = Image.open(”input.png”)

# Save the image as a BMP file

img.save(”output.bmp”, ”BMP”)

PNG to BMP Python 1

Nowadays, the PIL library is less popular than before. You can also try to perform PNG to BMP conversion with Pillow instead.

from PIL import Image

# Open the PNG image

img = Image.open(”input.png”)

# Save the image as a BMP file


PNG to BMP Python 2

5. Mobile Apps

Now it is time to talk about the PNG to BMP image conversion on iPhone and Android. You can indeed use online converters to turn PNG pictures into BMP. But if your phone is out of the Internet connection frequently, you also need a good PNG to BMP converter app.

On iPhone:

Image Converter: Support the most popular image conversions, including PNG and BMP. However, this BMP converter app crashes occasionally.

Image Converter App

File Converter Free: You can get fast conversion speed. But it takes work to get the best image quality.

File Converter Free App

On Android:

Photo & Picture Resizer: Convert multiple PNG images to BMP on Android with fast processing speed. But the quality of the converted BMP images may be lower than expected.

Photo Picture Resizer

Image Converter Pro: You can transform PNG to BMP and other popular image formats on Android with Image Converter Pro. To unlock more features, you need to pay extra $2.00.

Image Converter Pro

Part 2: Change BMP to PNG Online for Free

If you want to convert images from BMP to PNG format, it is highly suggested to use AnyRec Free Image Converter Online. Here you can batch convert up to 40 BMP photos to PNG, JPG, or GIF format. Just make sure each BMP picture is smaller than 5MB. No watermark nor user account is required. So you can feel free to turn images to the PNG format.

Step 1.Open the online PNG converter on your browser.

Step 2.Set PNG as the output format next to "Convert to".

Step 3.Click "Add Images" to upload your BMP photos.

Step 4.After the online conversion, click "Download All" to get those converted PNG images.

BMP to PNG Online AnyRec

Part 3: FAQs of PNG and BMP


That’s all to convert PNG to BMP images or reversely on Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac, iPhone, Android, and online. You can use online, desktop, mobile, or even Python to get a successful image conversion. As for the best PNG image converter, you need to consider the file size limit, conversion speed, output image quality, transparency support, batch conversion support, and price. Anyway, you can try the above solutions to change image format between PNG and BMP easily.

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