How to Use Handbrake Video Compressor without Losing Video Quality

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Handbrake is a program developed initially to rip DVDs. It is a cross-platform tool you can download on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also use Handbrake to compress videos because it offers more video editing features. The tool is well-known for its video compressor feature, but some reviews claim that it reduces video quality after compression. So, this post will guide you on how to use Handbrake to compress video without losing quality.

Part 1: Use Handbrake to Change Various Video Values to Shrink the Size

Because of high resolution like HD and 4K, videos tend to be bigger in file size, and uploading them to social networks can lead to an error. Handbrake is one of the most significant help to reduce bandwidth usage and save some space on a device. When you learn more about the video encoding tool, you can discover its efficient DVD ripper, converter, and other powerful features. It is also an excellent tool for processing files in a batch. Without further ado, let’s see how to use Handbrake to reduce file size.

Step 1.If you don’t have the software on your device, visit the official website of Handbrake and choose the software version for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Ensure your computer has .NET desktop runtime 6.0.x for the Handbrake upgraded version. Moreover, you must have 6GB or a bigger memory to compress 4K video files smoothly.

HandBrake Download

Step 2.Go to the "File" menu and select the "Open" option to upload the video. Alternatively, you can choose the "Open Source" button or drag and drop the file to import the video clip from your folder. Once uploaded, choose the output format for the compression. Some recommended formats are MP4, MKV, and WebM for effective reduction. If you want to change the video format later, you can find the option from the "Output Settings".

HandBrake Upload

Step 3.The preset will give you more options for compression. You can set the output according to the device or program to share. But for general compression, "Fast 1080p30" is the excellent one. Other settings include video resolution, codec, frame rate, bitrate, etc. Tweaking the settings guarantees to maintain the quality.

HandBrake Presets Formats

Step 4.Save the video by renaming the output. Then, locate the "Destination" menu and click the "Browse" button. Choose the designated folder path. Once done, click the "Start" Encode button to begin compression. If the instruction is a little complicated, try the solution below with an easier way to compress videos.

HandBrake Browse

Part 2: Use AnyRec to Compress Video Online for Free

When the Handbrake video compressor is not working or is too complex for you, an excellent alternative like AnyRec Free Video Compressor Online can help you. It is a free web-based compressor with a straightforward interface for easy navigation. Its compression supports video from various social networks like WhatsApp, Twitter, and other platforms. It supports input formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, and others. Moreover, the online converter will not apply a watermark to your output! Visit the best and most free converter alternative for the Handbrake video compressor!


◆ Fast and reliable compressing speed without losing the video quality.

◆ Enable to compress videos with custom size, resolution, bitrate, and format.

◆ The AI technology enhances the video quality automatically while compressing.

◆ 100% free and safe to reduce the video files to GB, MB, and KB with unlimited uploads.

Step 1.Go to and click the "Upload Video" button. A dialog will appear; click the "Download" button to install the launcher. Once done, click the "Upload Video" button again to import the video to compress.

AnyRec Upload Video

Step 2.Once the smaller window appears, select the size to compress or move the parameter beside the percentage. You can also choose the compressed file's output format, resolution, and bitrate.

AnyRec Size Format Resolution

Step 3.Afterward, click the "Compress" button and wait for it to finish. You will need to select the designated folder in the "Select Folder" option. You will receive a notification from the online converter that the compression is successful.

AnyRec Compression Successful

Pro Tip: Click the Install Desktop Version button to download AnyRec Video Converter. It has more features for better compression quality. You can find the Video Compressor on the Toolbox menu.

Part 3: FAQs about Compressing Videos with Handbrake


All in all, the Handbrake video compressor is a good tool for shrinking video file size. It helps to reduce the size of the default presets for popular social platforms and devices. Although it is accessible and helpful enough, there are times that the tool is not working, or in a worse case, you don’t have the time to learn and practice with it. So, AnyRec Free Video Compressor Online can be the Handbrake alternative solution to get the compressed video without quality loss. It also has the desktop version, which has more extensive features for effective compression, conversion, merging, and editing for any media file. Visit the official AnyRec website to see other powerful software!

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