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Every music and podcast recorder wants the best audio quality, and thankfully, Audacity is free to use, even for beginners. The program has the best features for audio recording, playing, and modifying, but its recent update weakened the privacy of its owners, most especially for Mac users. With that said, let’s look at the recommended alternative for Audacity for Mac and Windows and which is the best fit for you.

The Real Review After Using Audacity

Audacity is a free and open-source audio editor with powerful features. Many music enthusiasts see this software as one of the best go-tos for quicker audio editing, and it won’t fail to show the best outcome. But the real question is, ‘Is Audacity safe?’ With the recent updates, the audio editing app changed its privacy policy which mentions invasive data collection on the user’s desktop and sharing the user data with buyers and other apps like third parties and state regulators. Many users find the new update uncomfortable and are not too pleased with the changes, so this is the best time to look for an alternative to Audacity for Mac and Windows.

Feature-rich functions for audio recording and editing.
A cross-platform software available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
A complex interface that is challenging to use.
Save changes but delete original audio parts involuntarily.

You can start with the basic steps below if you are a beginner. You can get started with audio editing or start recording with Audacity.

How to Edit Audio in Audacity

Step 1.Launch Audacity on your computer and head to the File menu. Hover your mouse over the Import function and click the "Audio" button. Alternatively, open your local folder and drag and drop the audio file to Audacity’s interface.

Audacity Import Audio

Step 2.To trim audio, pick the sound portion you want to keep, then go to the Edit menu and click the "Remove Special" button. From its submenu, click the "Trim Audio" button. You can undo the edit anytime.

Audacity Remove Special

Step 3.If you wish to split the audio into two or multiple clips, begin by choosing the point of the audio you want to split. Then, open the Edit menu and click the "Clip Boundaries" button. Click the "Split" button, and you will see the split from the timeline.

Audacity Split

How to Record Audio in Audacity

Step 1.Go to the Edit menu and click the "Preferences" button. The recommended settings for Audio I/O is Recording Channels [Mono (1)]. Click the "OK" button to save. Then on the Quality menu, set Default Sample Rate to 22050 HZ, and save the changes.

Audacity Preferences

Step 2.Once you have set up the microphone, click the "Recorder" button. Then, click the "Stop" button after recording. To save the output, go to the File menu and click the "Export As" button. Follow the prompts to save the file.

Top 10 Audacity Alternatives

In reality, Audacity for Mac is still the best for audio recording and editing, but it is not for everyone. So, even with some issues with the updated software, people will still use the application. But if you are looking for a better Audacity alternative, browse the recommended options below.

Best Audacity Alternatives Supported OS Price
AnyRec Video Converter Windows, Mac $22.95
Adobe AU Windows, Mac $33.99
GarageBand Mac, iOS Free
Wavosaur Windows Free
Ocenaudio Windows, Mac, and Linux Free
Ardour Windows, Mac, and Linux $45/one-time purchase
Reaper Windows $60/one-time purchase
Logic Pro Mac $199.99/full license
Studio One Windows, Mac $14.95
TwistedWave Online Chrome, Safari $50/Basic (year)

1. AnyRec Video Converter

AnyRec Audio Editor

For the best audio editing, this Audacity alternative gives the best result! AnyRec Video Converter is well-known for its multi-functional interface, providing advanced video and audio editing settings. Some of its great functions are an audio recorder, audio sync, compressor, and volume booster. AnyRec Video Converter offers a free trial version available on Windows and Mac.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Keep audio quality and change audio parameters.

Support a wide range of audio formats to convert.

Have no file limitation for uploading and converting.

Provide other functions for media content editing.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

2 Adobe AU


This Audacity alternative is one of Adobe’s Creative Suite products and the most popular audio editor. Adobe AU is an excellent choice for audio recording and editing, but it is also best for mixing heavy music and editing multi-track sessions and podcasts. You can easily erase background noise, add audio overlays, and clean up unwanted sounds with Adobe Audition, even in its free trial version.


3. GarageBand


GarageBand is an outstanding Audacity alternative for Mac users, offering an easy-recording interface packed with essentials. For music recorders and pros, this app is the best way to capture audio on your computer. At the same time, it provides the easiest way to learn piano, guitar, and other musical instruments on your computer. GarageBand is initially made for entry-level music production, but it can be powerful for audio editing and recording.


4. Wavosaur


Wavosaur is a free Audacity alternative for Windows which handles multi-track audio files without trouble. It supports the most popular audio formats, so it is a good choice if you always use MP3 and WAV files. Unlike other audio editing apps, Wavosaur does not have an installer, making it easier to download and launch the app. You can use this solution free of charge, but only exclusive to Windows OS.


5. Ocenaudio


Ocenaudio is a cross-platform Audacity alternative perfect for creating music from scratch and simple audio projects. As the app focuses on simplicity, users can easily navigate the interface to apply effects, fine-tune music, increase audio volume, and use multi-track for mixing.


6. Ardour


This Audacity alternative has the best collaboration of musicians and programmers to provide a set of functions for audio editing in Ardour. It helps mix recordings in various music genres, and compared to Adobe Au, it is easier to create and edit music.


7. Reaper


Reaper is an affordable Audacity alternative for Windows and Mac. It has a complete package for all your needs, including a production tool for voiceover, vocal, and other projects. Reaper is an efficient solution that offers powerful performances and presets like effects and samples.


8. Logic Pro

Logic Pro

Logic Pro is Apple’s proper DAW or Digital Audio Workshop that brings excellent performance on any Mac device. The Audacity alternative for Mac makes it simpler and more enjoyable to fine-tune music without compromising editing options.


9. Studio One

Studio One

Studio One is the easiest pick for an Audacity alternative because of its mature workstation. Unlike Audacity, this audio recording software provides simple features to compose music and capture the best audio on your device without unnecessary clicks on your mouse.


10. TwistedWave Online

TwistedWave Online

If you don’t want to use desktop software like the previous tools, Twisted Wave Online can also be your Audacity alternative. The browser-based tool allows you to drag and drop audio files from your local folder and finish editing them in minutes.


FAQs about Audacity Review and Alternative


After learning the best Audacity alternatives, you have the solutions that help to compose music and edit recordings. Most of the solutions are initially difficult to navigate, but you can start with AnyRec Video Converter for easier audio edits. Use the free trial version to experience its professional audio recorder and editor!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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