3 Efficient Ways to Record 3DS Gameplay on Windows/Mac

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There are three ways to record 3DS gameplay:

  • AnyRec Screen Recorder: A capture card is needed but the quality is relatively high to capture gameplay smoothly.
  • AnyRec Free Screen Recorder: A capture card is also needed but you can record the gameplay online.
  • Connect directly: With a quality loss, but a capture card is not a must.
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Record 3DS Gameplay

Since there is no default Nintendo 3DS recoding or tracking function, you may need to prepare a 3DS capture card, which can capture 3DS video and audio footage to your computer. However, if you want to get a cheaper ways to record Nintendo 3DS without capture card, you can also use a camera or mobile to record the screen. Of course, it will damage the original quality. Keep reading the following 3 efficient methods to record 3DS gameplay of Zelda, Pokemon, and more with/without capture card. Ready to create your first Nintendo 3DS gameplay video? Just read and follow.

Connect Nintendo 3DS with Computer with Capture Card

First of all, you need to buy yourself a Nintendo 3DS capture card. Which one can be your best 3DS capture card 2023? Considering the price, quality, performance, durability, and many other components, Elgato HD60 S Capture Card 1080p is recommended. You need to connect your 3DS to the computer first before recording 3DS gameplay.

Step 1.Install your Elgato HD60 S capture card to a 3DS game console and computer.

Step 2.Connect the 3DS input port to the output port of your monitor with an HDMI cable.

Step 3.Connect the 3DS capture card to your computer with the USB port.

Step 4.Use the Elgato HD60 S software to record 3DS with the capture card installed.

Record 3DS Gameplay with Capture Card

The Easiest Way to Record 3DS Gameplay with High Quality

After connecting two devices, you can now use AnyRec Screen Recorder as your 3DS gameplay recording software. You can record 3DS game videos for YouTube and other platforms directly. Being equipped with the advanced GPU acceleration technology, you can record Nintendo 3DS gameplay video and audio with high resolution and no lag. There are also many screen recording and editing features you can explore.

1. Record Nintendo 3DS/2DS gameplay with the game sound and your voice.

2. Support high-quality 3DS recording, including 4K resolution and 60 FPS.

3. Able to use hotkeys to start/pause/stop 3DS recording during game.

4. Export and share your 3DS recording in MP4/MOV/AVI for most social platforms

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Free Download

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Step 1.Connect the 3DS device and your computer with capture card. Launch AnyRec Screen Recorder and click the "Game Recorder" button on the main interface.

Screen Recorder

Step 2.Select the capture card as the input game, and then set the webcam, and internal/external audio for 3DS game capture. You can click the "Settings" button to change output settings, set hotkeys, and make other changes if necessary.

Recording Audio Settings

Step 3.Click the "REC" button to start recording on 3DS gameplay. You can also add annotations and take screenshot on 3DS gameplay while playing.

Screenshot on 3DS Gameplay

Step 4.When you want to finish the Nintendo gameplay recording, you can click the "Stop" button. In the "Preview" window, you can delete video clips with its video trimmer. After that, click the "Save" button to record and save 3DS gameplay into MP4 video.

Edit the Recorded 3DS Gameplay

How to Record 3DS Gameplay Online for Free

You can also record 3DS gameplay online, which will reduce your spending slightly after buying pricy capture card. AnyRec Free Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use tool without any time limit. But the quality is not as good as professional desktop tool. Here are the detailed steps to use it to record 3DS gameplay:

Step 1.After connecting the 3DS device and your computer with capture card, navigate to AnyRec Free Screen Recorder and click the "Record for Free" button.

Online Screen Recorder AnyRec

Step 2.Drag the lines to select the capture area according to your need. If you like playing games in full screen, just record the whole screen on your computer. After all the settings done, click the "REC" button to start recording 3DS gameplay.

Record 3DS Gameplay Settings

Step 3.Click the "Stop" button to finish the recording, and you can choose to share or save the recorded 3DS gameplay. All the recordings will be saved in MP4 format.

Save Recorded 3DS Gameplay

Record 3DS Gameplay without Capture Card [Quality Loss]

As mentioned before, you can record 3DS gameplay without capture card. What you need is a phone/camera and a fixed bracket. What's more, you need to find a quite room to record since the audio is captured directly from the surroundings. If you don't care of the quality, follow the steps below now:

Step 1.Put your phone/camera and Nintendo 3DS to the fixed bracket, and then pull them to the desired position for you to play the game.

Step 2.Open the camera on your phone and adjust the position to make sure the 3DS screen is captured clearly on your phone. You can also change the magnification of mobile phone camera to record the full screen of 3DS gameplay.

Step 3.Keep the room quiet and the light bright enough, which will affect the output quality. Finally, you can tap the "REC" button and start playing the 3DS game.

Record 3DS without Capture Card


Compared with other game consoles, Nintendo 3DS doesn't have the default game recording function. You can use a 3DS capture card and screen recorders to record 3DS gameplay on Windows and Mac. Of course, you can use camera to record the screen of Nintendo 3DS, which will export low-quality recordings. Thus, have a try on AnyRec Screen Recorder now to record 3DS game video with 4K and 60 FPS high quality, which is better for you to share on social platforms.

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