Top 20 Christian Podcasts That Can Strength Your Faith

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Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening or looking for some spiritual upliftment in your daily routine, listening to Christian podcasts can inspire and inform you and enrich your spiritual life at the same time. So, if you’re looking for one faith-affirming content, luckily, there are several best Christian podcasts from different Christian communities. So, without waiting any longer, browse this post’s collections of biblical podcasts.

Top 20 Channels of Christian Podcasts

Discover spiritual nourishments in the following list of faith-based podcasts in 2024, each covering the channels’ number of followers, episodes, and more information.

1. The Authentic Christian – Explore Christian faith and life.

YouTube: 5.69K

Episodes: 199 videos

Facebook: 260K

Instagram: 274K

Content: This Christian podcast focuses on helping others grow in their Christian faith and apply it to daily life. It covers core Christian beliefs and practices, Christian living, apologetics, and Christian worldviews.

The Authentic Christian

2. Revive Our Hearts – Biblical wisdom relevant to women’s lives.

YouTube: 116K

Episodes: 2.9K videos

Facebook: 183K

Twitter: 19.9K

Instagram: 98K

Content: Meanwhile, this channel is a women's Christian podcast that focuses on helping women cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and live out their faith in their everyday lives. It addresses women's issues, giving guidance and encouragement from a Christian perspective.

Revive Our Hearts

3. Desiring God – Dive into listener-submitted theology questions.

YouTube: 952K

Episodes: 6.8K videos

Facebook: 1.1M

Twitter: 543.3K

Instagram: 681.5K

Content: Hosted by John Piper, this religion podcast focuses on a core theme: God-centered living. It features Piper’s deep dive into Scripture, unpacking the Bible verse by verse and helping listeners understand its meaning.

Desiring God

4. The Bible Recap – Daily thoughtful commentary.

YouTube: 259K

Episodes: 1.1K videos

Facebook: 104K

Twitter: 8.3K

Instagram: 301K

Content: It is a recommended Christian podcast if you plan to cover the entire Bible in one year. The Bible Recap discusses the Bible daily, aiming to make it engaging and accessible to everyone. It uses a conversational and engaging style, helping listeners stay interested.

The Bible Recap

5. Faith over Fear – Overcome fear and live in faith.

Apple Podcasts: –

Episodes: 221 episodes

Facebook: 491K

Content: The Faith over Fear, a Christian podcast likely hosted by Jennifer Slattery, tackles various aspects of fear, giving tools and strategies to face anxieties that hold them back. It also emphasizes the importance of faith in overcoming fear and living a fulfilling life.

Faith Over Fear

6. Risen Motherhood – Encourage and advice for Christian moms.

Episodes: 251 episodes

Facebook: 101K

Twitter: 3.2K

Instagram: 348K

Content: Another Christian podcast for women is Risen Motherhood. This podcast delves into motherhood's unique challenges and joys and offers tips for navigating situations as a Christian mom. If you get inspiration through this podcast, why not make your own channel? Once you’ve decided, it’s best to use AnyRec Screen Recorder to record the microphone and get the high audio quality for your listeners!

Risen Motherhood
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7. Bibles, Babes & Banter – Discuss faith, life, and everything in between.

Episodes: 236 episodes

Twitter: 570

Instagram: 2.5K

Content: This Christian podcast channel offers a relatable and down-to-earth exploration of faith, life, and everything from three young men. They use honest, Christian lenses to discuss all things serious and funny.

Bibles Babes And Banter

8. The Bible in a Year – Guide listeners in 365 daily episodes.

YouTube: 159K

Episodes: 382 videos

Facebook: 187K

Twitter: 114.2K

Instagram: 15K

Content: Most likely hosted by Fr. Mike Shcitz, the show focuses on guiding listeners through the Bible in 365 daily episodes. In this best Bible study podcast, each episode tackles a specific reading section from the Bible, following a commentary to understand the key points and context.

The Bible In A Year

9. The Liturgists Podcast – Thoughtful exploration of Christian worship.

Content: In this episode of Christian podcasts, The Liturgists Podcast delves into the Christian worship world, exploring its theology, practices, and significance in the believers’ lives. It examines their historical background and impact on the worship experience.

The Liturgists Podcast

10. Joni Table Talk – Faith, disability, and living a purposeful life.

YouTube: 344K

Episodes: 1.4K videos

Facebook: 1M

Twitter: 236.1K

Instagram: 82.3K

Content: The following Christian podcasts list is the Joni Table Talk. It shows a variety of topics that intersect with faith, disability, and living a purposeful life. Also, the show discusses finding meaning and joy despite physical limitations and trusting God’s plan in challenging circumstances.

