Convert JFIF to JPG via 5 Online and Offline Tools

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JFIF uses JPEG compression to define specifications that can’t be seen in a JPEG file. Still many people need to convert JFIF to JPG, although JFIF is designed for easier exchange on different programs and platforms. Because it is not actually fully supported by many operating systems. And this post will tell you it is easy to convert these two image formats. Here are four effective ways to convert JFIF to JPG without losing quality.

Part 1: 3 Online Tools to Convert JFIF to JPG

For simple conversion, it is recommended to use online converters. Most online tools offer free services and keep the best quality for the converted photos. Three online converters are suggested based on performance, interface, and output quality for this part.

1. AnyRec Free Image Converter Online

AnyRec Free Image Converter Online is a web-based tool that supports various input formats. It can convert images to standard ones such as JPG, PNG, and GIF. You can upload up to 40 images and create a batch conversion for a fast-speed process. The best thing about this online converter is you don’t have to register to use its features thoroughly. Visit AnyRec Free Image Converter Online and convert JFIF to JPG for free!

◆ Excellent and reliable converting process for JFIF to JPG.

◆ Accessible to any operating system for image conversion.

◆ Retain the original quality and EXIF data for the origin JFIF image.

◆ No hidden charges, and it is 100% safe.

Step 1.Go to on your browser. Select the JPG option from the "Convert To" menu. Upload the JFIF file by clicking the "Add Images" button to open your device’s folder. Ensure that the photo is within 5MB file size.

Anyrec Add Images

Step 2.Once the picture is uploaded to the website, the online image converter will process the conversion automatically. You can still upload files by clicking the same button. Moreover, you can check the progress from the parameter beside every uploaded image.

AnyRec Converting

Step 3.After conversion, click the "Download" button to save the output file. If you have multiple converter pictures, click the "Download All" button for a quicker way to save them. You can also manually delete the images on this website by clicking the Delete button.

Anyrec Download Delete

2. Convertio

With more than 300 formats supported, Convertio is one of the most trusted online converters for converting media content to standard formats. It allows you to convert JFIF to JPG by dragging and dropping files from its interface. Since it is a browser-based program, you can also access the online converter from any device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or PC. Moreover, you don’t have to install add-ons to use its features.

Step 1.Visit the official Convertio website. Click the "Choose Files" button. You can also drag and drop the file from your folder to the converter’s interface. Click the "Add More Files" button to import the pictures you want to convert.

Convertio Choose Files

Step 2.Once uploads are successful, select the format list and go to the Image tab to choose the JFIF format. Click the "Convert" button to process the photos. After that, click the "Download" button to save the converted files to your device.

Convertio Convert

3. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is known for its high-quality conversion over videos, audio, documents, and other media files. It has various software partners to provide the best service for free. The best part of CloudConvert is it has an optional setting where you can configure the image’s width, fit, quality, and more. You don’t have to sign up to use CloudConvert to convert JFIF to JPG. However, CloudConvert has limited conversion minutes.

Step 1.Click the "Select File" button to upload the JFIF file you want to convert from the main page of CloudConvert. You can also pull down the source menu to export files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Make a batch conversion by clicking the "Add More Files" button.

CloudConvert Select Files

Step 2.Go to the "Convert To" menu, choose the "JPG" format from the "Image" section, and click the "Wrench" button for the advanced settings. Specify the desired width, resolution, or quality for the picture. Click the "Okay" button to save the changes. Click the Convert button to start the conversion process. When done, save the converted files by clicking the "Download" button.

Cloudconvert Wrench Convert

Part 2: Use Paint on Windows to Output JFIF as JPG

Converting JFIF to JPG is relatively easy with the Paint app. Luckily, JFIF is supported by Windows, so you can change the output format while editing the picture. Paint is a default photo editor for most Windows versions, and it has been supporting various images without requiring the users to pay. The application also provides an intuitive interface to edit pictures by resizing, coloring, adding shapes, removing watermarks, and more. Let’s see how Paint can help you with converting JFIF to JPG.

Step 1.Go to File Explorer and browse for the JFIF file. Right-click the image and select the "Open With" option. From the submenu, choose the Paint option. Alternatively, you can open the Paint app, go to the File menu and click the "Open" button. Choose the desired photo you want to open.

Paint Open

Step 2.Edit the photo as much as you like. You can also open the picture on the Paint 3D, where you can add other elements with bolder designs. To save the output as JPF, go to the File menu and select the "Save As" an option to open a window. Rename the file and ensure that JPEG is chosen on the "Save as Type" list. Click the "Save" button to confirm the output.

Paint Save as

Part 3: Rename JFIF to JPG with Finder on Mac

Can I convert JFIF to JPG on Mac? The answer is yes; you can change the output format of JFIF files. Although the two formats are much alike, Apple devices do not recognize JFIF and only support JPG. However, the solution to this issue is simply to change or rename the output, and the steps are easy to follow. Remember that JFIF files will convert to JPG, and no original photo will stay on your computer.

Step 1.Open Finder and search for the JFIF file you want to convert. Select the picture, then go to the settings with the three dots icon. Click the "Get Info" button to reveal additional information.

Mac Finder Get Info

Step 2.Under the "Name & Extension", remove the JFIF extension and change it to ".jpeg". Close the tab, and a prompt will appear on your monitor. Click the "Use.jpeg" button to apply the changes. You will see the thumbnail showing a preview on the Finder folder.

Mac Finder Extension JPEG

Part 4: FAQs about JFIF to JPG


JFIF uses JPEG compression but is not supported by many programs and operating systems, so converting JFIF to JPG allows you to avoid errors when opening or sharing files. With the suggested tools, converting will be easy, especially with AnyRec Free Image Converter Online. You can use this tool to do many image conversions like converting GIF to APNG. Visit the best online converter and convert images unlimitedly for free!

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