10 Best Video Speed Controllers to Add Dramatic Effects [2023]

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Are you watching a tutorial that is a bit too fast to follow? Or do you want to add slow-motion or fast-motion effects to create interesting videos? Whether you want to slow down/speed up video for watching or uploading, you need to rely on video speed controllers. Luckily, this article will introduce the best 10 video speed controllers for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS for you. You can learn about their features, pros, and cons here. Let's get right into it.

The Recommended Video Speed Controller for Windows/Mac

It is easier to control the video speed with trusted software - AnyRec Video Converter. It has a designed video speed controller that can help you slow down or speed up video files without any trouble. It also provide many additional editing functions to meet different requirements, like converting, cropping, cutting, adding effects, etc. Moreover, this software support any video file format like MP4, HEVC, MOV, and many more, so you don't need to worry if your video has a unique file format for editing.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
The Outstanding Features of This Best Video Speed Controller:

It has a video speed controller with 0.125x to 8x speed

Support importing and exporting all popular video formats.

Provide editing tools to modify and edit video files.

50x faster speed of applying and saving the accelerated video.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

How to use video speed controller on AnyRec Video Converter:

Step 1.Download the program on your Windows or Mac, launch it, and click the "Toolbox" button on top of the pane. Choose the Video Speed Controller option to start controlling video speed.

Choose The Speed Controller

Step 2.Click the "Add" button to choose the desired video file. Once done, your video will play at average speed. You can select the speed from 0.125x up to 8x speed. The video will automatically show you the preview for the desired speed.

Add Files To Control The Speed

Step 3.Click the "Output" button on the lower part of the pane to edit the video and audio settings. You have the option to edit the encoder, format, resolution, quality, frame rate, and many more. Click the "OK" button to save the changes.

Adjust Output Settings

Step 4.Once satisfied with the changes in output and speed, click the "Save To" button on the left lower part of the pane to choose the folder to save the video file. Click the "Export" button to save the video to the selected folder.

Save To Export

Slowing down or speeding up any type of video is not hard with the video speed controller - AnyRec Video Converter. Besides, it offers more to convert file formats, volume boosters, GIF Maker, Video Merger, and many more.

5 Online Video Speed Controllers Extensions for Chrome/Safari/Firefox

Having a video speed controller as an extension to your browser is a good alternative. We prepared the best 5 video speed controller extensions for famous browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

1. Video Speed Manager for Chrome

This tool is another widely used video speed controller extension for Chrome. Video Speed Manager simply handles video speed with its helpful widget menu. It has no standards or limits to use this tool even during watch. This video speed controller will optimize video watching.

Video Speed Manager


Works well on any site.

No lagging and bugs.


Annoying floating speedometer number above the video.

2. Video Speed Controller for Chrome

This video speed controller enables you to adjust the speed of the video you watch online. It adds small overlay buttons at the top-left corner of your screen to control video speed even when you are watching movies. This extension is also available for Firefox browser.

Video Speed Controller for Chrome


Provide shortcuts like hotkeys for easy access.

Work well with all HTML5 video players.


The controller doesn't show up on some website.

3. Accelerate for Safari

If you are looking for a video speed controller for the Safari browser, this is for you. With Accelerate, you can speed up or slow down the video you watch online. It supports video speed control on popular websites such as Netflix, YouTube, and more.

Accelerate Video Speed Controller


Support AirPlay, Picture-in-Picture, etc.

Hotkeys and shortcuts provided.


Video will pause when changing speed.

4. Video Speed Control for Firefox

As for Firefox, you can rely on this video speed controller extension. With its simple user interface, you can easily adjust the speed of the video you are watching on any website. There is also an extensive speed option up to 16x.

Video Speed Control Firefox


Configurable extension and add-on.

Toolbar pop-up allows adjusting the speed of HTML5 video.


Cannot set default playback speed.

5. YouTube Playback Speed Control

As stated with its name, this video speed controller extension has the potentials to make your video watching more enjoyable. This extension can play faster or slower with a stable playback rate with its recent update.

Youtube Playback Speed Control


Offer 3x faster speed.

Shows speed control for accurate control.


Some keybindings conflict with YouTube.

4 Best Video Speed Controller Apps for Android/iPhone

If you use smartphones such as Android or iPhone, controlling the video speed will not be impossible to video editor apps. Read further as we prepared the best video speed controller for iOS and Android.

1. Perfect Video

Perfect Video is a suitable video speed controller to make the video faster or slower. It is a free app for iOS users. It allows you to edit videos by changing effects, adding background music, adjusting video speed, and many more.

Perfect Video Speed Controller


Offers more editing features

Also available for other Apple products


Pro version is expensive

2. Quik

You can speed up your video in this video speed controller and save it to high-quality resolution within a few clicks. It provides up to 26 types of customizable themes. Moreover, this app is available for both Android and Mac.

Quik Videos Speed Controller


Offer more editing options

Easy slow-motion and fast-forward


Not compatible with 4K videos

3. Videoshop

This video editor can also be a video speed controller for your saved video on iOS devices. The plenty use of this tool is to edit your video like cut, trim, add background music, and many more. Moreover, you can do more by doing a voice-over to the video file you adjusted speed.

Videoshop Videos Speed Controller


Adjust the video speed with easy navigation.

Support video merging


Recent updates made technical errors.

4. Hyper Timelapse

This video speed controller is an Android tool to adjust video speed. It allows you to record an event or situation at an average speed and control it to slow down or speed up. Other features and offered on this Hyper Timelapse.

Hyper Timelapse Video Speed Controller


Professional interface.

Allow direct sharing on social media.


Limited usage for the free version.

FAQs about Video Speed Controllers


To end this with a blast, video speed controllers come in many styles, and you can choose the most suitable one for you from the mentioned 10 best video speed controllers. Among them, AnyRec Video Converter s recommended to control the video speed and give you the expectation you have in mind. It will also keep the high quality with the customized settings. Download the program now on your device and enjoy video editing on its free trial. Welcome to contact us to solve your problem.

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