Top 8 Chrome Audio Capture Tools to Record Audio and Music Online

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What are the best Chrome audio recorders to capture music and audio from Chrome to MP3? When you are listening to the music files with an online streaming service or having an audio conference with your colleagues, it is important to launch a Chrome audio capture to record audio files instantly without searching for an audio recorder, such as OBS, Game Bar, or QuickTime. Here are the best audio recorders for Chrome to capture audio files within one click.

Part 1: Top 4 Chrome Audio Recorders Online

When you choose an audio recorder online, you can use it with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and other web browsers. Here are 5 frequently used Chrome audio recorders online for your reference.

Top 1: AnyRec Free Screen Recorder

AnyRec Free Audio Recorder Online is a versatile Chrome audio recorder to capture system audio and microphone. Different from the other online audio recorders, it enables you to record audio files without limitation. It is a fast and easy-to-learn online audio recorder on Chrome. It can capture system audio and microphone voice simultaneously or separately with high quality.


1.100% free to capture computer sound and microphone voice.

2. No time restrictions or watermarks to capture audio files.

3. Capture the audio and music files offline without the Internet.

Provide hotkeys to launch the Chrome audio recorder instantly.


1. Require downloading launcher before recording.

Note: If you want to record on-screen video and audio together, you can try AnyRec Free Screen Recorder Online as well. Here users can set custom screen capture areas, grab internal/external audio sources, adjust recording quality, and make other changes before and after recording.

Chrome Screen Recorder

Top 2: VMaker - Free Webcam and Screen Recorder

VMaker is more than an online audio recorder for Chrome, which allows you to audio with a screen and webcam. It enables you to get unlimited access to audio-making features, organize captured files in folders, give customized access to your teammates, and edit the audio files after recording. Moreover, there are some advanced features to trim and resize the files.


1. Compatible with both Windows and macOS with original quality.

2. Suitable for educators, company meetings, gameplay, etc.

3. No limitations on the audio you can capture on Chrome or Safari.

4. Offer 15 GB free of cloud space in saving audio files and videos.


1. Limited tools and features for the free version.

2. 4K-quality is only available on the premium version.

Chrome Screen Recorder Vmaker

Top 3: Flex Clip Online Screen Recorder

Flex Clip Online Screen Recorder is another Chrome audio recorder that requires no download, which means that just by searching this software on the Internet, you can use its features and tools even without a downloaded file on your device. Besides the basic recording features, you can compress the audio, adjust the audio speed, and convert it to another file format.


1. Provide up to 1080P video resolution for a paid version.

2. Save the original audio recording to 30 minutes in length.

3. Wide range of video templates and audio file formats.

4. Can hold up to 1000 projects per user.


1. Free Version can only 12 projects for audio files and video.

2. Limited time restrictions up to 1 minute with watermark.

Chrome Recorder Flex Clip

Top 4: Voice Recorder

Just as the name of the Chrome audio capture, Voice Recorder is an online voice recorder with advanced features. It not only allows you to save your voice to MP3 via a microphone but also removes the silent parts automatically at the beginning and the end of your recordings. Moreover, it will detect the connected audio devices and microphones.


1. Capture the audio files from system, microphone, and virtual audio device.

2. Cut out the desired parts after the audio recording finished on Chrome.

Adjust your microphone settings via the standard Adobe Flash Player tools.

4. Provide more advanced audio editing features to polish the recordings.


1. There are advertisements on the web page, affecting the visual effect.

2. Lose the audio recording if you accidentally close or update the web page.

Voice Recorder Chrome

Part 2: 4 Best Chrome Audio Recorder Extensions

When you need to use the Chrome screen recorders frequently, you can also download some audio recorder extensions for Chrome. Just record audio files by clicking the icon in the upper right corner within one click. Here are 4 plugins for Chrome for your reference.

Top 5: Chrome Audio Capture

Just as the name of Chrome Audio Capture, it is a friendly and easy-to-use chrome audio recorder that allows you to record the ongoing audio that is played on the Chrome screen, including the online music streaming sites and services. Moreover, it also provides hotkeys and shortcuts to manage the audio recording on Chrome within one click.


1. Provide you with a simple and easy control system.

Provide hotkeys also known as shortcut keys for recording.

3. Enable you to capture WAV audio format with original quality.

4. Capture audio files from multiple Chrome tabs simultaneously.


1. There is a 20 minutes maximum time restriction when recording.

2. Provide limited audio output formats, unlike other extensions.

Chrome Recorder Chrome Audio Capture

Top 6: Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Is there a powerful and multi-purpose Chrome audio recorder to capture audio files with screencasts? Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is the all-in-one screen recorder extension for Chrome, which you can capture audio files, snapshot a full browse page, and use the annotation tool to resize or crop the screen that you want to record.


1. Include your voice recording through the microphone.

2. Allow the full page capture or crop size screenshot.

3. Capture the screenshots and video without a watermark.

4. Grant the users to enjoy pro-version tools for the first 20 videos.


1 .Downloading MP4 format in a free plan is not allowed.

2. Lack multiple editing features, unlike other recorders.

Chrome Screen Recorder Awesome Screen Recorder

Top 7: Screencastify on Chrome Extension

Screencastify is the all-in-one audio recording, editing, and sharing extension for Chrome. It is easy for teachers to have 1:1 interactions and add some informational videos in the online classroom. Moreover, it provides quality service because it is easy to record videos, edit them and sync/upload them to Google drive for the Pro version.


1. There is not much difference between the free and paid version.

2. Access to most of the tools such as multiple recording modes for free.

3. Upload the recordings to Google Drive, and YouTube directly.

4. Download in different formats such as MP4, MP3, and GIF, etc.


1. There is 5 minutes export limitation without Cloud service.

2. The paid version doesn't offer 4K-quality video resolution.

Chrome Screen Recorder Screencastify

Top 8: Cloud Audio Recorder on Chrome

Cloud Audio Recorder is another Chrome audio capture extension, which you can start and stop recording by clicking the extension icon and then using hotkeys. It is easy to use and you can save audio files to your computer or save them on Google drive. After recording, you can save the file in MP3 or WAV format.


1. Just click the hotkey to quickly start recording.

2. Save the file on a Google drive or computer directly.

3. With the pause button, you can pause the recording halfway.

4. Support and compatible with HTML5 and Flash recorders.


1. The maximum recording time is limited to 25 minutes.

2. Less supported file formats without audio editing functions.

Chrome Screen Recorder Cloud Audio Recorder

Part 3: FAQs about Screen Audio Recorder Chrome


The article provides a list of the best screen audio recorders on chrome. If there comes a time where you need to capture your screen or the QuickTime screen recorder not working, check this list of applications and these might help you in doing your projects. When you need to record the audio files and videos without limitation smoothly, AnyRec Free Screen Recorder is the best choice you should not miss.

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