How to Fix GoPro HEVC Videos Not Playing on Windows PC

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As you know, GoPro offers crystal clear details of up to 4K, but for easy access to editing and to appreciate it even more, you’ve decided to move them to your computer. However, the problem arises when your GoPro videos are not playing on PC, showing only black screen, freeze, or choppiness. Hence, this post will let you explore the causes and 6 effective ways to repair GoPro videos not playing problem. Read on now!

Possible Reasons for GoPro Videos Not Playing on PC

You may wonder why your GoPro videos won’t play on PC, though you’re sure enough that there’s nothing wrong with it. But you cannot control other errors that occur, resulting in situations like:

All these experienced scenarios and user complaints go down to several grounds that you should figure out. Thus, before heading to the subsequent part, see below some likely reasons why your GoPro video playback issue on PC.

6 Ways to Fix GoPro Videos Not Playing on Windows PC

Have you figured out what causes your GoPro video playback problem? If so, discover among the 6 fixes below which is the right solution. Otherwise, try them one by one until you get the GoPro repair as your demand.

Way 1. Quickly Repair Corrupted GoPro Footage

Suppose you suspect your GoPro video file to be corrupted which is why you have the GoPro videos not playing on PC problem. If you’re in this case, don’t fret. Upon familiarizing yourself with AnyRec Video Repair, you might reconsider the idea that a corrupt GoPro video file is unlikely to be played on your PC. With the assistance of this repair software, you can make your corrupted video file playable without compromising on quality. Once your corrupted video and sample video has been uploaded, this program will work its magic in just one click. In addition, the program fixes every video from any source, including GoPro, phones, cameras, etc.

Step 1.Open AnyRec Video Repair to begin the process. Select the corrupted video file from the "Add" button on the left, then select the sample video from the "Add" button on the right.

Import Videos

Step 2.After that, go and click the "Repair" button to fix GoPro videos not playing. Once you’ve received the result, click the "Preview" button to determine whether the fixed video is ideal for you.


Step 3.Later, make sure the settings beneath your video are correct before clicking the "Save" button.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Way 2. Lack of HEVC Codec

Another factor that results in not playing GoPro videos on PC problem is compatibility issues. Your player may not support the HEVC codec of the GoPro video file, thus, converting it to H.264 is advised. To complete this task, use AnyRec Video Converter. It is an amazing tool that allows you to convert video from more than 1000 formats, each with customized profiles. So, your desired resolution, quality, and other specifications will surely be met by this time.

Step 1.After launching the AnyRec Video Converter, click the "Add Files" button to import the HEVC GoPro video file.

AnyRec Add GoPro Video

Step 2.To view the list of supported video formats, click the "Format" menu button. Ensure you have chosen "MP4" with a fixed profile format and encoded with "H.264".

AnyRec Select Format

Step 3.From the converter’s main screen, select a filename and click the "Convert All" button to save. Now, you can check if GoPro videos are still not playing on PC.

AnyRec Convert All

Way 3. Open the GoPro Video to VLC.

When facing GoPro videos not playing on a PC issue, an easy way to overcome is switching to another player. Most of the time, the issue is within your default media player itself, as it may lack support for the GoPro format or codecs. Luckily, many players can stand as your ideal choice today, including VLC Media Player, a free player known for handling tons of multimedia formats.

Use VLC Player

Way 4. Install the Necessary Codec.

Usually, your system may lack the required codecs, leading to the GoPro videos not playing on PC problem. Therefore, to fix the playback issue, install a codec pack, like K-Lite Codec Pack, that holds multiple video and audio codecs that can assist whatever media player in decoding and playing your GoPro videos without any issue.

Step 1.Head to the main K-Lite website on your browser. Once you’re in there, be sure to get the latest version, but commonly, users would get the Basic or Standard version.

Step 2.Run the installation and complete all instructions until you install the codec pack for Windows Media Player. Finally, restart your computer to see if the GoPro videos play well.

Install K Lite Codec

Way 5. Run Troubleshooter for Video Playback.

If you’re still having issues regarding GoPro videos not playing on PC, running the troubleshooter for video playback is a worthwhile solution. It is a built-in tool on Windows that can help resolve system issues quickly that interrupt you from playing GoPro videos smoothly. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1.Open the "Windows Settings" by pressing the "Windows + I" keys. Then, choose "Update & Security" among the many sections.

Step 2.From the left pane, go to "Troubleshoot". There, select the "Additional troubleshooters" option. Scroll down and find the "Video Playback"; under it, click the "Run the troubleshooter" button to fix GoPro videos not playing on PC problem.

Run Video Playback Troubleshooter

Way 6. Update Your System Drivers.

Another easy step to take to fix GoPro video errors on PC is to update your graphic drivers. Outdated drivers lead to glitches and incompatibility issues, which is why you probably have a video playback crisis. Now, to update your system drivers, carefully follow the steps below:

Step 1.Enter "Device Manager" in the "Windows Search" bar. Then, from the window, go to the "Display adapters" category; click on it to see your graphic driver.

Step 2.Right-click on your driver and choose "Update driver" from the drop-down menu. Afterward, favor "Search automatically for update driver software" to detect any available updates.

Update Driver



"My GoPro videos won’t play on my computer!" This problem of yours has been resolved today! You see all the ways available to fix GoPro videos not playing on PC, and get them playable again for editing and watching. This post also mentioned that if you’ve found out the video file is corrupted, head straight to AnyRec Video Repair for assistance. It will help you fix corrupt, unplayable, damaged, and more problematic videos in no time, without sacrificing quality. Don’t hesitate to download it today to get all your videos to play smoothly on your PC.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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