How to Screen Record on Windows 10 with Windows Media Player

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Is it possible to record on Windows 10 with Windows Media Player? Yes. Windows Media Player is more than a video player on Windows 10 but also provides the recording components. It means you have to download an add-on for recording on-screen activities. Learn more about how to capture videos via Windows Media Player from the article. Moreover, when you need to screen record on Windows 10 without extra add-on or difficulty, here are 2 more methods to get the recording.

Part 1: How to Record on Windows 10 with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is the default video player on Windows 10 and has no recording features. You will need a related program – Windows Media Encoder to record the screen on Windows 10. Since Microsoft has already removed the Windows Media DRM, you can search for x64 Edition or previous ones.

Step 1.Install Windows Media Encoder add-on for Windows Media Player and launch the program. Click the New Session button under the File menu to choose the Capture audio or Video icon from the Wizards menu.

Windows Media Encoder New Session

Step 2.Select the Region of the screen option to customize the recording area. When you want to record a video with audio files, you should check the Capture audio from the default audio device option.

Windows Media Encoder Select Region

Step 3.After that, you can click the Browse button to choose the destination folder for the recordings on the computer. Select the High option to encode media files at the highest quality with a large size. (Check to see how to reduce video file size.)

Windows Media Encoder Select Quality

Step 4.Click the Start Encoding button or even check the Begin capturing screens when I click Finish option to screen record on Windows 10. Once you have captured the desired files, you can preview them in WMV.

Windows Media Encoder Start Encoding

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Part 2: How to Record on Windows 10 via Xbox Game Bar

Since you can’t directly record on Windows Media Player but need an extra add-on, you can use the alternative default app like Xbox Game Bar to capture the screen on Windows 10.But there are some limitations, such as lacking the full-screen mode, cannot record more than 4 hours, and frequent breakdown.

Step 1.Press both the Windows logo and the G key to launch the Game Bar control on your computer with Windows 10. Click on the Microphone button to enable external audio recording.

Step 2.Click on the Record button to start recording on Windows 10. When you need to record a video with audio files, you can switch your external microphone on and off.

Step 3.When you are done, you can click on the Stop button to save the recording. After that, you can go to the This PC menu and choose the Captures folder from the Videos folder to get the files. Or view the recording video directly by clicking the See My Capture button.

xbox game bar recording interface

Part 3: Detailed Way to Record on Windows Media Player Alternative

When you need to capture all onscreen activities, AnyRec Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recorder on Windows and Mac. It has 7 different modes to capture video and audio files from computer and the connected devices. You can schedule the recording, tweak the audio/video formats, set up the hotkeys, and edit the recordings.

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record screen video, system sound, microphone, and webcam footage.

Tweak the video codec, frame rate, audio codec, and more other settings.

Add annotations, shapes, callouts, arrows, lines, and even draw on the file.

Edit the recordings, trim the videos, and share them on social media sites.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Once you have installed the screen recorder, you can launch the program on your computer and choose the desired recording mode, such as the Video Recorder menu. It enables you to record the movies on Windows Media Player.

choose video recorder

Step 2.Click the Custom icon to choose the recording area, enable the System Sound option to record the internal audio, and turn on the Webcam option to add the webcam footage. After that, you can click the REC button to start recording on Windows 10.

turn on system sound

Step 3.During the recording process, you can add annotations, take some snapshots (screenshot on Windows 11), adjust the audio volume, or even switch to different audio resources. Once you have captured the desired file, you can click the Stop button to save the recording.

recording tools

Step 4.Preview the recording within the built-in media player. After that, you can trim the desired part with the start point and the endpoint. When you save the file, you can share the file on social media websites or manage the files within your computer.

Save Video Recording
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Part 4: How to Record on Windows 10 with Freeware [OBS Studio]

OBS Studio is an open-source free screen recorder with no watermark. On your Windows 10 computer, you can easily record videos on Windows Media Player, games, live streaming, etc. During recording, utilize the advanced audio mixer to deliver better sound quality or achieve fun effects. Although OBS Studio is freeware, there is no time limit on your recording length, and it requires a few system resources.

How to Record Video on Windows Media Player with OBS Studio

Step 1.Get a free download from the OBS official website. Then, install and launch it on your Windows 10 PC. In the meantime, play the video on Windows Media Player and prepare it for recording. Add a scene in the Scenes panel and rename it.

add a scene

Step 2.Right-click the blank central area and hover your mouse over the Add option. Then, choose the Display Capture option.

display features

Step 3.Click the Start Recording button on the right to record the video on Windows Media Player. You can adjust the audio recording in the Audio Mixer panel.

Start Recording OBS

Step 4.Once finished recording, you can click the File button on the left corner and select Show the Recording to see your recorded video in the local folder.

Show Recordings

Part 5: FAQs about Recording Video and Audio on Windows 10


Here are the 3 most frequently used methods to record on Windows 10. When you need to record screen videos with Windows Media Player, you have to install Windows Media Encoder beforehand. Of course, you can choose Xbox Game Bar as the free alternative or AnyRec Screen Recorder as the all-in-one solution.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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