Good Usernames for TikTok: Get Ideas and Name Generators

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TikTok is the home for all so many creators out there. And if you want to join this popular video-sharing platform, all you have to do is to sign up, then think of good usernames for TikTok that will instantly show your vibes. We can all agree that having a catchy username creates the first impression of you for your audience. Now, as our response to this, we provided the best TikTok username generators you can use to have perfect username ideas for TikTok. You will also learn some tips and ideas to have a catchy name to attract more followers. Let’s get in!

Part 1. Tips to Choose a Good TikTok Username

Having a unique username for TikTok is difficult since billions of people are using the said video-sharing platform, and one may use the same name. But now is the time to make your username cool and secure at the same time. Below are some tips for selecting good usernames for TikTok.

Always Go For a Secure but Straightforward One

Your username must be simple but ensure that it’s unique and secure. Having easy usernames are the ones that are easy to remember by the audience; ensure to have combined the words, numbers, or special characters correctly and are connected to you.

Make it Personal

As said, don’t combine characters that aren't even related to you and your content on TikTok. Make sure that your username is personal and will give an excellent impression to your future audience. In this way, you will have lots of cool TikTok usernames ideas in mind.

Describe Your Content

This point is somehow related to making it personal. However, it is more applicable to someone who has a brand to show on Tiktok, which will help their branding strategies.

Follow the Character Limit

Like others, TikTok also has character limits in choosing a username. It is vital factor to think of your name carefully and intelligently to show your audience your identity. You don’t have to rush when thinking about one.

Part 2. Top 5 TikTok Username Generators

Followed by the tips to have cool TikTok usernames, one more thing that can help is a username generator. And to help you with that, below are the five best TikTok username generators to have the perfect username for your account.

1. SpinXO

First in selecting the best TikTok username generators is SpinXO, which comes with various name-generating options. Once on the main page, you will see different tabs such as Name or Nickname, Hobbies, Things You Like, Numbers or Letters, etc. Thinking of good usernames for TikTok can be quickly done and fun with this username generator.


2. Cool Generator

By simply entering any random personal idea about you or your content on TikTok, the Cool Generator will offer tons of ideas. You can also select whether the username is for a boy or a girl; in this way, the generator will automatically describe your thoughts or identity through simple words or phrases.


3. Namechk

Namechk is a name generator that gives a suggestion that is unlikely to be the same as other names currently used on TikTok. It will assist you in merging different words where you are interested. With this name generator, you will have many TikTok nickname ideas that you would probably think about for hours if you’re alone.


4. Jimpix Username Generator

Like the first ones discussed, Jimpix lets you enter your word as well; then, it will instantly provide a list of categories to generate cool TikTok usernames. This tool could help you to generate names for Twitch, Facebook, Snapchat, and many other platforms. Alternatively, you can set the Random Category if you haven't thought of any word yet. Another thing about this name generator is having useful options like Reverse, Shuffle, Chunk, Number at Start/End, and more.

JIMPIX Username Generator

5. Masterpiece Generator

To end, we have here the Masterpiece Generator. Out of the ordinary, it is one of your best selections if you want something creative for your TikTok username. It is capable of giving you names after entering words, including your name or nickname, with your favorite adjectives or things that will describe your TikTok account.

Masterpiece Generator

Part 3. Get 20 Ideas for TikTok Usernames to Attract Followers

While it might be challenging to have cool TikTok username ideas, you can use the below list as a reference or use one to change your TikTok username. Each is provided by the username generators discussed above.

1. Spuffycloud

2. Hazecloud

3. Flowerfect

4. Livingflower

5. Fashion Drop

6. OverFashion

7. CatchTheCoffee

8. Night Bestie

9. NightButNot

10. Get This Coffee

11. FashionFruit

12. ThatsSoFashion

13. WishACoffee

14. GuessShoe

15. BookMagnet

16. Flashnight

17. Afterglowbook

18. YouAreSoBook

19. Huggable bear

20. Munchkin

Part 4. Bonus Tip: Edit TikTok Videos with AnyRec for More Views

Now, let’s get into editing videos you will post on TikTok to get more views and followers. Having good usernames for TikTok and excellent quality video content effectively showcases your account and brand. For more advanced editing with no steep learning curve. AnyRec Video Converter has it all! Besides being a video converter, if you want to create an excellent music video with a simplified process, go for the MV Maker.

Anyrec MV Maker

On top of the MV maker, you can also rely on the program’s Collage Maker. With this feature, it is possible to put two or more videos into one frame. You can acquire more than 44 different split-screen templates and multiple editing filters. It will then result in playing videos in one frame simultaneously when you export it afterward. These are just two of the many features you can expect with the program, visit its main page and download it now!

Anyrec Collage Maker
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Part 5. FAQs about TikTok Usernames


Considering the good ideas of usernames for TikTok today, having a unique one is essential. You can always rely on the five best TikTok username generators discussed alongside the tips and ideas. After you’ve generated a username, the video you will be posting is your focus now! In this situation, AnyRec Video Converter will be your go-to video editor. Get the best TikTok video by taking advantage of the program's editing features, the MV and Collage Makers.

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