Compress Video for Meta Facebook Messenger with 3 Online Tools

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Dec 13, 2022 (Updated: Dec 13, 2022)Filed to: Video Editing

Many people will say that you must compress the video for Facebook Messenger if you need to send a large-size video. That’s because Facebook Messenger has requirements about video size. If your video size exceeds its limitation, you cannot send it to other people. Luckily, this post will give you three online ways to compress the video for Facebook Messenger while saving the video quality to the greatest extent possible.

Part 1: Shrink Video to Send Attachment on Facebook with AnyRec

The standard for the best ways must be saving the quality as high as possible when shrinking a video. So, you can use AnyRec Free Video Compressor to compress videos for Facebook Messenger. Moreover, this software has no watermark on the video after shrinking it. You will not have trouble sending and sharing the video with others. Besides, the bitrate changer function will allow you to adjust the resolution while shrinking the size.


◆ Compress the video size while containing the quality of the video.

◆ Have no watermark on the video, for you send it on Facebook conveniently.

◆ Adjust the bitrate of the video to fit more requirements on Facebook.

◆ No maximum video limit for you to shrink them to the Messenger platform.

Step 1.When you go to the official website of AnyRec Free Video Compressor You can see the Upload Video button.

AnyRec Video Compressor

Step 2.Before you click this button to edit the video, you must download AnyRec Launcher first. This plug-in allows you to edit videos on a website with high functionality.

Download AnyRec Launcher

Step 3.When you install this plug-in, you can choose the video from your computer. Now, you can use the slider or input the value to change the size of your video. Moreover, you can change your video's resolution, bitrate, and even format with AnyRec Free Video Compressor. You can click the Compress button to get your video when the setting is done.

Compress the Video in Anyrec

Part 2: Use Clideo to Compress Video Size on Facebook Messenger

Clideo is one of the most people-mentioned tools for editing videos online. But the biggest problem is that there will be a watermark on the video. If you want to compress a video for Facebook Messenger, the watermark may trouble you to share it with other people. The only way to remove the watermark is to subscribe to the plan, which will be unworthy of an online tool. And what’s more, it cannot support you in adjusting the video; the website will compress the size as it like.

Step 1.Go to the Clideo official website; you can upload the video by clicking the Choose file button. There will be two other ways besides choosing from the computer to upload videos. You can also choose videos from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Choose File in Clideo

Step 2.Clideo will compress the video as small as possible when you finish choosing the video. You cannot adjust it by yourself; Clideo will choose how small to compress the video.

Wait For Process Clideo

Step 3.When the compressing process is over, you will see the preview picture of your video. You can click the Download button to save the video on your computer. And you can also save it on Dropbox and Google Drive.

Save Compressed Video

Part 3: Impact Video for Messenger Platforms on Facebook with VEED

VEED is also a wild spread online tool for video editing. You can also use it to compress videos for Facebook Messenger. This tool has no watermark on the video, either. And it has more advanced settings for you to adjust the video.

Step 1.You can click the Upload a File button to choose the video or drag it into this screen to start editing it.

Veed Choose Video

Step 2.You can use the slider to change the video quality when you upload the video. And the size of the video will be displayed below when you choose the quality.

Shirnk Video in Veed

Step 3.You can also click the Advanced Settings button to change more information about your video. You can change not only the bitrate of the video but also the CRF. Moreover, you can even change the FPS with VEED.

Advanced Settings ing Veed

Step 4.After setting it, you can click the Compress Video button. And then, your video will be put in the queue to wait for its compression process. Now, you can share this video as a link or download it to your computer.

Save Video in Veed

Part 4: FAQs about Compressing Video for Facebook Messenger


Now, you must know how to compress videos for Facebook Messenger. You do not need to worry that you cannot send your videos anymore. But if you want to send a quality video, the best way is to use AnyRec Free Video Compressor to shrink the size. And there is no watermark when you edit the video!

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