Top 10 Best Clipping Magic Alternatives for Windows 10/8/7 and macOS

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You will look for a background remover when cutting out from a picture. Some of you may see the review of Clipping Magic when you are finding a remover. Clipping Magic is initially designed for this, and many users find it effective for some basic student works. However, many negative reviews for the online background remover appear because of its recent update. This article dedicates to Clipping Magic review and the best alternatives.

Part 1: Clipping Magic Review

When you visit the website, Clipping Magic has a simple interface for easier use. It also says that utilizing the background remover comes for free. Its auto-clip AI traces the object of a picture better than other background removals, with the ability to handle the process professionally after being exposed to many cutouts. With its Smart Editor, the user can make a precise cut-out using the tools and controls.

It gained popularity for its convenience, but most subscribers needed help with the overcharge even after unsubscribing. Not only that, but some users need help with uploading photos. In this case, looking for an alternative solution to remove an image background is better. Read further to see recommendations.

Part 2: Top 10 Clipping Magic Alternatives

This part shows different desktop and online tools as Clipping Magic alternatives. Detailed information includes the supported operating system, price, and effectiveness.

1. AnyRec Free Background Remover Online

AnyRec Free Background Remover Online

This online background remover is an AI-supported program that lets you delete an image background and replace it with plain colors or a new background picture. It supports popular image file formats for editing, including JPEG, PNG, etc. It is also suitable for removing a watermark, logo, stamp, and other markings without distorting the image quality. AnyRec is a free online tool that is accessible on Windows and Mac.



Remove BG shows a stunning quality after removing the background. It is a free online tool without an additional installer to use it effectively. It provides background themes and colors but allows you to upload your own. The Clipping Magic alternative also includes zoom in/out, erase, and restore tools.

User-friendly interface with sample images to try the online tool.
Instant background removal after a couple of seconds.
Only support PNG and JPG file formats.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

A well-known software that has an excellent set of tools for image editing. It offers different methods to remove the background and refine functions for a perfectly edited photo. Indeed, it is a better Clipping Magic solution, but Photoshop is not free to use and requires purchase before a free editing experience.

Enable erasing small bits from the background.
Save output with a transparent background.
Very intimidating interface and complex learning curves.

4. Canva


Since removing a picture’s background is a part of the editing methods, Canva also provides a tool for your need. The online tool helps to illustrate your object clearly by giving background themes and outstanding elements. Of course, Canva can be purchased for individuals and groups, but you can try it for free by signing up.

Professional image editor with user-friendly UI.
Excellent for other edits like brochures and posters.
Many restrictions on the export settings.



This Clipping Magic alternative is excellent for creating social media posts, blogs, and more. This means that GIMP is an ideal solution for removing the background of your picture. Moreover, it is open source, and you can configure its system however you like.

Average learning curve, so it is suitable for beginners.
Support almost all image formats for editing.
The selection tool is not precise.

6. CorelDRAW


CorelDRAW is a fully-loaded toolkit used as an alternative for Clipping Magic to remove backgrounds. Of course, it is also an excellent tool for illustration, editing, typography, and more. If you are looking for a way to make high-quality output, CorelDRAW will suit your liking.

Versatile tools are excellent for designing and editing.
Provide over 100 templates for customization.
Resource-intensive, which results to slow performance.

7. Fotor


Fotor is an easy-to-use editing program that can be installed on Windows, iOS, and Android. The online platform is an excellent alternative to Clipping Magic as it covers almost editing tools you need. Most reviews say that the software has the potential to create business cards, posters, and promotions!

Very intuitive with updated features.
Suitable for multiple photo editing.
Some tools are challenging to learn and use.

8. Lunapic


If you don’t want to spend one penny to get a C2, Lunapic is the best pick out there. The website is intuitive, with all the tools provided in precise positions. Besides removing the background, you can add effects, animations, and other elements to increase the photo resolution online and for free.

Accessible to popular browsers without add-ons.
Excellent for quick photo editing online.
Old-fashioned interface.

9. PicMonkey


Instead of purchasing a pro photo editor to take time to learn to navigate it, PicMonkey should be your Clipping Magic alternative. It has a free trial version which you can try out its tools, but you can subscribe monthly for only $7.99. Even with a late Window version, PicMonkey can be used relatively.

Enable batching processing without delay.
Edit images with beautiful textures.
Recent updates cause login errors.

10. Pixelmator


Edit pictures with Pixelmator’s robust tools. Even with a poorly captured picture, this software helps to enhance it without too much work. In addition, Pixelmator has abundant features, including advanced settings, generating collages, and filter making. You can use the software on fully optimized Macs.

Flexible user interface with lots of technical functions.
Affordable pricing for a professional program.
Not available for Windows versions.

Part 3: FAQs about Clipping Magic


Clipping Magic is a great online tool for removing and changing photo backgrounds, but there are chances that it’s ineffective. But with the recommended solutions, you can edit pictures however you like! Remember that AnyRec Free Background Remover Online is an excellent free and professional editing option!

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