Top 10 Most Recommended Screen Recorders for Linux This 2023

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What is the best Linux screen recorder? Many individuals use screen recorders for a variety of reasons. It's necessary to create tutorials, how-to instructions, record gameplay, presentation of lessons, and many more. It's no wonder, then, that screen recording software is a must-have on any computer, including those running Linux. If you are a Linux user, and want to capture your screen, just take a look at these ten most recommended screen recorders for Linux.

Reviews of the 10 Best Linux Screen Recorders: Features, Pros, and Cons

Here's a rundown of the top ten screen recorders for Linux users. All of these tools are safe and free. By the way, the list of screen recorders is in no particular order.

1. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is one of the best Linux screen recording applications available, offering a variety of functions to its users. It's best for developers that enjoy watching and streaming tech videos. It enables users to capture, mix, and stream content through multiple websites.

OBS Linux Screen Recorder


It has an almost limitless number of configurations to play with.

It gives you access to your webcam and captures cards while you're recording.


It will take some time to learn the lingo.

2. Kazam

Kazam is suitable for you if you want something straightforward with no extra features or frills. This simple Linux screen recorder also allows you to take valuable screenshots. Kazam is best for newbies who want to get the job done quickly without becoming distracted by other possibilities.

Kazam Linux Screen Recorder


Record sounds from a microphone, a sound system, or both.

Kazam is a simple and useful screencasting program.


There aren't many choices for great configuration settings.

Inability to record webcam

3. Vokoscreen

Vokoscreen is a screen recorder for Linux that is extremely basic and straightforward. It also supports a variety of video output types and audio inputs that are appropriate for the situation. Vokoscreen can record a selected area of the desktop screen or the entire desktop screen.

Vokoscreen Linux Screen Recorder


It has a lot of useful functions.

Support adding a delay timer when you record.


As of now, it does not provide a deb/rpm package or an AppImage file.

Some audio synchronization difficulties.

4. SimpleScreenRecorder

SimpleScreenRecorder is a basic and easy-to-use Linux screen recorder and a webcam recorder, as its name indicates. It has essential functions like screen recording, capturing, adding audio, and converting videos to different formats. Moreover, it is a Linux screen recorder built with Qt.

Simple Screen Recorder Linux


It may record while previewing your work.

It runs without a hitch on older systems.


Webcam recording isn't supported by default.

5. Green Recorder

Green Recorder is simple to use and has a simple UI. It was one of the first Linux screen recording software to support Wayland. GreenRecorder offers all of the functions of a standard desktop recorder plus the ability to record gigs. The GTK3 interface is basic and straightforward to use.

Green Recorder Linux Screen Recorder


Various video formats are compatible with it.

Gifs can also be recorded from the screen.


Insufficient support for webcam video recording.

The project is no longer being worked on. GitHub has archived the project.

6. Gifine

Gifs and videos can be created with the help of Gifine, a Linux screen recorder. It comes with built-in tools for editing and maintaining your GIFs, which can save you a lot of time when it comes to creating something unique.

GIFINE Linux Screen Recorder


It allows you to edit and trim the output before saving

Support exporting the recorded videos in GIF format


The interface is not very appealing.

7. ScreenStudio

Next on the list is ScreenStudio, a Java application and a simple yet powerful screen recorder software for Linux. An open-source Java-based screen recording tool to make tutorial videos. It enables desktop recording as HD video, which may be streamed straight through any video host service.

Screen Studio Linux Screen Recorder


It just allows output, frame rate/bitrate, and streaming options.

It provides webcam recording.


Large dependency – requires JRE 8.0

No longer active

8. Shutter

The Shutter is a feature-rich screen capture software for Linux-based operating systems. With Shutter, you may capture and record specific areas or the entire screen. Shutter has a modern UI and several video editing capabilities.

Shutter Linux Screen Recorder


It's capable of capturing even when you're browsing.

There are numerous plugins available.


It lacks some editing features.

9. recordMyDesktop

This Linux screen recorder provides two distinct graphical user interfaces based on GTK and QT4 for those who enjoy options. This program is a wonderful choice for tutorial videos because it allows you to sync video with audio and highlight significant parts of the video.

Record My Desktop Linux Screen Recorder


Features that are unique to video creation (video/audio synching, footage highlighting)

The command line for the Linux screen recorder is quite simple to use.


There isn't a webcam recording option.

Alternative video output formats are not available.

10. Peek

Peek is a simple program that allows us to make an animated GIF for our desktop. This app's key features include customizing the frame rate and delay time. It comes with a sleek and modern graphical user interface.

Peek Linux Screen Recorder


Provide a clean and modern user interface.

Support some unique features to record easily.


For the time being, only Linux systems with X11 are supported.

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FAQs of the Best Linux Screen Recorder


Looking for the best Linux screen recorder might take you some time. But, you do not have to worry and look for other screen recorders because the given Linux screen recorders above are proven and tested. If you have more questions or advice, please contact us now. And welcome you to share your user experience!

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