Resize GIFs – 6 Ways to Resize Multiple GIFs in Seconds

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Even though GIFs are universally supported, social media might need you to resize GIFs for some large file sizes. But how do you resize an image without losing the quality? The easier way is to use a compressor, which you can find by downloading an app or using an online tool. This post is dedicated to giving you the recommended GIF resizers you can access on your computer or smartphone.

Part 1: 2 Online Ways to Resize GIFs Without Losing Quality

GIF is a massive file because of compiled frames or images to create video-like media. While you can find solutions almost anywhere, only a few can maintain the original quality after compressing GIFs. Find out in this part.

1. AnyRec Free Image Compressor Online

AnyRec Free Image Compressor Online is a web-based tool that compresses GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs. It has the latest AI technology, providing a high-quality result even after shrinking the file size. While it keeps 80% original quality, it also optimizes the information to keep the textures, colors, and patterns. Another excellent feature of the GIF resizer is that it allows you to upload batches of images and compress them in a few seconds. Visit the best online compressor and see the result quickly.

Step 1.Click the Add Images button to open your local folder. Browse for the GIF animation you want to resize and click the Open button to upload it on the website.

AnyRec Add Images

Step 2.The compressor will process the uploaded file immediately. You can track the progress with the parameter. Click the Upload Images button again to import another image.

AnyRec Progress

Step 3.Once everything is compressed, you can click the Download All button to export them. Repeat the procedure if you have more GIFs or images to resize.

AnyRec Download All

2. Ezgif

Ezgif is a multifunctional website with various functions for image and video editing. One of its proud tools is the GIF resizer, which only has a simple navigation. It also prepares options to edit the image, including an optimizer, speed, width, and height indicator. Although it is a free tool, you might experience progress in Ezgif when uploading and downloading.

Step 1.From the Resizer menu of Ezgif, click the Choose button to upload a file. Once the fie’s name appears on the site, click the Upload button.

EZGIF Resizer

Step 2.You will see the actual output of the GIF. You can apply any of the features necessary for the file, including the compression percentage. Then, click the Resize Image button.


Step 3.The final output will appear below. If you agree with the results, click the Download button to export the GIF.

Part 2: 2 Default Ways to Change GIFs Size on Windows and Mac

Most computers have a default resizer for images. If you haven’t known, Windows and Mac have special tools to compress GIFs. Find out the hidden gem of your device in this part.

1. Paint on Windows

Paint is the built-in image editor in Windows. Aside from the brushes and paints, this tool can also resize photos by estimating the percentage you want to remove. It also allows you to convert file extensions and has a wide range of supported formats. Without further, here’s how to resize photos in Paint.

Step 1.Open the app on your computer and upload the GIF from your folder. Alternatively, open the File menu and click the Open button to upload a file.

Paint Resize

Step 2.Once uploaded, click the Select button and select a specific part of the photo. Click the Resize button from the top menu. Specify the aspect ratio or percentage you want for the GIF from the window.

2. Preview on Mac

Preview is an image viewer for macOS devices and an extended editor to make changes to your pictures. This is an excellent bulk image resizer if you are offline or don’t want to download a GIF resizer app.

Step 1.Choose and open the photo on Preview. From the menu, select Tools and click the Adjust Size button.

Preview Resize

Step 2.Tick the checkboxes for Scale Proportionally and Resample Image buttons. Select the desired pixels under the Width and Height. Click the OK button to save all the changes.

Part 3: 2 Free Ways to Resize GIF on iPhone and Android

Suppose you are using a phone now; what will be the best GIF resizers for Android and iPhone? In this part, two solutions are recommended.

1. Kapwing on Browser

Thankfully, the Kapwing GIF trimmer and cutter are accessible to mobile browsers. It is a convenient way to compress or resize GIFs without downloading anything. The only problem with using this tool is that you must sign in for an account to enable file export.

Step 1.Open the browser on your phone and search for Kapwing GIF Compressor. Once on the official website, tap the button and import the GIF from your phone.


Step 2.Edit and make some adjustments if needed. Then, tap Export. Choose the output format, resolution, and compression level. Finally, tap Sign In to Export and register to download the file.

2. Quick GIF Editor on iOS

It is a free app that you can download from the App Store. It has an intuitive UI to crop and resize images from your photo gallery. It also lets you adjust the speed of your GIF, control the playback timeline, and resize images by percentage.

Step 1.Download and install the app and import GIF. Choose the aspect ratio if you wish to crop the photo. When you tap Check, specify the desired scale from the next window.

Quick GIF Editor

Step 2.Another feature you can use is to adjust the speed of the GIF or control the timeline by forwarding, reversing, or bouncing it. Save the output once done.

Part 4: FAQs about Resizing GIFs


Now you can finally resize GIFs and upload them on social media without issue. All the recommended tools have advantages and disadvantages, but you can achieve high-quality resized GIFs with AnyRec Free Image Compressor Online. Try the online tool with AI technology.

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