6 Efficient Ways to Record High-quality Video Calls on Viber

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Here are 6 efficient ways to record Viber video calls on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone:

  • AnyRec Screen Recorder – Capture high-quality Viber calls
  • AZ Screen Recorder – Record and edit Viber calls on Android
  • iPhone Default Recorder – Easiest way to record at any time
  • XRecorder – Capture Viber calls and share on social platforms
  • DU Recorder – Record Viber calls with effects/filters/stickers
  • Go Record – High-quality Viber recordings with webcam
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3 Record Video Call On Viber

When you want to record video calls on Viber, you may find there is no option in Viber for video call recording. Well, recording video calls on Viber is not impossible with the right software to capture every moment with your friends and family or the business meeting you are anticipating. This article will provide 6 efficient ways to record Viber calls on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone. Moreover, you can learn some useful tips and notice to help you when recording Viber video calls.

The Ultimate Way to Record Viber Calls on Windows/Mac

If you want to record video calls in Viber on your WIndows/Mac, you can go for the best software - AnyRec Screen Recorder to have a high-quality recorded call. This program is an all-in-one screen recorder that can record your Viber call in a few clicks. With its advanced features, you can save your Viber call recordings in high-quality resolution. Moreover, you can enable the microphone and system audio to include when recording.

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AnyRec Screen Recorder

Records video calls on Viber with high audio and image quality.

Provide noise cancellation and audio enhancement to capture Viber calls clearly.

Hotkeys to start, pause, and stop the recording at any time easily.

Customize the export setting, including the file formats, resolution, etc.

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How to use this powerful screen recorder to capture video calls on Viber:

Step 1.After installing AnyRec Screen Recorder on your device, launch it and click the "Video Recorder" button on the main interface to start the Viber recorder.

AnyRec Screen Recorder

Step 2.Customize the area according to your need. To record video calls on Viber, please make sure that the "System Sound" and "Microphone" options are turned on to capture your voice and the person you are calling to.

Select Recording Area

Step 3.By clicking the "Record Setting" button, you can also change the "Output" settings, including the export format, video resolution and quality, etc. Once done setting up, click the "REC" button to start recording video calls on Viber.

Output Preferences

Step 4.Click the "Stop" button to stop the recording. In this stage, you can trim the video and save it by clicking the "Save" button. Then you can choose the output path on the next pane and save them.

Save Your Recorded Tango Video Call

Capture Viber Calls on Android Easily - AZ Screen Recorder

Recording Viber calls on Android will be easy if you use the recommend screen recorder - AZ Screen Recorder for Android. It is one of the most popular and best screen recorder for capturing video calls on Viber. Not only is it free and user-friendly, but it also enables editing recordings with its built-in editor. However, since AZ Screen Recorder is free, the advertisements are overflowing and it can interrupts your recording.

How to use AZ Screen Recorder to record Viber calls:

Step 1.Download the app on Google Play Store then open it. It will ask for permission to have access with your phone, just click the "Allow" button.

Step 2.A floating ball with options will appear on the side of your screen which allows you to start recording the Viber call. Before recording, you can set the video settings, such as video format, quality, etc. Then, just click the "Record" button and the countdown will start.

Step 3.Go to your Viber app and start calling someone. While recording, you can also take a screenshot by clicking the floating ball then the "Tool" button. Turn on the "Screenshot" tab. Another floating ball will appear on the other side of your screen.

Record Viber Calls On Android AZ Screen Recorder

The Default Way to Record Video Calls in Viber on iPhone 15/14

As for recording your Viber call on your iPhone, it will be easy to do so as you just need to set the built-in function of your device. Moreover, this default screen recorder does not limit your phone activity such as playing games, surfing the internet, and calling in Viber. Although this might the best to screen record your Viber call, the built-in screen recorder is only available to iPhone 7 and later versions.

