Top 12 Best Face Replace Apps to Make Hilarious Photos

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Have fun with those face swapping apps. You can change your face with your family, friend, movie star, or anyone you like effortlessly. Want to give your face-swapped videos an extra flair? Head to AnyRec Video Converter for amazing video conversion and editing tools. Elevate your social media game with creativity and fun now!

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Face Replace App

Face-replacing has been a trend nowadays, and it is not a bad deed to jump into it. You can figure out how you look with a celebrity paste on your photo. Or make fun with your friends by mixing it with their crushes. This article will introduce the most recommended face replace apps you can download on your Android/iPhone. Read more to learn about their features, pro, and cons.

Top 12 Popular Face Replace Apps for Android/iPhone

When you search for a face replace app on Google Store or Play Store, there are a lot of results you can get. So, to make it easier, this article has the best recommendation for face replace apps you download on Android and iOS.

1. Reface

Reface is a face replace app that is available on Android and iOS. It offers a lot of content, such as famous Met Gala celebrities. You only need to insert your face by taking a selfie or choosing an existing photo from your gallery.

Offers hundreds of free templates.
Suitable for creating memes and GIFs.
The app is free for only three days.
Reface Face Replace App

2. FaceApp

With its rich collection of filters, you can do face replace with this app. FaceApp is a well-known tool to make you look older or prettier with makeup. Its makeover function also includes different hair colors, beards, or bangs.

Easy-to-navigate interface.
The pro version is only $5.85.
There are concerns about users' privacy.
FaceApp Face Replace App

3. Snapchat

Snapchat is mainly used for its unique filters and features. If you want to change your face, you can use Snapchat as a face replace app. You can invite your friends and share the hilarious edits you did with them.

Offer a bunch of face swaps filters.
Free access to any filters.
Some filters are not professionally made.
Snapchat Face Replace App

4. Face Swap Live

Do you want to have fun with your friends without editing? You can use Face Swap Live! This face replace app is the best tool for real-time face replacing. Just choose from augmented reality masks, real-time face swaps, and more.

Offer 3D effects.
Interactive face deformation.
It requires good lighting.
Face Swap Live Face Replace App

5. Jiggy

This face replace app is the best to make fun GIFs of yourself. It offers a bunch of funny stickers and filters which you can choose from. Just select a photo from your gallery or capture a new one. Then select the desired GIF or filter to make a hilarious meme.

Update new stickers and GIFs every week.
Downloadable edited photo or video.
Applied watermark on every edited file.
Jiggy Face Replace App

6. Cupace

The Cupace app helps you quickly cut out your face from a photo and paste it on other images. You can use the face replace app’s magnifying glass to cut the edges of the desired face.

Easy to use with auto cut.
Quickly save the edited photo.
Only available on Android.
Cupace Face Replace App

7. Face Change Photo Editor

Another Android app to replace your face with your favorite celebrity. The app provides a variety of stickers and other elements you can add to make it more fun. Although you can’t rely on this face editing app to create a professional look, you can still make your friends laugh with it!

Real-time camera to capture a photo.
Direct photo sharing to social platforms.
Not available for iOS.
Face Change Photo Editor Face Replace App

8. Mixbooth

Just like its name, MixBooth can combine two faces into one. This fabulous face replace app has automatic face detection, so you just have to make a quick adjustment. You can also surprise your friends with the result of mixing two faces in a picture.

Offer its collection of celebrity faces.
Work even without an internet connection.
Take photos in real-time.
Sometimes distort faces.
Mixbooth Face Replace App

9. Face Swap Booth

You can take a selfie and swap faces with Face Swap Booth with its built-in lenses. The powerful face replace app enables you to use its hundreds of effects and unique masks. Select specific facial features to achieve the facial structure you want.

Work well with objects.
Combine two facial features.
Take too long to stabilize a picture.
Face Swap Booth Face Replace App

10. Reflect: Realistic Face Swap

This fantastic face replace app has the essential tools for face swapping. For example, the app can automatically select the color and smoothness of skin for accurate skin tone. Moreover, it can swap several faces in just one photo.

AI technology for face swapping.
Good app to make a meme.
Require a good internet connection.
Reflect Face Replace App

11. FaceOver Lite

Free and easy to use, that is FaceOver Lite. The face replace app can swap a specific part of your face and perform photo editing with the essential editing tools. You can easily create a high-quality image by rotating, copying, pasting, and more.

Accept partial face swap.
Free usage of its wide variety of effects.
Error may occur when using third-party photos.
FaceOver Lite Face Replace App

12. Face Switch

Face Switch is a funny face replace app to use. Mix your friend’s face to yours and see how did it go! It is easy to use to edit any kind of image. Mixing and morphing faces gives you and your loved ones with Face Switch.

Adjust brightness, contrast, etc.
Wide range of elements like text, effects, and more.
Too basic editing functions.
Face Switch Face Replace App

Bonus Tips: How to Edit Replaced Face Photos/Videos Further on Windows/Mac

When you use the face replace app for your video, you might need an advanced tool to make it more attractive. AnyRec Video Converter has all the editing features you need for a video editor, including video enhancer, cropper, trimmer, compressor, etc. It allows you to import any video type such as MP4, MOV, GIF, WebM, and more. It will not lower the video quality; instead, you can adjust the resolution for your face-replaced video.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Enable to edit videos from a face replace the app with good quality.

Offer advanced tools for modification like compressor, audio sync, etc.

Video output lets the user edit bitrate, encoder, format, and resolution.

It is powered by GPU acceleration for a fast and easy way to export video.

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FAQs about the Best Face Replace Apps


Nothing beats the fun time with your friends and family when you use a face replace app to edit faces. Whether you want your face mixed with a famous figure or make fun of your friend, you can achieve it with a good face replace app. Moreover, you can use AnyRec Video Converter to enhance a video file you face-replaced to make it look professional and high quality. Welcome to contact us and tell your questions.

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