Top 20 Trending TikTok Hashtags to Boost Your Video

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TikTok is a platform with 1.05 billion active users and most actively publicizes various videos. They can build engagements with their other content by posting videos with trending TikTok Hashtags. With hashtags, people find their content out of over 3.7M videos uploaded daily. To learn more about these trending hashtags on TikTok and how to use them, continue reading this post!

Part 1. Quick Introduction of TikTok Hashtags

Before we dive into the top 20 TikTok hashtags trending, let us first briefly understand what, why, and how to find TikTok trending hashtags. By reading this part’s sub-components, you can identify the importance of using trending TikTok hashtags to make content acquire more engagements and interactions.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags on TikTok are words or phrases comprising the symbol hashtag (#). These hashtags are incorporated into the uploaded videos under written captions. Hashtags are being identified by TikTok’s algorithm and used as a basis for categorizing content and deciding which users’ FYP they will make the content visible.

Why Use Hashtags on TikTok?

You need to incorporate the TikTok hashtag on your content before publicizing it because you are helping TikTok’s algorithm to easily categorize content and promote it to the users who might be interested in it. Additionally, hashtags can maximize or increase your content’s discoverability across users’ FYP.

How to Find Trending Hashtags on TikTok?

The best way to find the latest and previous trending TikTok hashtags is by visiting TikTok’s Trending page. You can use your desktop and mobile browser and search for Trend Discovery: Popular Hashtags On TikTok. On this page, you can discover the most used hashtags that are currently trending all over the region. You’ll also see various hashtags that are presently trending in your country. Apart from that, you are also given the option to check those hashtags that have been trending for the past 7, 30, and 120 days. So if you want to know what hashtags are trending on TikTok right now, you can visit this site to discover those trending hashtags.

Trending Hashtag on TikTok Use Trend Popular Page

Part 2. Top 20 Trending TikTok Hashtags

That’s it! Those briefly explain what, why, and how to see trending hashtags on TikTok. Let us now discover the top 20 TikTok trending hashtags that you can use to expand your content engagement across various TikTok active users.

1. #foryou / #fyp / #foryoupage

The trending TikTok hashtags in almost all content are the #foryou / #fyp / #foryoupage. Users mainly incorporated these hashtags aside from those directly related to the content to ensure it will be discovered or promoted on people’s FYPs.

Trending Hashtag TikTok ForYouPage FYP ForYou

2. #aifilter

One trending TikTok hashtag that has gained much usage over the past 7 days, up until now, in all regions is the #aifilter. This hashtag is used to be incorporated into content that utilizes an AI-generated filter that completely remolds users’ faces or other subjects into a new look. This new look turns either into an anime, artistic graphical image, architecture, etc.

Trending Hashtag TikTok AIFilter

3. #sanemi

If you are a Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba fan, you’ll recognize this trending TikTok hashtag - #sanemi. This hashtag was used in more than 8K posts by different users in all regions after the anime Demon Slayer released Episode 6. This episode featured the life of Genya when he was still young and with his brother Sanemi.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Sanime

4. #fancamkpop / #fancam

Other trending TikTok hashtags are #fancamkpop and #fancam. This hashtag is incorporated into K-pop-related content that usually features a zoom capture of a K-pop artist while performing, doing fan signing, on music, or on variety shows.

Trending Hashtag TikTok FanCam Kpop

5. #dancechallenge

One of the most trending contents on TikTok is dance challenges. Many users, especially billions of dancers worldwide, post their dance challenges with the hashtag #dancechallenge. Additionally, some are making dance tutorials using the same hashtag, making it one of the trending TikTok hashtags.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Dance Challenge

6. #pov

Point of View or POV content gathers almost 8 billion views on TikTok through using #pov, which is also one of the trending TikTok hashtags. POV content can catch users’ interest; some find it relatable or entertaining. Creators publicize POV contents that feature an opinion, a particular scenario, a meme, etc., making people think they are in the posted content.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Pov

7. #meme

Another trending TikTok hashtags that make billions of users laugh or chuckle is the #meme. Meme contents portray funny moments, situations, experiences, etc., and all usually go viral within your country or worldwide using the #meme.