How to set up the default screen recorder on iPhone to record video calls on Viber:

Step 1.Go to the "Settings" app of your iPhone and scroll down to locate the "Control Center" to enable the "Screen Recorder" feature by turning on the button.

Step 2.Click the "Customize Controls" button and look for the "Screen Recording" option from the customize interface and click the "Add" button. This allows you to add the recording feature in the Control Center.

Step 3.After enabling the recorder, go to your Viber and call someone. If you are using an iPhone X or later versions, just swipe up and click the "Screen Recording" button. Then click the "Start Recording" button to capture Viber calls on iPhone. Don't forget to turn on the "Microphone" option to record the audio.

Step 4.Once you want to end the recording, just tap the red status bar and then the "Stop" button. Your recorded Viber call will be automatically saved to the Photos app.

Record Viber Calls On iPhone

You can learn more about screen recording on iPhone 15/14/13/12 here.

3 Easy-to-use Apps to Record Viber Calls on Android/iPhone


XRecorder is a free and user-friendly app to record Viber calls on Android/iPhone. With unlimited creative possibilities, it allows you to record screen content, customize it with filters, and easily share your creations on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. You can also enjoy no-lag screen recording and adjust FPS and resolution for quality captures.

XRecorder Capture Viber Calls
Produce no-lag screen recordings.
Easy sharing on Facebook and YouTube.
Adjustable FPS and resolution.
Lack of trimming or cropping options.
Many ads popping up during recording.

2.DU Recorder

DU Recorder is a feature-rich screen recording app that also supports the recording of Viber calls. With its broad range of editing functions, you can trim, crop, add filters/effects/stickers/text, and even change the recording speed as you like.

DU Recorder Record Viber Calls
Powerful editing tools.
Support live streaming on different platforms.
Able to trim unneeded recording clips.
Sometimes, the audio is sync out of the video.
The maximum resolution is 720P.

3.Go Record (iPhone)

Go Record is a dedicated screen recording app designed specifically for iOS users. Tailored to the Apple ecosystem, it excels in capturing high-quality Viber calls on iPhones and iPads. It supports both the webcam and audio recording of your Viver calls.

Go Record Capture Viber Calls
Provide face cam recording mode.
Insert audio or voiceover with high-quality recordings.
Automatic file saving after finishing.
Fixed video resolution with no changes.
Not suitable for old phones.

Things to Notice When Recording Video Call on Viber

Recording a video call on Viber can be a helpful way to keep a record of meaningful conversations or memories. Here are some things to keep in mind when recording a video call on Viber:

Inform the Other Party: It is essential to inform the other person that you will be recording the call. Not only is it respectful, but in some places, it may even be illegal to record someone without their consent.

Check Local Laws: It is essential to check the laws in your area regarding the recording of phone calls. Some jurisdictions require both parties consent to record a call, while others only require one party's consent.

Check Audio and Video Quality: Before recording, check the audio and video quality to ensure they are satisfactory. Ensure the audio is clear and the video is light and bright enough.

Use a Stable Internet Connection: Video calls can be disrupted by poor internet connections, so it's essential to make sure your internet connection is stable. A weak internet connection can result in choppy audio and video quality, making the recording unusable.

Use a Reliable Screen Recording Software: There are many screen recording software options available for different operating systems, such as AnyRec Video Converter, OBS, Bandicam, and Screenflow. Choose reliable and trustworthy software that is compatible with your device.

Save the Recording: Once you've finished recording the video call, make sure to save the file in a secure location on your device. Consider making a backup copy of the file if something happens to your original copy.

Remembering these points, you can successfully record a Viber video call without any issues.

FAQs about Recording a Viber Call


Although Viber does not provide built-in recorder tools, here are 6 efficient and easy ways to record Viber calls on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. It does not ask for permission for a program to record its content. Thus, you can simply have a try on AnyRec Screen Recorder to capture the Viber calls with webcam in high quality. If you have any question or advice, please contact us now.

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