How to Increase Image Size Online for Sharing and Printing

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You often encounter low-quality pictures that leave you no choice but to be disappointed and look for other alternative pictures. But you can still increase image size online. Whether you want to upload high-quality images or print images in a lager size, read this post and know about the best 5 solutions for increasing images size online.

The Easiest Way to Increase Image Size Online for Free

AnyRec AI Image Upscaler has the capabilities to increase image size online in line with your preferences. As it is powered by AI technology, this online tool’s functions include enhancing photos without reducing image quality. It also allows you to use its powerful features unlimitedly without registering or subscribing. AnyRec, one of the most iconic tools to help users increase image size online, is available on Windows and Mac. And unlike other online tools that can only increase the image size, AnyRec could upscale the image's resolution. In this way, you cannot only increase the image size but also the resolution.

1. Increase images size online for free and without file size limitations.

2. The Magnification function offers a maximum image resolution of up to 800%.

3. Support various image formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.

4. Real-time preview for side-by-side comparison between original and enhanced output.

How to use AnyRec AI Image Upscaler:

Step 1.Click AnyRec AI Image Upscaler to go directly to the online tool. To increase image size online, click the "Upload Photo" button and select the picture you want to upscale.

AnyRec Upload Photos

Step 2.After that, choose the desired upscale quality from the "Magnification" button bar at the top part of the window. Move your cursor to see the difference in the details from the original photo to the upscaled output.

Choose Magnification Quality

Step 3.You can also select another image from your local folder by clicking the "New Image" button. Click the "Save" button to download the enhanced photo, and you can share it on social networks without losing quality.

Click Save Button

5 Efficient Methods to Increase Image Size Online

You can find a lot of free tools to increase image size online. Besides the best online photo enlarge app, here are 5 more easy-to-use sites to help you increase image size online.

1. ImageResizer

The ImageResizer tool is a flexible program that offers other features to do image editing. It provides you with two options to increase image size online: Image Resizer and Bulk Resize. Another good thing about ImageResizer online tool is its Use The URL Uploader feature, where you can input the photo's link and edit it.

How to use ImageResizer to increase image size online:

Step 1.Go to your browser and search for the online tool. Click the "Select Image" button to upload a photo or drag and drop it from the folder on the main screen. To input, an image’s link, click the "Use The URL Uploader" button at the right bottom part.

ImageResizer Select Image

Step 2.Resize the image according to your preferences. You can choose to input image size between By "Dimensions" or "As a Percentage" button. An optional part of the process is that you can specify the Target File Size in KB and the output format.

Dimension Or Percentage

Step 3.The online tool also offers basic photo editing features such as crop, flip, and rotate to adjust image dimensions. Once you are done editing, click the "Resize Image Now" button to increase the image size online.

Resize Image

2. Simple Image Resizer

This second recommended tool promises to keep the quality of your photos even when you increase image size online. The Simple Image Resizer website has a simple interface as it intends to be beginner-friendly with essential features. The downside of this online tool is that it doesn’t show a side-by-side comparison.

How to increase image size online with Simple Image Resizer:

Step 1.Search for the tool on your browser. Once on the site, click the "Select Image" button and add the photo from the local folder to edit. Once you see the image’s name on the blank bar, proceed to the next step.

Step 2.Choose the desired method to increase the image size online by clicking between "Percentage" or "Dimensions". If you click the "Percentage" button, you could move the "Percentage" horizontal slider to specify size. While on the "Dimensions" section, you can input the exact photo width and height.

Simple Image Resizer Select Image Percentage

Step 3.Once everything is settled, click the "Resize" button to process all the changes. Click the "Download" button to save the resized image in your folder. You can select another photo to resize right after downloading.

Simple Image Resizer Button Download

3. Befunky

Are you looking for a more professional image resizer to increase image size online? Befunky is one of the most reliable online tools which offers its services for free. Its wide range of image editing tools will help you resize and enhance the details of your photo. You can upgrade to a premium subscription and unlimited edit and resize images for $9.99 monthly.

How to use Befunky to increase image size online:

Step 1.On the site's opening page, click the "Get Started" button, and the tool will direct you to the editing window. Locate and click the "Open" button to upload a picture from your computer. Other uploading methods include Google Drive, Google Photos, and more.

Step 2.The tool will instantly direct you to its "Resize" tool. Adjust or specify the desired size on the Width and Height boxes. Click the "Apply" button to save all the changes. Proceed to enhance the image by going through the "Edit" menu.

Befunky Open Menu Increase Image Size Online

Step 3.Other essential image editing tools you can use are Beautify, Vignette, Smoothing, Lens Blur, and more. Once you are done image editing, click the "Save" button to choose which saving option you want. Start another increase image size online by importing another image.

Befunky Click Save

4. Online Image Resizer

Online Image Resizer gives the simplest form of increasing image size online. Although this tool does not offer much like the previous online tools, Online Image Resizer stays as straightforward and is dedicated to enlarge a picture without losing quality. Unfortunately, as it lacks features, the online tool looks outdated.

How to use Online Image Resizer:

Step 1.It provides you multiple ways to upload images to this website. You can directly open the image on your computer by clicking the "Select images" button on the main screen. Or you can drag the images to this site. And if your images are from Google Drive and Dropbox, you can also click the two buttons on the right.

Online Image Resizer Percent Width Height

Step 2.Move the Resize button to choose the desired image size. Or specify the percentage, width, and height on the boxes. You can also click the checkbox for "Keep Aspect Ratio" not to change the aspect ratio.

Online Image Resizer Percent Width Height

Step 3.Click the "Resize Now" button to save all the changes. The "Download" button will appear and is ready to download the resized image. Click the "Resize Another Image" button to do another image resizing.

Online Image Resizer Download

5. iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG is a popular online website to deal with images. As for its resizing features, this tool could define the image dimensions by percent or pixel. And then you can increase the image size online in different way as you want. Additionally, it does not only support still images, you can also resize GIFs with this online tool. But disadvantage of this tool is you can only increase the size and pixel, the resolution of the image cannot be promised.

Step 1. It provides you multiple ways to upload images to this website. You can directly open the image on your computer by clicking the "Select images" button on the main screen. Or you can drag the images to this site. And if your images are from Google Drive and Dropbox, you can also click the two buttons on the right.

Upload Image to iLoveIMG

Step 2.After you download the image, you can see there are two options for you. You can choose by pixel or by percent to change the size. But this website only supports increasing image size by pixel. And if you want to deal with a batch of images, you can click the "Add" button on the right.


Step 3.When you have finished increasing your images, you can click the "Resize IMAGES" button, and the "Download resized IMAGES" button to save it on your computer. Or you can share this image as a link or QR code to download it on other devices.

Donlowad Images on iLoveIMAGE

FAQs about Increasing Image Size Online


Increasing image size online is not difficult with the help of the best-recommended image resizers. You should not also worry about the image quality because you can manipulate it of your accord. Especially with AnyRec AI Image Upscaler, you are unstoppable to share all your photos on social networks. Try it for free.

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