20 TikTok Dance Trends That Are Popular and Easy-to-learn

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Here are 20 popular TikTok dance trends for you to make your videos go viral, including Renegade (the most popular songs till now), Slickback (the latest TikTok trend with professional skills), The CitiRokk (easy but rhythmic dance for every one), and more. You can also use AnyRec Video Converter to create and edit your TikTok dance trend videos with powerful templates, effects, and transitions.

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TikTok Dance Trends s

Following the TikTok dance trends is a good way to make your videos go viral among young people. Whether you have a perfect dance body or not, you are a pro or not, it’s easy to follow the TikTok dance trends and enjoy yourself. Memorizing the steps and dancing to those songs has become the everyday routine of Gen-Z, even millennials. So, how to choose the best TikTok dance trends to make you relax or show the talent by sharing them on the app. Keep reading to see the most popular TikTok dance challenges now.

20 Easy and Popular TikTok Dance Trends in 2024

By far, the Renegade dance trend on TikTok is the most popular, with more than 29.7 million users trying the dance craze. However, after this, many videos are going viral and trying to break out Renegade's influence on the TikTok world. Thus, get to know the top 20 popular TikTok dance trends now in the following:

1. Real Smooth (Alexandra)

It’s the latest TikTok dance trend that becomes popular last month. Since the interaction between the two dancers is very fun and smooth, you need to practice more with your partner before taking this TikTok dance trend. The most important thing is to keep your actions smooth.

Real Smooth TikTok Dance Trend

2. Slickback

This TikTok dance trend is created in South Korea in October, 2023. It’s relatively difficult to beginners. You need to kick and flail you legs across the ground and make you look like you’re floating.

Slickback TikTok Dance Trend

3. The CitiRokk (CitiBoyRio)

This is a rhythmic and addictive TikTok dance trend for everyone to learn. You just need to rock your body from side to side and cross your arms in front of your chest according to the music. Moreover, the creator also dropped a new routine called CitiRokk Shuffle.

The Citirokk TikTok Dance Trend

4. Made You Look

This song, Made You Look, a new single by Meghan Trainor, has become a viral TikTok dance. The dance trend was created by TikTok stars @/brookieandjessie. And days before it was posted, Meghan shared their dance version.

Made You Look TikTok Dance Trend

5. Wednesday Dance

The Wednesday dance, choreographed by Jenna Ortega herself, is a scene from the series Wednesday that became iconic and inspired many TikTok users to dance along. With the song Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga, the dance scene greatly impacted TikTok dance trends.

Wednesday Dance TikTok Trend

6. Ting Ting Tang Tang

Ting Ting Tang Tang is a TikTok dance trend with a fun tune. It is one of the latest dance crazes on TikTok that is a remix version of a Vietnamese pop song, See Tinh. Plus, it is one of the dance trends that has easy-to-follow steps.

Ting Ting Tang Tang TikTok Dance Trend

7. About Damn Time

The song, About Damn Time, by Lizzo became one of TikTok's dance trends. TikTok creator Jaeden Gomez made it, and Lizzo has acknowledged it multiple times as she performed it on her account as well as recorded a dance tutorial.

About Damn Time TikTok Dance Trend

8. Left and Right

When Charlie Puth and BTS Jungkook released the song Left and Right, it dominated TikTok. The song was viral with over 3.2 million uses when a sped-up edit track was shared on TikTok. Many artists have followed and done the Left and Right.

Left and Right TikTok Dance Trend

9. Renegade (Lil Massive)

As you know, Renegade comes with a quick, multiple-step dance that was everywhere on TikTok around September-October 2019. Creator Global Jones shared her choreography on the app, and soon, people started following the same steps.

Renegade TikTok Dance Trend

10. Out West(JackBoys and Travis Scott)

One of the TikTok dance trends, Out West, was made by Richmond, who wasted no time creating easy steps as he created the dance after its release. The dance steps include a simple one, simply moving your hips and arms.

Our West TikTok Dance Trend

11. Rude Boy

The Rude Boy went viral after Rihanna performed in the Super Bowl Mix. You will see many people on your For You page doing their version of the song Rude Boy and dancing to the songs on repeat.

Rudy Boy TikTok Dance Trend

12. Boom, Shake, Drop

Another song that was made famous because of the influential dance steps is the Boom, Shake Drop. It was one of the latest TikTok dance trends, and using a lot of energy when dancing to it is a must.

Boom Shake Drop TikTok Dance Trend

13. Hundred Miles

The Hundred Miles dance trend on Tiktok contains easy-to-follow steps that are easy and fun to do with your friends. It was danced in a sped-up remix version in TikTok.

Hundred Miles TikTok Dance Trend

14. Don’t Start Now (Dua Lipa)

A song by Dua Lipa, Don’t Start Now, became a hit viral on TikTok, especially during lockdown. It has been danced by many creators and artists as well.

Dont Start Now TikTok Dance Trend

15. Say So (Doja Cat)

Say So by Doja Cat is fueled by TikTok, with over 16.8 million users trying out the dance. The song became part of the TikTok dance trends when Haley Sharpe created the song with a catchy dance.

Say So TikTok Dance Trend

16. WAP Dance (Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion)

The song WAP by American rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion is another energetic TikTok dance trend. Brian Esperon, a YouTube choreographer, shared the dance steps, and by the next day, the dance steps became viral.

Wap Dance TikTok Trend

17. Number One Baby

This dance craze is next to Renegade, as it dominated TikTok from the same year up to 2020. It started with the hands and arms movements, and with these simple steps, people started their videos.

Number One Baby TikTok Dance Trend

18. Give it To Me (Timbaland)

The song Give it To me was made back in 2007 by Timbaland. It became one of the TikTok dance trends 15 years later. The song has a catchy beat, allowing users to enjoy the TikTok dance challenge.

Give It To Me TikTok Dance Trend

19. Sexy Back

This dance challenge was the most famous in the 2020 summer but is still seen on the For You page in 2022. The TikTok dance started with @/jenniferjeppssson, who shared the video dancing with the songs along with the choreography.

Sexy Back TikTok Dance Trend

20. Savage (Megan Thee Stallion)

Megan Thee Stallion’s song Savage was a fan-favorite TikTok song in 2020. The dance challenge was made by Kera Wilson and ended up becoming one of the TikTok dance trends. It has over 14 million videos made by users doing the challenge.

Savage TikTok Dance Trend

The Ultimate Way to Edit TikTok Dance Trend Videos

After doing one of the TikTok dance trends, you must want to make additional edits to make it more attractive. Use AnyRec Video Converter to get the work done. The program can give you the best tools and features! It lets you quickly create a video using powerful editing functions, like applying effects, themes, cropping, rotating, etc. Furthermore, it has an advanced enhancer with AI so that you can get a higher-resolution video - no worries about posting dance trends on TikTok. Even if you’re a beginner, you can get your fantastic video quickly here with Any Rec.

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Crop Video

Step 3.On the "Theme" section, select your preferred theme to apply. Then, add a start/end title and make edits on your audio in "Settings".

Apply Theme

Step 4.If satisfied with your work, you can go to "Export" to adjust some video settings to maintain the quality. And finally, click the "Start Export" button.

Export MV

FAQs about TikTok Dance Trends


That is all about the TikTok dance trends in 2024! If finding the easiest dance trend is difficult, you can always return to this post and see the 20 TikTok trends and get more TikTok video ideas. After doing the video, don’t forget to edit it with an ideal program to stand out when you share it on TikTok. Always go to AnyRec Video Converter and take advantage of its powerful editing features.

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