Guideline to Play VOB Files without Limitations

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VOB files are video objects used to store DVD movie data, such as video, audio, and subtitles. However, due to the low compatibility of this format, how to play VOB files has become a problem. Fortunately, you can get four methods to open VOB files directly and play them from this article. Each method has written specific operation steps. You can use these tools to play VOB files according to the steps. Keep reading to learn more!

Part 1: Top 4 Methods to Play VOB Files for Windows/Mac

Top 1: AnyRec Blu-ray Player

How to find a player that plays VOB files in HD and has a good sound effect? Don’t worry! AnyRec Blu-ray Player is the perfect VOB player you have been looking for. This amazing tool seamlessly supports playing Blu-ray discs, VOB, DVD discs/folders/ISO files, and 4K UHD/1080p HD videos on Windows/Mac. Moreover, it is equipped with Dolby TrueHD and Apple lossless audio codecs to let you experience high-quality audio effects.

Anyrec Blu-ray Player Product Box
Anyrec Blu-ray Player

Lossless, high-quality, and smooth playback of VOB files.

Provide immersive audio effects during watching.

Support adjusting the playback mode to fit the different screen sizes.

Provide a quick snapshot while playing VOB files in one click.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Free download the AnyRec Blu-ray Player on your Windows or Mac from the official website and start it immediately. Click the Open File button at the main interface to upload your VOB file.

Open VOB File AnyRec

Step 2.Once you upload the file, this player will automatically start playing the VOB file. You can click the Control button at the top to adjust the playback, including Forward, Backward, Volume up, and Volume down. You can also click the button directly below the video to control playback.

Control Playback AnyRec

Step 3.Click the Audio button to choose the Audio Channel option. You can select Stereo, Reverse Stereo, Left, and Right according to your needs and preferences.

Adjust Audio AnyRec

Step 4.If you want to play the VOB file with full screen on your device, you can click the Full screen button in the lower right corner. Moreover, you can click the Snapshot button with a camera icon to capture a picture in the video.

Snapshot and Full Screen AnyRec

Top 2: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a famous and free video player that supports playing VOB files without any hassle. This powerful VOB player can be compatible with almost any platform, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Moreover, it has a straightforward interface for beginners to play VOB files with simple clicks. But it sometimes crashes when playing large videos.

Step 1.Open VLC Media Player on your device immediately after downloading it. Click the Media button at the top and choose the Open File option from the list.

Open File VLC

Step 2.After the file is opened, VLC will automatically start playing VOB files. You can click the Stop playback button in the lower left corner to pause the playback. It also has forward and backward buttons to control the video.

Play and Stop Video VLC

Step 3.If you want to add subtitles to the video, you can click the Subtitle button at the top. Then choose the Add Subtitle File option to upload your subtitles to the video.

Add Subtitles VLC

Top 3: GOM Player

GOM Player is one of the famous video players that supports multiple file formats, such as AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MOV, and VOB. This excellent video player also supports closing or displaying subtitles at will. Moreover, it provides a subtitle finder for your video files. But the drawback is that it is difficult for novices to find the button to upload files.

Step 1.Download the GOM Player from the official website and launch it directly. Play VOB files by clicking the Open button in the lower right corner.

Open File Gomplayer

Step 2.You can press the Space on the keyboard to play and pause the video. Press Ctrl + Space to stop playback. If you want to adjust the video and audio, you can click the Control Panel button.

Control Playback Gomplayer

Step 3.When you want to play VOB files in full screen, you can click the Full screen button or press Enter on the keyboard.

Top 4: KMPlayer

KMPlayer provides multiple language versions, such as English and Korean, and allows you to use buttons or hotkeys to control video/audio playback. This video player can play VOB files on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Unfortunately, it will have many annoying advertisements on the interface.

Step 1.the KMPlayer after downloading it on your device. Click the Open Files button to upload your VOB file.

Open file KMPlayer

Step 2.There are many control buttons at the bottom of the video. You can also use hotkeys to control playback. For example, press the Space on the keyword to play/pause the video and the Ctrl + Z to stop playback. To play the VOB file in full screen, you can click the Full Screen button in the upper right corner.

Control Video Playback KMPlayer

Part 2: FAQs about Playing VOB Files


This article mainly discusses the four best VOB players for Windows and Mac. Therefore, never worry about being unable to play VOB files. AnyRec Blu-ray Player is a powerful multimedia player that can play popular video and audio, DVD, and Blu-ray. Now, start to watch your VOB files in AnyRec Blu-ray Player with HD pictures and stereo surround sound!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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