2 Easy Ways to Screen Record Instagram Story on Computer/Mobile

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Aug 30, 2021 (Updated: Dec 11, 2022)Filed to: Record Video

Learn two methods to screen record Instagram Stories:

  • 1.Use AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder for high-quality recordings and editing on your computer.
  • 2.Employ smartphone-based screen recording for public Instagram accounts, ensuring discretion.
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When you want to keep some snaps or videos of Instagram for more than 24 hours, take a record of an Instagram Story is the only method to get around the restriction now. Whether you screenshot a story, post, or chat, there are still some scenarios that Instagram will notify the publisher. How to screen record Instagram Story without notification? Just learn more about the best methods from the article.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record a Story

Will Instagram notify the developer when you screen record a story? In most cases, NO! Back in 2016, Instagram used to send notifications if a screenshot of Instagram chat happens in disappearing message. Moreover, there are some test outs to notify publishers when anyone screen record Instagram Story.

But Instagram still notifies the person if you screenshot a message in vanish mode. To protect the copyright of the Instagram content, the publishers can still use a private profile and a Close Friends feature.

screenshot Instagram Story Notifications

Best Method to Screen Record an Instagram Story

When you play Instagram Stories on your computer, Free Online Screen Recorder is a free, efficient, and full-featured online method to screen record Instagram Stories. It enables you to capture photos and videos of Instagram, including screen videos, system audio, webcam footage, and snapshots. You can also edit the recordings, add annotations/shapes/watermarks, or even export to social media websites directly.

Screen recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record the entire screen, fixed region, or customized area of Instagram.

Capture Instagram Story and take snapshots without extra downloading.

Add annotations, shapes, watermarks, lines, and more to Instagram photos.

Preview the recordings or share them with social media websites directly.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Log in to the Instagram account from any browser on your computer. Click on the story you want to record from the Stories panel. Go to the free online screen recorder and click the "Record for Free" button to launcher the installer for the recording screen of Instagram Story.

Free Screen Recorder Browser

Step 2.Click the "Recording area" drop-down button and select the Instagram Story area by freehand a region. To capture the audio for the Instagram Story, you can also enable the "Speaker" option and disable the "Microphone" option. Then click the "REC" button to start recording your Instagram story.

launch Screen Recorder

Step 3.During the recording process, you can add some annotations, shapes, watermarks, and more other elements to the recordings. Once you have captured the screen for Instagram Story, you can click the "Stop" button and check the recorded video within the program.

Check Recording

How to Screen Record an Instagram Story on Smartphones

When you need to screen record an Instagram Story in the public Instagram accounts, here are some useful tips you should know beforehand, such as turn off the Internet connection, use the Instagram story reposter app, and more others.

How to Take Screenshots on Instagram Story

Compared to screen record an Instagram Story, it is much easier to take a snapshot on Instagram Story. Make sure to turn off the Internet connection when you get the images.

Step 1.Log in to the account and go to the desired Instagram Story screen you want to capture. Turn off the Internet connection to avoid any notification or alter for taking screenshots of Instagram Story.

Step 2.Go back to the Instagram account and use the button combination to take snapshots. Then force quit the Instagram app before you turn on the Internet connection for your smartphone.

Add Screen Recording Feature

How to Screen Record Instagram Stories

If you need to search and download Instagram Stories secretly, you have to install a story saver application. Just take StorySave Android as an example, you can learn more details about screening record Instagram Stories on Android as below.

Step 1.Once you have launched the Instagram StorySave on Android, you can enter your Instagram account ID and password. You can find a list of all users you follow who have stories active at the moment.

Step 2.Just search for the desired active Instagram Story. If you have located the stories, you can save, repost, share, and screen record Instagram Stories on your Android.

Story Save for Android

As for iPhone, you can use the same process with Story Reposter to repost the Instagram Story. It should always be a great method to download Instagram Stories constantly

FAQs about Screen Recording an Instagram Story


When you need to watch the Instagram stories anonymously without the screenshot notification, you can learn more about the best methods to screen record Instagram Stories from the article. When you need to get rid of the risk of making alters, AnyRec Free Online Screen Recorder is the best choice you should never miss.

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Free Download

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