Top 5 Greenshot Alternatives for Windows and Mac

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Should you choose Greenshot as the screenshot software? When you are looking for some free snipping tools to capture screenshots, you can learn more about the ultimate review of the Greenshot snipping tool, including the features, cons, pros, and more others. Moreover, the article also provides the 5 best Greenshot alternatives and the comparison. Just read the article and choose the desired one accordingly.

The Ultimate Review of Greenshot You Should Know

Greenshot is a simple and free snipping tool for Windows, which has all the basic features to take screencast and add annotations. If you want recordings and screenshots of high quality, it should be a nice choice.

Greenshot Overview


Greenshot Review


1. Easy to use and run in the background when you need it.

2. Obfuscate sensitive information before sharing the files.

3. Keep the record of all the shots you've sent to Imgur.

4. Provide some advanced plugins to extend the capabilities.


1. The outdated user interface of Greenshot can be modernized.

2. Cannot tweak the photo format, file size, and more settings.

3. Unable to save the screenshots to GIF or other file formats.

5 Best Screen Recorder Alternative of Greenshot

When you need the Greenshot alternatives to capture screenshots and add annotations, here are 5 free snipping tools you should know.

Greenshot V.S. Screen Recorder

AnyRec Screen Recorder provides Greenshot alternative snipping features on Windows and Mac. It allows you to take screenshots with a custom region, adjust the photo format, add annotations, and then edit the photos with some advanced features.

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Capture snapshots with full screen, fix the area, active windows, etc.

Tweak the hotkeys, mouse settings, schedule recording, and more.

Provide more annotations, or even drawing on the snapshot directly.

Edit the snapshots, trim the files, and manage the photos with ease.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

AnyRec Screenshot

Greenshot V.S. Snagit

Snagit is another Greenshot alternative to capture pictures. It allows you to share your snapshots with coworkers. During the process, you can also add some notes and beautiful visual effects to photos.


Greenshot V.S. ShareX

ShareX is a free Greenshot alternative to capture images in any shape and design them to different looks. You can make new images through the integrated designing tools so you can practice all of your ideas.


Greenshot V.S. Lightshot

Another Greenshot alternative worthy of mention is Lightshot. When you are looking for a method to capture some live videos or other onscreen activities, the snipping tool should be the best choice.


Greenshot V.S. Snipping Tool

When you want to find a background snipping tool, Snipping Tool is one of the best Greenshot alternatives to take snapshots. It only provides the basic features to trim and edit the screenshots.

Shipping Tool

Comparison Between Greenshot and Alternatives

FeaturesGreenshot V.S. Screen RecorderGreenshot V.S. SnagitGreenshot V.S. ShareXGreenshot V.S. LightshotGreenshot V.S. Snipping Tool
PlatformWindows, Mac, and OnlineWindows and MacWindows, Mac, and ChromeWindows, Mac, and LinuxWindows
Take SnapshotsCapture part of the screen, full screen, and videos without missing highlights.Provide the same snipping feature as the Greenshot alternative.Advanced features to capture screenshots for different scenarios.Work with Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.Drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle.
Edit FeaturesTweak the photo formats, add more annotation, adjust hotkeys, edit the photos, and more others.Record videos, import the content, select text from screenshots, and drag and drop it to a text editor.Add annotations, blur, cursor, highlight, step, stickers, pixelate, text, arrow, ellipse, and more others.Crop an image, add new layers, or even improve your screenshot with filters and special effects.Provide more features than Greenshot, such as Pen, Highlighter, and Eraser.
Sharing FeaturesShare the photos with different social media sites.Share with social media sites and sync the files with co-workers.Upload from Windows sends to the menu, show QR code, and more.Upload to cloud upload, social media sharing, printing, etc.Save the photos to your computer only.

FAQs about Greenshot and the Best Alternatives

When you want to choose a free snipping tool to capture snapchat or more others on your computer, here is the detailed review of Greenshot, as well as the 5 best alternatives. If you need to take a snapshot and capture onscreen activities, AnyRec Screen Recorder is one of the best Greenshot alternatives.

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Free Download

100% Secure

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