Trending Hashtag TikTok MEME

8. #stitch

Next on the list of trending TikTok hashtags is #stitch which reached a trillion users. This hashtag uses others’ content to collaborate and produce new content. This usually focuses on providing an opinion seriously or funnily, a reaction from the collaborated or stitched content, or creating a short skit.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Stitch

9. #duet

#duet is also one of the trending TikTok hashtags. This hashtag is similar to #stitch; #duet is usually incorporated with a post that contains others’ content alongside your video. Other than that, this hashtag is also included with the content that contains people who sing a song with displayed lyrics, which lets the audience sing along with them.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Duet

10. #explore

Over a billion active users of the TikTok platform, a lot of them are sharing their travel vacations and their beautiful destinations. They use #explore, which eventually became part of the trending TikTok hashtags. Sometimes, users utilize this hashtag to present the most beautiful places on the earth.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Explore

11. #TikTokaMadeMeBuyIt

Recently TikTok infused a feature where people can purchase different products. Some users grab this opportunity to sell different things and use the platform to introduce them. In line with this, most people begin to flex their purchases from those sellers by posting it on their TikTok with the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit. This hashtag eventually became a trending TikTok hashtag with more than 8M views.

Trending Hashtag TikTok TikTok Made Me Buy It

12. #makeuptutorial

If you are a makeup artist and wish to publicize various makeup tutorials, you must use #makeuptutorial, for it is also a part of the trending TikTok hashtags. Using that hashtag, you can reach users interested in watching makeup tutorials.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Make Up Tutorial

13. #ootd

Apart from makeup-related content, outfits are also publicized on the TikTok platform. People nowadays are into fashion; they usually share their everyday OOTD and even feature some recommendations or ideas by presenting various OOTD styles. They usually utilize the #ootd, which became part of the trending TikTok hashtags.

Trending Hashtag TikTok OOTD

14. #lifehacks

Another trending TikTok hashtag that you can use is #lifehacks. Lifehack content is quite popular on TikTok. Some feature silly ways to solve a problem, but some are useful and fantastic to the extent that you don’t expect them to work. You can use this hashtag with content featuring foods, crafts, clothes, etc.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Lifehacks

15. #funny

The following trending TikTok hashtag is #funny. This hashtag is usually incorporated with content that mainly contains funny videos. These contents are usually a comedy skit and a funny moment captured by a camera.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Funny

16. #workout

Otherwise, if you are conscious about your body and want to become fit, you can consult TikTok and look for the videos by searching #workout. TikTok has total users who love sharing their workout routines and journey by posting them on their TikTok. With over 174K content uploads with #workout, it shows that many users are into this, making #workout one of the trending TikTok hashtags.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Workout

17. #storytime

The following hashtag for this group of trending TikTok hashtags is #storytime. Contents with these hashtags contain a variety of stories being spoken by the creator. Usually, the shared stories deal with life experiences such as scary moments, funny incidents or encounters, and concerning moments.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Story Time

18. #diy

Next on the line of trending TikTok hashtags is the #diy. The content that is incorporated with this hashtag is creative mainly and valuable. They can be DIY decorations, a specific clothing style, crafts, etc. You can use this hashtag for how-to content that shows how to do a specific DIY subject.

Trending Hashtag TikTok DIY

19. #didyouknow

Contents with this hashtag, #didyouknow, became popular across various FYPs for having interesting knowledge about certain things supported mainly by facts. This usually deals with knowledge or trivia about animals, places, movies, history, technology, etc., that only a few know about. This exciting content made the #didyouknow amongst the trending TikTok hashtags.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Did You Know

20. #lyrics

Finally, the last hashtag for this group of trending TikTok hashtags is the #lyrics. This hashtag is used to incorporate a lyrics video. This aims to provide users with written lyrics of a song which makes them sing it while the song is being played on the video. Sometimes this hashtag is also used for content that shows the song's best and most meaningful part.

