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How to take screenshots on Android phones? Taking a screenshot has benefited you when you want to keep what you saw on the internet to either use it on school/work projects or to remember for later use. It is a way to instruct something to a friend, show an explanation for a certain thing, and a lot more use of taking screenshots. Actually, most Android phones support taking screenshots easily with the built-in function. So for this matter, this article will guide you on how to do screenshots on Android with 6 easy methods. You can also learn about how to screenshot on your computer easily through the best screen capture. Please keep reading the following article.

6 Best Methods to Take a Screenshot on Android 12/11/10/9

First, there will list down all the efficient methods of taking screenshots for Android users. No matter what mobile brand and model you use, you will find the suitable methods to take screenshots on your Android phone in the following.

Method 1: Hotkeys with Power Button + Volume Down Buttons

This is the most popular and common way to take screenshots on any Android. Just go to your desired content to capture then simultaneously press the Power button and down volume for a few seconds. A notification will appear on the top of your screen which you can click to see the photo. Just mind that you need to press them at the same time, otherwise it might lock your phone or turn your volume down.

Power Volume Take Screenshots Android

Method 2: Google Assistant

One of the easiest ways to get your work done is to only use your voice. Google Assistant has been updated for Android users to utilize it more. As an assistive touch feature on every Android device, here is how to enable Google Assistant on your phone:

Step 1.Go to the "Settings" app on your Android phone. Tap the "Google Search App" button. Then turn on the "Assistant Settings" option to enable screen capture on your Android phone with your voice.

Step 2.Say “OK Google” to your phone, then when your screen reacts and shows Google Assistant, quickly say “Take a screenshot”.

Step 3.You will see the screenshot will be saved to your photo gallery. But for some Android phones such as Asus Zenfone, it will give you options on which you can save it or send it to one of your linked social accounts.

Google Assistant Take Screenshots Android

Method 3: Screenshot in the Control Panel

As this method is on the selected phone model, you can check your phone and look at the Control Panel by swiping from the top or bottom of your phone. If you have it, click the "Screenshot" button to simple capture screenshots on your Android phone. Some device has options that will appear below the photo, but mostly will automatically save your screenshot to your gallery.

Control Panel Take Screenshots

Method 4: Three Finger Gesture

If you want take screenshots of gameplay on Android phones, this method is a good way to do so. But first, we need to enable it on your phone through the following steps:

Step 1.Go to your phone's Setting app. Look for Gestures or search it on the search bar for easy access

Step 2.Tap the "Quick Gesture" button. Then enable the "Three-finger Screenshots" option to take screenshots on your Android phone. You can try right away to see the changes.

Three Finger Gesture Take Screenshots Android

This feature is only available to the latest models of Android phones, but you can check your Settings if your device has it.

Method 5: Quick Access Ball

This is also one of the unique features of the latest Android models. To access it:

Step 1.Go to your "Settings" app and search Quick Ball on the search bar. Tap the "Quick Ball" button, then toggle it and activate

Step 2.To add the screenshot to the menu, go to the "Quick Ball" page and tap the "Shortcuts" option. Replace one of the default features by selecting the Screenshot.

Step 3.Then you can easily access the Quick Ball with a snipping tool to take screenshots on your Android.

Quick Access Ball Take Screenshots Android

Method 6: Third-party Android Screenshot Apps

It is the most useful method to take screenshots on your Android phone since screenshot apps can have other tools such as screen recording. Google Play has a lot of these free apps that you can enjoy more when you gain access to the premium version. But most of these tools are free so it is convenient for everyone. When you search “Screenshot” on the Play Store, you can choose from the top result like Screenshot Touch, Screenshot Easy, and Screenshot Capture to download.

Recommend Method to Take Android Screenshots on PC/Mac

All the mentioned methods will only capture the full-screenshots on Android phones. What's more, screenshots not taking problem always happens on Android phone with many causes. In this case, AnyRec Screen Recorder will be your best choice to take Android Screenshots on Windows/Mac with customized settings. With that, let's get to its most distinctive features and other useful tools.

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This powerful software will also help you solve iPhone/iPad screenshot not working problem.

FAQs about How to Take a Screenshot on Android


To conclude, there are 6 efficient ways to take screenshots on any Android phone. You can use the easiest hotkeys or capture your screen with the help of Google Assistant or Gestures. And moreover, there are still alternatives you can use if the built-in screenshot is not functioning well. Do you have a question or suggestion? Leave them in the comment section!

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