3 Ways to Add Watermark to Photos [Photo Watermarking]

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Sometimes, you take photos and post them on social media platforms to share brilliant stuff with others. However, some pictures taken or created by you are skillful and stunning, and you do not want others to "steal" your works without your permission. In this case, you can add a watermark to them. You can go through this article, for it will teach you how to add a watermark to photos in 3 ultimate ways.

Why You Need to Add a Watermark to Photos

A watermark on a photo means a lot. First, it indicates the ownership of the photo, whether the watermark on your photo is your real name or nickname. Others who see the photos can realize that a certain person created these photos.

A watermark can also prevent your photos from theft. Adding a watermark to your photos can not prevent your photos from being downloaded or re-posted. However, once others see your re-posted photos, they can obviously recognize the watermark and deny the photo thief owning your photos.

In some countries and regions, a watermark can protect your rights. If a photo thief uses your photos with a watermark for business purposes without your permission, then the thief is infringing your rights. You can protect your rights with laws.

In a word, a watermark can benefit you in practical and mental aspects. Therefore, continue to read the article and learn how to add a watermark to photos.

Add a Watermark to Photos on iPhone/Android

When you post your photos on social media platforms, you can directly use the built-in features on your device to add a watermark to photos on iPhone or Android.

Step 1.Select your photo and tap the "Edit" button at the top right corner. Tap the "Markup" button.

Start Edit

Step 2.Then, tap the "Add" button to unlock more options, and choose the "Text" option.

Step 3.Now, you can enter your text in the text box to create a text watermark.

Add Watermark on iPhone

How to Add a Watermark to Photos with Photoshop

Photoshop is a professional photo editing program with many essential and fundamental features. Its layers feature is very suitable for watermarking photos. You may think that Photoshop is so difficult to use. Don't worry. You only need to add a simple watermark to your photos, which will not take too long to learn.

Step 1.Launch Photoshop. Click the "File" menu on the top left side of the window, and click the "Open" option to add the photo to Photoshop.

Add an Image

Step 2.Once you have imported your photo, click the "Text" button on the left side to add a text watermark to your photos. You can follow the first step to add the watermark you have already created before as well.

Add Text

Step 3.You are adding a watermark to your photo, so you need to bring your watermark layer to the front. You can left-click and hold on to your watermark layer and drag it to put to the front.

Layer Feature

Step 4.You can modify the color and opacity of your watermark in the "Layer" menu. Also, you can change the style of your watermark here to make it more beautiful.

Modify Text

Step 5.After you have added all necessary elements, you can click the "File" menu on the top left corner and click the "Export" button. You can click the "Quick Export as PNG" button or click the "Export As" button to save your photo in other formats. Now, you have successfully added a watermark to your photos.

Save Watermark

Add a Watermark to Photos with Word

If you have no Photoshop on your PC, and your iPhone is not available for you to watermark photos, you can use Microsoft Word instead. Word is not only a text editing software; it can help you practice many stunning operations.

Step 1.Launch Microsoft Word, click the "Insert" button, and then click the "Pictures" button to import your photo.

Add a Picture

Step 2.You can click the "Shapes" button to add a text box so that you can create a text watermark for your photos. Also, you can repeat the first step to add your picture watermark to your photo.

Add Text Box

Step 3.You should hold on to the "Control" button and left-click your photo and watermark, and then right-click them, choose the "Group" option.

Step 4.Your photo and your watermark are combined as one single unit. You can right-click it and click the "Save as Picture" option to export your photo with a watermark.

Save Your Photo

Bonus Tip: How to Add a Watermark to Videos

What if you want to add your watermark to your precious videos? A good video is also attractive on social media platforms. You can use AnyRec Video Converter to easily add your watermark to your video. This powerful software can also help you improve the quality of your video and help you create a split-screen video.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Add both text and graphic watermarks to your video.

Set the color, size, and font of your watermarks easily.

Offer multiple choices to modify the aspect ratio of your video.

Export your videos in high quality with your watermark.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Free download AnyRec Video Converter and launch it. Click the "Add" button to add your video.

Add a Video Add Watermark

Step 2.Click the "Edit" button around your video to add your watermark.

Click Edit Watermark

Step 3.Click the "Watermark" button at the top side. You can choose a text watermark and enter your text. Then, you can see it appear on your video. You can change the font, size, color, and more to modify your text watermark.

Add Text Watermark

Step 4.You can also choose a picture watermark you have already created before. Click the "Add Picture" button to add your watermark to your video.

Add Photo Watermark

FAQs about How to Add a Watermark to Photos


You have learned how to watermark photos on iPhone or other systems and platforms. AnyRec Video Converter is also a powerful assistant to add watermarks to videos. You can create more gorgeous photos and videos with your brilliant personal watermarks to enjoy your happy life!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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