Record VR Gameplay – How to Capture 360-Degree-Videos from VR Devices

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Videos from VR Devices Is it possible to record a VR gameplay, including 360-degree video? You might enjoy the VR games on different devices, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and computer. Whether you need to capture the high-quality VR games, or further edit the files, you’d better mirror the VR headset to your computer for recording. Just learn more about the 3 best methods to capture some 360-degree videos or VR gameplay files.

How to Record VR Gameplay Videos from a VR Headset

When you need to record VR gameplay videos on a computer, AnyRec Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder with 7 different recording modes, including Game Recorder, Video Recorder, Phone Recorder, and more others. Whether you are using Nvidia graphic cards, or M1 graphic cards, you can always capture high quality VR gameplay or 360 degree videos within clicks.

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Capture gameplay videos, system audio, microphone voice, and more.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Whether you are using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you can mirror the content from the device to your computer. Launch the "Oculus Rift" app from the "Start" menu. In the "Oculus" menu, choose the "Sharing" tab and click the "Cast" button to start casting the VR gameplay video.

Headset Casting

Step 2.Launch AnyRec Screen Recorder after installation, you can click the "Game Recorder" menu and click the arrow above the "Select the game" option to choose the mirrored Oculus Rift headset with the VR gameplay or 360 degree video.

Select Game To Record

Step 3.To capture VR gameplay sound effects, music, and dialogue, you need to enable the "System Sound" and the "Microphone" options to record VR gameplay videos with audio files. Click the "REC" button to capture the desired files within one click.

Start Recording Gameplay

Step 4.When you captured the gameplay video, you can click on the "Stop" button to save the recording. You can preview and edit the recorded video before clicking the "Save" button. After that, you can save the video to your computer to share with social media websites.

Save Captured Gameplay

If you need to capture Wii gameplay video, you can also use the similar method to mirror the content to your computer and record the videos with the Game mode.

How to Capture VR Gameplay with OBS from HTC Vive

OBS is another popular and open source screen recorder to capture 360-degree video files from VR headsets, including HTC Vive. But the process is much more complicated than other screen recorders.

Step 1. Once you have launched the program, right click the "Scene" window and click the "Add" button to create a new scene. You can name the scene as Vive recording before clicking the "Enter" button.

Step 2.Click the "Add" button in the "Sources" window. Scroll down to choose the "Display Capture" option in the sources to capture from the screen. It also enables you to add the microphone to the video.

Step 3. You can also choose the quality and frame rate of your recording in the settings before recording. After that, you can click the "Start Recording" button to record VR gameplay files on your computer.

Record VR Gameplay

How to Record VR Game via Shadowplay from Oculus Rift

When you are using Nvidia graphics card, you can always using the built-in Nvidia Geforce Experience to capture the VR gameplay video from your Windows. Here is the detailed process you should know.

Step 1.Launch the Nvidia Geforce Experience and turn the "Shadowplay" on. Once it is turned on, set up your button layout to activate recording, and check the "Allow Desktop Capture" box.

Step 2.Connect your Oculus Rift headset to your PC, launch the Oculus app and run the VR game that you want to record. After that, you can minimize the Geforce Experience window to capture VR gameplay.

Step 3.Click the "Full Screen" button in the top right of the window to capture full screen. You can also adjust the shadow time, quality, and audio file before you click the "Start recording" button.

Capture VR Gameplay

FAQs about How to Recording VR Gameplay


When you want to record some 360-degree VR gameplay videos from a VR headset, such as recording Fortnite Replay, you can learn more about the 3 workable methods from the article. Both OBS and Nvidia Geforce Experience are the free screen recorders to capture the desired files. AnyRec Screen Recorder is the all-in-one program to record the VR gameplay videos with the original quality.

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