Joni Table Talk

11. The Bible for Normal People – Make the Bible accessible to everyone.

YouTube: 12.4K

Episodes: 236 videos

Facebook: 33.9K

Twitter: 12.7K

Instagram: 67.4K

Content: This Christian podcast episode focuses on making the Bible accessible and understandable for everyone, particularly those who may not consider themselves experts in theology. It does not explain the Bible, but it emphasizes how you can apply those biblical principles to your life.

The Bible For Normal People

12. Pastor Rick's Daily Hope – Daily encouraging messages of hope.

YouTube: 232K

Episodes: 483 videos

Facebook: 8M

Twitter: 2.2M

Instagram: 1M

Content: Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope, among the best Christian podcasts, delivers encouraging messages of hope and inspiration rooted in Christian principles to everyone. Its podcast delves into various aspects of Christian life, assisting listeners apply their faith to situations.

Pastor Rick_s Daily Hope

13. Bible in Life with John Whittaker – Deep dives into the Bible for each Sunday.

Episodes: 304 episodes

Facebook: 980

Twitter: 290

Instagram: 1.3K

Content: The Bible in Life with John Whittaker focuses on helping listeners apply the Bible to their lives, mainly in the context of the liturgical calendar. Each episode of this Christian podcast goes beyond explaining the passage and offers insights on applying it to their current situations.

Bible In Life

14. Theology in the Raw – Tackles tough theological questions.

Episodes: 576 episodes

Facebook: 1.1K

Twitter: 3.4K

Instagram: 15.2K

Content: Meanwhile, this Christian podcast channel tackles tough theological questions with intellectual honesty and open discussion. It frequently features interviews with theologians, scholars, and pastors who share their expertise on various topics.

Theology In The Raw

15. Passion City Church Podcast – Sermons from many Passion City pastors.

Episodes: 600 episodes

Facebook: 117.8K

Twitter: 55.7K

Instagram: 210K

Content: A core part of this Christian podcast features sermons delivered by pastors, most notably Louie Giglio, the Global Pastor. These sermons explore Christian themes and offer practical guidance for Christ-centered life.

Passion City Church Podcast

16. Wild at Heart - Masculinity and spiritual formation.

Episodes: 772 episodes

Facebook: 148K

Twitter: 15.5K

Instagram: 29K

Content: The Wild at Heart podcast focuses on helping men discover their God-given masculinity and live more fulfilling lives according to Christian principles. It is one of the best Christian podcasts for men, and it covers topics such as healthy male identity, relationships with women, spiritual development, and more.

Wild At Heart

17. The Holy Post – Live a thoughtful Christian life.

YouTube: 75.2K

Episodes: 609 videos

Facebook: 374

Twitter: 13.4K

Instagram: 16.9K

Content: The show tackles current events, pop culture, trends, and media through a Christian lens. Also, this Christian podcast features lively and engaging discussions, often using humor and wit to explore complex topics.

The Holy Post

18. FamilyLife Today – Help families grow stronger in faith.

Episodes: 554 episodes

Facebook: 485K

Twitter: 22.4K

Instagram: 55K

Content: Among the best family Christian podcasts is FamilyLife Today. The show provides advice and encouragement for couples to build a healthy and fulfilling marriage and offers strategies for parents to navigate different stages of child development.

Familylife Today

19. The Plugged-In Show – Decision about forms of entertainment.

Episodes: 241 episodes

Facebook: 94K

Instagram: 6.2K

Content: Another Christian podcast for families, The Plugged-In Show, helps parents make informed decisions about the entertainment their children consume. It reviews movies, shows, video games, and more and offers practical advice for finding wholesome entertainment alternatives.

The Plugged In Show

20. Science, Scripture, & Salvation – The Bible and Science are compatible.

YouTube: 58.5K

Episodes: 102 episodes

Content: Finally, you’re going to end the list of Christian podcasts with Science, Scripture, & Salvation. It tackles arguments against the theory of evolution and creation. Also, they use scientific evidence to defend the Bible’s historical and scientific accuracy, mainly Genesis.

Science Scripture And Salvation



Listening to one of those Christian podcasts will inspire you and help you get the spiritual food you need today. Each has many episodes that provide an engaging way to learn about faith rather than simply reading text. And if you want to share your spiritual knowledge, too, through a podcast, remember to use AnyRec Screen Recorder to record your internal mic and system’s audio in high quality.

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