How to Record Long Xbox Series X/S Gameplay Easily - Tutorial

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To record gameplay on your Xbox Series X, this post provides you with two options: the built-in solution with time limit and a professional tool with a capture card needed.

  • Default controller: Press "LB" & "RB", choose "Start Recording" > "Stop Recording".
  • AnyRec Screen Recorder: Click "Game Recorder" > "Sound" > "REC".
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Record Xbox Series X

Whether you want to record on Xbox Series X/S with a game clear or wonderful highlights to share, Microsoft has added a quick button on the controller for easy screen capture. You can easily press the "Xbox" button to quickly record and share your Xbox recordings. But you should note that it has a time limit of 2 minute for what happened and 10 minutes for start recording now. And the quality is limited to 1080P resolution and 60 fps frame rate. Thus, this article will also introduce a professional way to record Xbox Series X gameplay on your computer without any limitation.

How to Record on Xbox Series X with the Default Recorder (Time Limit)

Since there is not too much storage space on your Xbox, you can only record up to 10 minutes of videos on Xbox Series X/S though the default recorder. Not to mention that you want to record high-quality games with 1080P or 4K. Here are 2 ways to record what happened and what will happen now:

1. Record What Just Happened on Xbox Series X

Step 1.If there was something interesting happened and you want to record it on Xbox Series X, you need to press the "Xbox" button and then the "X" button immediately.

Step 2.The mentioned way is only for the last 30 seconds. To grab a longer stretch (up to 2 minutes), you can press the "View" button and decide the clip length.

Xbox Record What Happened

2. Capture What’s Going to Happen Now

Step 1.After launching Xbox Series X, you can press the "Xbox" button on the gamepad, and then press "LB" and "RB" buttons together to open the "Share&Capture" pane on your Xbox.

Choose Start Recording with Controller

Step 2.If you want to record on Xbox Series X with 1080p, you can click the "Capture Settings" button. Then select the "1080p SDR" mode. However, you should note that the high-quality recording mode can only record 1 minute of video.

Choose Capture Settings

Now, you can control the gamepad to choose the "Start Recording" option. If you connect your Xbox Series X to an external hard disk drive, the time limit will be extended to one hour, which is still not enough for recording diablo 3 and other difficult games.

Step 3.To end the Xbox Series X recording, you need to press the "Xbox" button again to open the "Share&Capture" menu. Finally, choose the "Stop Recording" option by using your controller.

Stop Recording with Controller

Whether you use the default location or hard drive to save the recordings, you need to extract the videos through the SD card and put it on the computer to spread the videos. Or you can directly share the recordings through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

The Best Way to Record Xbox Series X/S Gameplay on PC (No Limit)

Whether you want to break the time limit of Xbox Series recording, or you’d like record party chat on Xbox, go for AnyRec Screen Recorder for help! With this professional game recorder, you can record Xbox Series X/S with audio and webcam in 4K resolution. You can connect your Xbox to Windows/Mac with capture card and follow the steps below:

Screen recorder
The Professional Xbox Series X Recorder without Time Limit

Record Xbox Series X gameplay through the designed game recording mode.

Able to adjust the recording settings, including the format, frame rate, etc.

Provide hotkeys to start/stop recording and take screenshots easily.

Clip the extra recordings that are not related to Xbox games before exporting.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Firstly, you need to connect your Xbox Series X to the capture card and capture card to your computer through two HDMI-to-USB cables.

Connect Capture Card Xbox PC

Step 2.Then, open AnyRec Screen Recorder on your Windows/Mac and click the "Game Recorder" button to to record Xbox Series X/S gameplay on Windows 10 without Xbox Game Bar.

Choose the Game Recorder

Step 3.Click the "Select Game" drop-down list to choose the capture card input of Xbox screen. Then, you can adjust the sound and webcam settings as you like.

Change the Game Recording Settings

Step 4.Like using controller to record games on Xbox Series X, you can also change the output format, frame rate, and quality. Then, click the "REC" button to start.

Change the Output Settings

Step 5.Simply use the keyword "Ctrl+Alt+R" in this game screen recorder to stop recording without mouse. At last, clip the recordings freely and click the "Save" button to choose the storage path.

Clip and Save the Xbox Recordings

FAQs of Recording Xbox Series X/S Gameplay


This article has introduced 3 easy ways on how to record Xbox Series X. You can simply use the default recorder to capture within 10 minutes. If you want to get a limit-free tool, use AnyRec Screen Recorder to help you record Xbox Series X/S on Windows and Mac with high quality. You can also use it to record any console games with a capture card. Have a try now!

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Free Download

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