How to Fix GarageBand Not Recording on Mac – Get Solutions and Alternatives Here

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If GarageBand is not recording or working on your Mac, you can try the following 3 solutions. Or you can get one alternative to record internal and external audio on Mac flexibly. Free download and have a try now!

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GarageBand Not Recording

Why is my GarageBand not recording? I have created a new voice project in GarageBand, but when I click the record button, it is not recording. What can I do to fix the problem?

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Usually, the GarageBand fails to capture the sound because of the settings. There are some basic processes you should check beforehand, such as the System Preferences Sound, input signal, and more others. But what should you do if GarageBand still not recording on Mac? Just learn more about the 4 efficient methods you should know from the article.

How to Fix GarageBand Not Recording on Mac

Whether GarageBand fails to pick up the external Mic sounds, or the Record Level option does not work, you can always find the troubleshooting with the easy-to-use entry-level recorder.

Solution 1. How to Fix GaraBand Not Recording External Mic

GarageBand plays back sounds through the audio circuitry of your MacBook. If GarageBand cannot record an external microphone, you need to switch to the inbuilt audio in GarageBand to fix the problem.

Step 1.Disconnect all MIDI controllers and audio interfaces that are connected to your MacBook. Connect the microphone again before opening the GarageBand program on your computer to fix the related problems.

Step 2.Open the Audio/MIDI preferences of GarageBand. Make sure the 1 MIDI Input(s) Detected for MIDI Status. Click if you lost the connection to your MIDI devices.

Step 3.Click the "Audio Input Driver" button to select the name of your external microphone or interface box. You can save the settings to check whether it works.

Step 4.The MIDI interface may require an updated driver. Go to the website to find the latest driver from the manufacturer to fix GarageBand not recording from an external microphone.

Connect Microphone Garageband

Solution 2. How to Fix GarageBand Not Recording without Sound Wave

When GarageBand cannot record audio files, which the image of sound waves does not show up, you should pay attention to the audio source. There should be no sound from a Mike or a real instrument.

Step 1.Go to the Preferences of your Mac and click the "Input" button. Select the sound source you want to record, and then adjust the Input Volume slider to make sure it is not muted.

Step 2.Open the Audio/MIDI preferences of GarageBand. Click the "Audio Input" button and make sure that the correct input is selected. After that, you can check whether it works now.

Step 3.If it still does not work, double-click on the track header and examine the Input pop-up menu and the Format settings. Make sure the sound files are available from the instrument before recording.

Garageband Sound Wave

Solution 3. Use Build-in Audio Input to Fix GarageBand Not Recording

If your recording device isn't compatible with your Mac, the Record Level option will not work for recording. As for the case, you should consider using the build-in audio device as a workaround.

Step 1.Unplug your recording device from your Mac. Open GarageBand, click the "GarageBand" button on the top left side of your menu bar. Move the mouse over the Preferences, and click the "Audio/MIDI" tab.

Step 2.Click the "Output Device" drop-down button to open a pop-up menu. Click the "Built-in Output" button and click the "Input Device" button to slick the "Built-in Microphone" button.

Step 3.Once you have successfully shifted your audio recording device to your build-in microphone. Open up your Garageband once again to create a new project to fix GarageBand not recording.

Garageband Recording Settings

Best Alternative When GarageBand Not Recording

What should you do if GarageBand still cannot record the music files? (Check unblocked music sites at school/work.) If you cannot use the recording features, AnyRec Screen Recorder is an all-in-one audio recorder to capture all sounds with the original quality. Moreover, you can also reduce noise for microphone recording and enhance the audio quality. (Solutions to remove background noise from video.)

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record the microphone voice and system sound from GarageBand.

Tweak the audio codec, audio volume, and file quality as desired.

Enhance the GarageBand sound and remove the noise from the mic.

Extract the desired audio file, edit the sound, and share with social media.

Free Download

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Free Download

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Step 1.Download and install AnyRec Screen Recorder. Launch the program on your computer and click on the "Audio Recorder " button when GarageBand not recording the sound files.

Mac Interface

Step 2.You might receive a prompt up telling you that the audio driver on your Mac is detected as abnormal. Click the "Install" button on the left to install additional drivers to proceed.

Step 3.Click the "System Sound" toggle button to record sound from GarageBand. Click the "Microphone" toggle button if GarageBand cannot record from an external microphone. Moreover, you can adjust the audio volume.

Record Audio Mac

Step 4.Click the "REC" button to start recording sounds from Garageband. Once you have captured the desired audio files, you can click the "Stop" button to save the sound files to your computer.

Recorded File Garageband

FAQs about Solving GarageBand Not Working


Creating soundtracks with Garageband could be a lot of fun. However, when you encounter issues like Garageband does not record external microphones on Mac, you should follow the troubleshooting to fix all your problems within few clicks! Moreover, you can also choose QuickTime screen recording or a professional screen alternative.

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Free Download

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