Trending Hashtag TikTok Lyrics

Part 3. How to Use Trending TikTok Hashtags

There you have it! Those are the top 20 trending TikTok hashtags to post specific content on TikTok. Now, it’s time for you to know how you will use those hashtags to be incorporated into your content. We list 3 essential points you need to remember in using a trending hashtag on TikTok. Take your first step in discovering them right now.

1. Use Relevant Hashtags for your Content and are Popular

Identifying a relevant yet popular hashtag for your content to boost its engagement is very important. You can spot them by browsing other famous creators’ TikTok pages. You can look for content that acquires many engagements or interactions and check which hashtags are used. Those hashtags are probably one of the reasons that make their content popular. Also, you need to ensure that you are using a relevant hashtag. People might find you an unreliable content creator if you use irrelevant hashtags.

2. Use Many Hashtags on One Content

Another way of using trending TikTok hashtags is by using many in a single post. It would be best if you remember that each of the hashtags is helping you and your content to be visible across various FYPs. Incorporating more than 5 hashtags is tricky, especially if they are shorter; why? Because TikTok only allows you to put captions and hashtags with a maximum of 2,200 characters. So, you need to shorten your caption and use what’s left for your hashtags.

3. Incorporate Hashtags in Comment Sections

If you run out of characters on captions, you can place other hashtags in your content’s comment section. Although this might not be as effective as incorporating hashtags in captions, it is also a great way of solving the issue of running out of characters. You can also place other content with captions and hashtags in the comment section by replying to one of the comments there. This is also a great of promoting other content to your audiences.

Part 4. Tips for Using Trending Hashtags on TikTok Effectively

Now that you know how to use trending TikTok hashtags and where to place them, let’s move on to how to utilize them effectively. We feature tips below that could help you achieve your desired content engagement and interaction across users’ FYPs. Explore them now!

1. Create Engaging Content Aside from Relying on Trending Hashtags

Using popular or trending hashtags is indeed effective in boosting your content engagements. However, reaching many audiences will take work because there will be traffic. Too many videos using the same hashtags will lead to an overload. So, to leave a mark on your audiences and let them come for you, you need to create engaging content for them. This is an excellent way of making yourself as a creator or a brand unique despite being similar to other content.

2. Mix Hashtags to Reach Many Users

Mixing popular and relevant hashtags with niche ones will expand your content visibility. For example, if your content is mainly talking about a book with music in the background, whether you are trying to sell it or feature it on your audiences, you can use the hashtag #booktok, which is a hashtag that contains a large number of usage and search. And to expand its visibility, you can use the music you embedded in it as a hashtag. That might not be a popular hashtag and is irrelevant, but if a few out of billions of users search for that music, they will come across your content. You can also create 3-minute TikTok videos with more hashtags, which will also attract more views.

3. Expand your Hashtags but keep it Relevant

Aside from using a hashtag that explains the subject of your content, you can also use other relevant hashtags. For example, if your content features a K-pop music video like How You Like That by BlackPink, you can use #hylt, #howyoulikethat, #howyoulikethatmv, and #blackpink. These hashtags contain a large volume of usage and TikTok dancing trends. On the other hand, you can expand it by using other relevant hashtags such as #jennie, #jisoo, #lisa, #rose, or those that describe your audiences, such as #blinks and #kpopfan. This lets you make your content visible on different users’ FYP.

Part 5. How to Record Trending TikTok with the Best Quality

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Part 6. FAQs about Trending TikTok Hashtags


Now those are the top 20 trending TikTok hashtags! It’s time to choose which of them to use and what you think suits your content. Always remember that when choosing a hashtag, you must ensure it is relevant to your content. Also, it would be best to target those hashtags with a high volume of usage, so you can easily land your content to much larger FYPs. If you need a tool that could help record various TikTok contents with high quality, then you can use the professional AnyRec Screen Recorder tool! With this tool’s easy-to-use yet powerful features, you can achieve your desired on-screen trending TikTok content recording needs!

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