How to Enlarge Images Online Using 4 Recommended Online Tools

Jenefey Aaron Posted by Jenefey Aaron Oct 31, 2022

When you need to enlarge images online for school projects, work presentations, family pictures, or just want to print them with a larger size. Whatever the reason is, you don’t want people to look at your pixelated photo without seeing its true meaning. Thus, this post will gladly introduce you to the best tools that enlarge images without losing quality online. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Part 1: The Best Way to Enlarge Images without Losing Quality Online

The first recommended tool does not fall short in enlarging images online. The AnyRec AI Image Upscaler is an online tool dedicated to enlarging images without losing quality. It has a simple interface which makes the whole process quicker. With it, you can enlarge images online to 2x, 4x, and 8x within one click.

  1. High-level magnification to enlarge images online up to 800%.
  2. Support image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc.
  3. Increase image resolution with the latest AI technology.
  4. Manipulate images by recovering pixels, colors, textures, and details.

How to enlarge images online using AnyRec AI Image Upscaler:

Step 1Go to the official website of AnyRec AI Image Upscaler. Once you are on the actual website, start by clicking the Upload Photo button. Choose the desired file to enlarge the image online from your local folder.

AnyRec Upload Photos

Step 2Afterward, locate the Magnification option at the top part of the window. Click a preferred resolution button for the image. Move your cursor around and look at the comparison between the original and magnified photos.

AnyRec Magnification Option

Step 3Once satisfied with the magnified image, click the Save button, and the online tool will automatically download the image. Supposed you need to enlarge another image online, click the New Image button and repeat the steps from the beginning.

AnyRec Save new Image

Part 2: 3 Easy-to-use Tools to Enlarge Images Online [With Steps]

There was a study that most people prefer looking at a visual over text-based information, which can be the very reason to enlarge images online to present high-quality photos. As suggested, here are the recommended three tools to enlarge images online.

1. Upscalepics

This tool helps you enlarge images online with its features. It allows you to do batch enlarging and select upscale factor, output format, and compressed output differently. Of course, there are several issues you might encounter with this online tool, such as slow progress, free trial only offering five photos to upscale, and lacks other image editing tools. How to use Upscalepics to enlarge images online:

Step 1Search for the tool on your browser. Import the photo you want to enlarge from your local folder. When the online tool directs you to another page, you can upload another image by clicking the Select or Drop Images button at the top right of the page.

Upscale Pics Enlarge Images Online

Step 2Move your cursor on the horizontal scroll bar under the Select or Drop Images button to magnify the photo. Click the Noise Reduction button to remove the fiber-like mess on the image. At last, choose a format by clicking the Output Format button.

Upscale Pics Set Factor

Step 3When everything is set up, click the Start Processing button and wait for the process to finish. The enlarged photo will automatically download to your device.

2. ImageEnlarger

Nothing beats the simpleness of this tool that quickly enlarges images without losing quality online. The ImageEnlarger provides features like zoom factor, which you can input size with decimal. It also allows you to specify the target width and height. Unfortunately, you can see any preview of your photo being enlarged, especially if you don’t know how to input width or height.

How to enlarge images online using ImageEnlarger:

Step 1Go to the browser and look for the website. Click the Choose File button to obtain an image you want to enlarge. You can also put URL as an alternative way. When you see the file’s name beside the button, proceed to the next step.

Step 2You can change the format from the Select Output Format button. Then, enter the Zoom Factor, Target Width, and Target Height sizes. As stated under the options, you can follow them to determine the resulting length.

Image Enlarger Enlarge Images Online

Step 3After that, click the Start button and wait for the image to be enlarged. The website will direct you to the resulting site, and you can download the image by right-clicking your mouse and then choose Save Image As button.

Image Enlarger Save Images

3. PicsArt

Another batch-supported tool to enlarge images online. PicsArt is a well-known fun photo editor that can also be downloaded on your mobile device. With AI technology, PicsArt will immediately upscale the quality of your image by enhancing the resolution even with a small file size. Although you can see the uploaded images, you can’t see the changes you applied to them.

How to use PicsArt to enlarge images online without losing quality:

Step 1On the PicsArt website, click the Upscale Image Now button and choose the desired photos to enlarge. After that, Click the Upscale button and then the Target Width and Height.

Step 2Once you have specified the size, you can also click Two- or Four-Times buttons for image resolution. Then, click the Apply button to proceed.

Pics Art Upscale Target Width Height

Step 3The tool will give you some essential editing tools so you can edit the image as much as you want. You can also create your watermark and paste it into the edited images. After that, tick the Select All box and click the Download button to save the enlarged images.

Part 3: FAQs about Enlarging Images Online


When you try one of the recommended tools to enlarge images without losing quality online, you first need to experiment with it. So, by the time you need to enlarge images online again, you will rely upon the tool. AnyRec AI Imager Upscaler will always be free to use and offers you the best picture enlarging experience. Try it now.

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