Top 8 Safe Sites Like Gogoanime to Watch Free Anime Online

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One Piece, Bleach, Attack on Titans, and more anime shows can be watched on Gogoanime. This excellent anime platform has been around and sustained all-time anime favorites in high quality. Although it doesn’t shut down, too many ads make it not safe to use Gogoanime site. Thus this post will give you the best safe sites like Gogoanime, which also provide free services.

Is Gogoanime Safe to Use? Introductions to Gogoanime Website

After many times you are looking for the best alternative to Kissanime and other free anime sites, you undoubtedly heard about Gogoanime and how it is just the best as the shut-down sites. This anime streaming service is a one-stop site that will satisfy all your anime cravings. Right from genres like action, Sci-fi, horror, and many more, Gogoanime holds all popular anime up to newly released.

However, one among many questions circulates the internet: Is GoGoanime safe to watch anime? To make it short, the answer is yes, Gogoanime is safe enough to watch anime.

Although you may hear free safe sites like Gogoanime tend to cause malware and viruses, the online anime streamer only contains ads that are not harmful to your device. Of course, there is still a higher risk of getting viruses when you download anime series from any free online streaming site.

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8 Best Alternative Safe Sites to Gogoanime to Watch Anime Online

As you learned about Gogoanime, you may consider looking for alternative sites because sooner or later, the site might shut down, and you will lose another precious site to watch all your favorite series. Don’t worry, because the recommended safe sites like Gogoanime will give you the free service you used to have from it. Let’s dive in.

1. Chia-Anime

Chia Anime Safe GoGoAnime Site

The first recommendation looks a bit outdated, but it doesn’t mean it lacks being a site like Gogoanime. Chia-Anime is one of the most used platforms to watch newly released anime. It has a clean interface containing alphabetical categories, filters, and the top anime series of the week. Moreover, the online streaming site provides you with the latest episode right on the anime title.

◆ Enable users to schedule to watch a specific anime series.

◆ Provide Seasons filter for a quicker search.

◆ Advertisements and popups are only limited.

◆ Stream anime shows in high quality.

2. 9Anime

9Anime Safe GoGoAnime Site

9Anime is a friendly online service that is an alternative safe Gogoanime site. All its collections of anime shows can be streamed in excellent quality that can be watched through multiple servers. As being a site like Gogoanime, 9Anime works out its search engine to effectively display results while you are still typing.

◆ Stream subbed anime series for free.

◆ Clean interface with the categorized genre.

◆ Include underrated movies and shows.

3. AnimeFrenzy

Anime Frenzy Safe GoGoAnime Site

If you are more into a dark theme site, AnimeFrenzy is for you. Aside from its customizable interface, this site, like Gogoanime, offers you the latest episodes and newly released anime series. The online anime site provides the best quality for a better binge-watching experience, even on old movies. What’s unique about AnimeFrenzy is you can chat with random strangers whenever you want.

◆ Contain subbed and dubbed anime series.

◆ Effective search engine.

◆ Anime shows can be watched up to 1080p.

◆ Limited advertisements and pop-ups.

4. Animeland. tv

AnimeLand TV Safe GoGoAnime Site

Watching dubbed anime series is not impossible with Animeland. It has a separate menu for the dubbed, with a wide variety of anime shows you can binge-watch. Moreover, a safe site like Gogoanime allows you to stream anime free and without registration. Animeland may look outdated, but it works just fine.

◆ Updated to newly released shows.

◆ Offer multiple servers.

◆ Contain old movies from the 90s.

5. Anime-Planet

Anime Planet Safe GoGoAnime Site

The anime site takes a different approach to free anime streaming. It only holds legal and industry-supported anime, which is compared to other safe Gogoanime site, a big help for the creators and producers. Anime-Planet offers over 45,000 anime episodes for free.

◆ Unique community review and comment section.

◆ Include anime, movies, and manga.

◆ Straightforward interface.

6. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven Safe GoGoAnime Site

AnimeHeaven is a free online anime streaming with a game-like interface. When you visit its page, you will want to spend hours watching all your favorite anime heavens. From Dragon Ball and Naruto to the latest anime released, you can find all the anime shows you have on your bucket list. AnimeHeaven is one of the best safe Gogoanime sites.

◆ Complete anime episodes.

◆ Include subbed and dubbed versions.

◆ Effective search engine.

◆ Allow users to control speed.

7. MasterAni.Me

Masterani Safe GoGoAnime Site

This safe Gogoanime site, which focuses on one purpose – simplicity. With its simple page, you can search for any anime title with just one click on the simplified category. The site also offers audience scores, anime series type, and status to give you an idea of what to watch next.

◆ Safe like Gogoanime site.

◆ Brief description for every show.

◆ Provide different servers.

8. Anime Out

Anime Out Safe GoGoAnime Site

This last recommended site, like Gogoanime, has your all-time favorite anime series even back in the 2000s. Starting from Initial D, Doraemon to the latest episode of One Piece, Anime Out has it all. This anime website does not hold many anime shows at first glance, but when you use its search bar, it will show you good and relevant results.

◆ Direct download from the page.

◆ Virtual chat and comment section.

◆ Watch anime shows up to 1080p resolution.

FAQs about Safe Gogoanime Sites for Watching Anime


Now that you have learned about different safe sites like Gogoanime, you will not run out of alternatives in the future. However, as it is not suggested to download anime series from some sites, you can utilize AnyRec Screen Recorder to record and save all your favorite shows to your device.

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