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Anyone would want to edit video and audio with a manageable amount of complexity, and for that to happen, they look for the best video editor that fits the description. In this case, OpenShot Video Editor is one of the chosen tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac. A lot of users compare the tool to others like Hitfilm Express and Davinci Resolve, but they only found out that the former is much better. For more clarification, this article will walk you through OpenShot Video Editor's potential features, pros, and cons.

Brief Overview of OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Studios is a Texas-based company that created the video creator in 2008. The developers considered three things for this tool: easy to use, powerful, and stable, and these make the tool. When you look at its interface, the controls and functions are neatly arranged, while the timeline prepares five tracks to import various media files needed for video editing. Users can edit videos with built-in elements, including transitions, emojis, effects, and titles, with basic features like trimming, merging, etc. More key features include:

Step 1.Download and install the app. Launch it and upload the video directly to the interface. Alternatively, click the "Import Files" button to show all videos and audio.

Open Shot Import

Step 2.Drag and drop the footage to the timeline below. Please do the same thing to the audio file and place it in Track 4. There are three more empty tracks you can use to place other content.

Open Shot Drag and Drop

Step 3.Use tools like the trimmer, titles, etc. Other features include transitions, effects, and emojis. Preview and export the final video to save on your computer.

Open Shot Export

Pros and Cons of OpenShot Video Editor

Every video editor has its benefits for users, but the drawbacks might be why you cannot use it. Most user reviews are unbiased when it comes to OpenShot Video Editor. Let’s see some of the reviews that described the tool accurately, according to their personal experience.

Fernando, Education Management

"This software offers all the basic features for professional video editing. While simple, most of the features are pretty powerful. The operational layout functionality can still be improved, and the action response can be a little faster still."

Brian, Entertainment

"It's free, and if I was starting from scratch and using this and learning along the way… I'm dealing with at this moment how difficult the minimize functions are. I want to see all the images I plan to insert in one window, but the video playback screen goes over that."

Gabriella, Process Design Engineer

"OpenShot is a great video editor; I have used it for over two years. Its option to separate sound from video in an imported and loaded clip is perfect. However, when starting OpenShot, it's often unclear whether it's opening. I tend to end up with several windows open."

On the other hand, you can tell that OpenShot Video Editor is still a tremendous open-source tool. Once you have tried it, you can tell its difference from other tools. Here are other pros and cons to see, so to weigh your option.

Support standard formats of videos, audio, and still images.
Export projects to MP4, MOV, WebM, and more.
The default resolution and frame rate is 720p at 30FPS (configurable)
Separate audio tracks from a video file.
Bugs that occurred frequently.
Require plugins to use other features like Titles.
Late response to open, which causes the opening of more windows.
Hidden functions which are essential for editing.

Alternatives for OpenShot Video Editor

If the tool is too simple or lacking, more video editors will provide better functions. See the following alternatives to OpenShot Video Editor on Windows and Mac for recommendations.

1. AnyRec Video Converter

AnyRec Video Converter

AnyRec Video Converter is a lightweight desktop tool that is reliable for professional digital editing. AnyRec is packed with video, audio, and image essentials, creating a dynamic editing workflow. Not only can it trim, merge, and fix files, but it can also convert and compress larger files without losing quality. With this OpenShot alternative, endless creations are to be expected!

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Outstanding built-in themes, filters, and effects.

Create a movie with MV Maker and Video Collage.

Advanced output settings for quality, resolution, etc.

Video reverse, volume booster, and 3D Maker.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

2. iMovie


iMovie is the default video editor for Apple devices. Its desktop version has many functions, making the overlay interface intimidating for some users. However, you can get familiar with its functions after a few practices, which makes it a better alternative. The good thing about its being universally supported in Apple gadgets is that you can access projects you make via an iCloud account. And you can also use the rest tools for iMovie for Windows.

3. PowerDirector


Some users preferred PowerDirector over OpenShot Video Editor because of its more comprehensive functions. Just from filters and effects, this alternative provides hundreds of presets, which are customizable as per your preference. It is also advanced regarding AI motion tracking and Chroma key, suitable for professional filmmaking. This tool is free, but you must purchase in-app for some features.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is one of the renowned pro video editors, packed with impressive features such as layers, transitions, filters, color adjustments, cropping video on Premiere Pro, and so on. It focuses on multiple fields of video editing, allowing the user to do media management, color grading, and timeline redesigning. Of course, the OpenShot Video Editor alternative has a flexible interface, so it has a difficult learning curve for first-timers.

5. Shotcut


Like Openshot Video Editor, Shotcut is a free, open-source Windows, Mac, and Linux tool. It is powered by FFmpeg, which allows the tool to support editing hundreds of video and audio codecs. Creating a high-quality film is not impossible for this app, as it has native export editing to change the frame rates, resolutions, and other output settings.

FAQs about OpenShot Video Editor


With OpenShot Video Editor, you can edit video, audio, and images without purchasing a plan. But it is yet to reach its full potential. So, alternatives like iMovie, PowerDirector, and other video editors are recommended to try. Moreover, AnyRec Video Converter is the closest app for OpenShot Video Editor, as it is powerful, stable, and simple for video editing. Try the best editor on Windows or Mac.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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