Top 10 Barbie Dress-up Games to Develop Creativity for Kids

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Nowadays, the games you can play are either full of stressful levels or full of unnecessary advertisements, which are difficult for children. Thus, barbie dress-up games are suitable for your kids, which will also develop the creativity and cultivate aesthetics. This post will show you Barbie dress-up games you can play on Windows, Mac, and Online.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Barbie Dress Up Games on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

The variety of Barbie dress-up games gives a unique experience per title. Among various Barbie games you could have imagined, most gamers probably never saw or heard of the licensed Barbie dress-up games. But in this part, you are about to learn other Barbie dress-up games and how you can download them on your device.

1. Barbie Magical Fashion

If you want to start with a typical Barbie dress-up game, Barbie Magical Fashion is the right one. It gives you various styles to dress the avatar, such as a mermaid, princess, fairy, and hero. It also allows you to design stunning outfits, including makeup, hairstyling, and glittery accessories. It is best to play if you have a little to play with on the game.

Barbie Magical Fashion Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ Enchanting graphics for child-parent playtime.

◆ The app is free to download and compatible with Android and iOS.

◆ The tiara is customizable with glittery gems and expensive stones.

2. Barbie Fashion Closet

Another Barbie dress-up game you can download on Android or iOS is Barbie Fashion Closet. It is a free app for kids and adults that provides a simple yet attractive fashion collection. You can get to pick different Barbie characters such as Nikki, Rene, Teresa, and Barbie. Finish the game and collect all the dressed-up Barbie characters!

Barbie Fashion Closet Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ Vast collection of makeup and hairstyles, like a ponytail and braid makeup kit.

◆ Win and collect rewards and expand fashion items.

◆ Screenshot feature to capture the stylish Barbie characters.

3. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

The Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures allows you to build your own dream house. The Barbie dress-up game enables you to design every room, go to pool parties, and do other hobbies like baking and dancing. If you want to see more characters on this Barbie dress-up, you can unlock them by purchasing the premium version.

Barbie Dream House Adventures Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ Many activities are waiting for kids and adults.

◆ Allow users to engage with other players.

◆ The digital kitchen produces excellent recipes to make.

◆ The outfits extend to comfortable party clothing, etc.

4. Time Princess

This Barbie dress-up game revolves around a storyline about a princess searching for her grandfather. The plot goes as you need to dress up the character, exploring 18th-century Rococo beauty. If you want to experience a unique Barbie dress-up game, Time Princess is a great choice to connect with kids and other players.

Time Princess Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ A beautiful collection of attire and accessories.

◆ Various collectible kittens to fetch materials.

◆ Ancient environment for a unique setup.

5. Fashion Doll Makeover

With its rating of 4.3 in the App Store, Fashion Doll Makeover is a great way to pass the time. It is a complete Barbie dress-up game that offers six themes to design your character separately. All you need to do is thoroughly do a makeover of the princess before you can throw a big party. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Fashion Doll Makeover Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ Free to unlimitedly play.

◆ Screenshots can be shared and downloaded to the gallery.

◆ Vast wardrobe to make gorgeous fashion models.

6. Lip Art Makeup Artist

As was mentioned, Barbie dress-up games are all different. Like Lip Art Makeup Artist, you can focus on designing lips by applying different colors. To be a lip artist in this game, you need to do coloring with the best design the game offers.

Lip Art Makeup Artist Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ Complete lip treatment before applying lipstick.

◆ More tools included, like brushes, lip balm, etc.

◆ Various stencils to fill lipstick to outline.

7. Barbie Storymaker

Barbie Storymaker is not precisely a Barbie dress-up game, but it is a moviemaker that allows the player to control Barbie, Ken, and other characters. The player can customize the sets and characters to make them smaller, more extensive, etc. This game aims to teach kids to learn some basic film techniques.

Barbie StoryMaker Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ Provide different setups.

◆ Allows characters to disappear.

◆ Great way to make a short film.

8. Barbie Horse Adventures

Thos Barbie dress-up game focuses on horseback riding. It allows players to control Barbie as she collects items while riding her horse. The game also provides minigames that you complete for additional rewards and to complete the quest.

Barbie Horse Adventures Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ Enjoyable playtime.

◆ Customizable characters.

◆ Easy to play with just some taps of your finger.

9. Hair Styles Fashion Girl Salon

As the name suggests, this Barbie dress-up game provides a salon where you design pretty hairstyles. With trendy hairstyles, you can come up with different styles, spa treatments, and complete makeovers.

Hair Styles Fashio Salon Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ A massive collection of accessories.

◆ Free to download and play.

◆ Creative style and color to apply to the avatar.

10. Barbie: Super Model

The last recommended Barbie dress-up game is a multiplayer educational game which is an excellent way to bond with a kid. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System made the game more reasonable with basic arcade-style routines.

Barbie Super Model Barbie Dress Up Game


◆ 2-3 individuals can play.

◆ Cool graphic with easy navigation.

◆ A variety of clothing choices with different designs to dress the avatar.

Bonus Tips: How to Record Beautiful Characters on Barbie Dress Up Games

Do you want to record all your Barbie dress-up games? An easier way to get the job done is to use AnyRec Screen Recorder. This software captures onscreen activities with high-quality resolution. It allows you to customize the screen region to record the screen in a complete or selective area of your monitor. The best part is to save the video in many formats like MOV, MP4, WMV, and AVI.

AnyRec Screen Recorder Package
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Game recorder to record Barbie dress-up games with the best video quality.

Optimize the sound with noise cancellation and voice enhancement.

Editing tools provide practical elements, including text, numbers, etc.

Adjust the output settings, including the quality, format and frame rate.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Download and install the software on your device. Once you launch it, click the "Game Recorder" button from the main menu. Click the "drop-down" button and choose the window where your game is situated.

Choose Game Recorder

Step 2.Turn on the System Sound and Microphone if you wish to include commentary on the recording. You can do a soundcheck from the Preferences. Here you can choose the lossless quality and 60 fps frame rate to record steam games and other online games with high quality. After that, click the "REC" button to start recording the Barbie dress-up game.

Select Game to Record

Step 3.Once you are already recording, you can click "Widget" provided on your screen. You can pause, stop, or minimize the widget to focus on recording. The widget can also perform a snapshot to take a screenshot of the ongoing recording.

Start Recording Gameplay

Step 4.Once you are done recording, click the "Square/Stop" button. Trim the recorded video and browse for the designated file folder path. Click the "Save" button to export the recordings of barbie dress-up games. You can preview the file on the folder you have chosen or directly on the software.

Save Captured Gameplay

Part 2: FAQs about the Best Barbie Dress Up Games


Playing Barbie dress-up games does not make you less of an adult. More or less, it is a good thing to pass the time or play with a kid. If you want to record onscreen gameplay, AnyRec Screen Recorder is an excellent choice for a recorder. You can try the free trial version and find the best experience with AnyRec.

AnyRec Screen Recorder Package
AnyRec Screen Recorder

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Game recorder to record Barbie dress-up games with the best video quality.

Optimize the sound with noise cancellation and voice enhancement.

Editing tools provide practical elements, including text, numbers, etc.

Adjust the output settings, including the quality, format and frame rate.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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