How to Watch the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Game from Streaming Schedule

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How to review the 2021 Tokyo Olympic games, especially for the highlights of the Olympic medals? Because you can watch the Olympic games streaming live at the scheduled time, such as Artistic Swimming on 2nd August from NBC Sport only, you have to watch the live Japan Olympic games online on the working days. Is there a method to download the Olympic games offline that you can enjoy the videos anywhere you want? Here are the best methods to enjoy the Olympic games you should know.

Tips for Streaming Schedule of Tokyo Olympics Game

3 Best Ways to Watch the Olympics Game Online

Method 1: Watch the Olympics Games via Peacock

Peacock, a new streaming service, has the right to broadcast the Olympics game. You can watch all Peacock's Tokyo Olympics programs, such as the track and gymnastics live. However, if you want to watch the playbacks, commentaries, and more, you will probably have to pay for the premium service. You can get access to the Peacock on devices like Roku, Apple, Google, Chromecast, Microsoft, and more.

Peacock Watch Olympics

Method 2: Watch the Olympics Games on TV

TV broadcasting is another method to watch the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics sports will air through the Olympics channel, Golf Channel, NBC, CNBC, etc. There are many choices for you, such as the fuboTV, Sling TV, Fios TV, which you can select according to your needs. Some TVs even offer a 4K Ultra HD experience so that you can better enjoy the wonderful opening ceremony as well as the closing ceremony. Moreover, you can also watch the Olympics later because it will be replayed again the next day.

Fubotv Watch Olympics

Method 3: Watch the Olympics Game on

You can also watch the Olympics live online from After logging in to your cable provider, you can enjoy your favorite sports for up to 5500 hours. Of course, the opening and closing ceremonies are included. There are detailed classifications on the main website, like schedule, medals, athletes, etc. If you pull down the interface, you can also see some live, latest news, top highlights, and more, which you can just click and watch certain content. The interface is beautiful and friendly to users.

nbcolympics watch olympics

How to Record Live Tokyo Olympics Game Online

If you do not have time to watch live Olympic games, how to record them to MP4 files for your iPhone or Android phone? AnyRec Screen Recorder is the all-in-one live streaming recorder to capture games and highlights within clicks. Whether you need to record the scheduled Olympic games or online streaming sports, it should always be the initial choice.

Screen recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record the Olympics live streaming and commentaries with 60FPS.

Add comments, watermarks, callouts, and others to Olympic highlights.

Provide the schedule recording features to record the streaming files.

Capture the live Olympic games offline to different frames and formats.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Download and install AnyRecord Screen Recorder, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the "Video Recorder" button to capture the online Tokyo game. It enables you to record the live Tokyo Olympic game while watching.

Screen Recorder

Step 2.Enable the "DISPLAY1" option and click the "Custom" button to tweak the recording area for the display window. Turn on the "System Sound" option and adjust the audio volume. After that, click the "REC" button to capture the live Olympic game online.


During the recording process, you can add watermarks, callouts, texts, shapes, and more other elements to the recording.

Select Recording Area

Step 3.(Optional) Go to the "Task Schedule" option to record the program if you do not have time to watch the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. Click the "Plus" icon to name the task schedule, enter the start time, stop time, and the recording set before clicking the "OK" button.

Task Schrdule Settings

Step 4.Once you have captured the desired Olympic games, you can click the "Stop" button to find the recording available in the recording history. Then you can preview and save the recorded Olympics games on your computer or share them with social media sites.

Manage Recording History


The article shares 4 useful methods to watch the 2021 Tokyo Olympics game. Here you can enjoy the highlights of the Olympic games via apps, TV, or even website. However, if you can’t watch it in time, the best choice is to record them with the full-featured screen recorder. It can offer you high-quality sports videos with many fancy features anytime. Just download the trial version to get the desired videos accordingly.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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