Take a Screenshot in Minecraft on PC/Mac – 2 Easy Methods for You

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Building up your crib, going adventure, fighting witches or helping villagers, and acquiring special potions or items that we need to level up for our avatar. How to take a screenshot in Minecraft to have the highlights? When you want to take a picture, a memory sort of, of your creation within this game and share it with your friends who also play. When you want to boast a little about these achievements. But is it possible? Absolutely yes! The article provides the basic steps on taking a picture in Minecraft, where to find your highlight screenshots, as well as the best snipping tool alternative on Windows and Mac.

The Built-in Method to Take a Picture in Minecraft

Playing Minecraft truly brings us a blissful moment with our friends. It truly gives us a way of entertaining ourselves. That is why it is worth sharing through screenshots with our friends and other social networks. Here are the built-in methods to take a picture in Minecraft on Windows and Mac before sharing. Or you can get more Minecraft recording software here.

How to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft on Windows

Simply press the "F2" key to take a screenshot in Minecraft? It is not difficult to use the hotkey to get a screenshot. But when you want to have some highlights for the gameplay on Windows, here is the process you should know.

Step 1.Press the "F1" key beforehand to remove your arm, mouse, hot bar, and more others in the background. It enables you to capture clear snapshots.

Step 2.Lock the highlight with the "F10" key, which will keep the screen still. Moreover, you can view the avatar by pressing the "F5" key twice.

Step 3.After that, you can press the "F2" key to take a screenshot in Minecraft. When you take the screenshot, there is a message "screenshot taken image xxxxx ".

Take Screenshot Minecraft Windows


When you have Minecraft Education Edition, you can press the "E" key and type the camera into the search bar, you can click and drag the camera icon to the boxes on the bottom of your screen. Just choose the place to highlight the screenshot before clicking the camera icon to capture a picture in Minecraft Education Edition.

How to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft on Mac

How about the hotkey to take a screenshot in Minecraft on Mac? By simultaneously pressing the "Fn + F2" keys, you can take snapshots. Of course, you can use the same hotkeys to clear the background of the highlights.

Where to find Minecraft screenshots on Mac? You can locate the Minecraft Screenshots in ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots.

Moreover, you can also press the "Shift + Cmd + 4" keys to take a full-screen screenshot in Minecraft. It will save the screenshot on your desktop directly. You can also press the "Shift + Cmd + 3" keys to capture a partial screenshot in the gameplay.

Take Screenshot in Minecraft Mac

Best Alternative to Take a Screenshot in Minecraft

Is there an alternative to take a screenshot in Minecraft on Windows and Mac? When you need to get screenshots without hotkeys, add annotations/watermarks, or tweak the screenshot photo formats, AnyRec Screen Recorder is the desired snipping tool that is compatible with Windows and Mac. Moreover, you can capture a screenshot in Minecraft within the Game mode, which enables you to capture the game window without customization.

Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Capture screenshots in Minecraft from computer and smartphone in one click

Add annotations, shapes, watermarks, callouts, lines, and more parameters

Provide the Game mode to take snapshots and capture gameplay videos easily

Edit the screenshots, trim the desired part, or share them on social media sites

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Once you have installed AnyRec Screen Recorder, you can launch the program on your computer and click the "Game Recorder" button. After that, you can select the Minecraft game from the drop-down list.

Select Game to Record

Step 2.Click the "REC" button to record the gameplay. When you need to take a screenshot in Minecraft, you only need to click the "Camera" button. You can capture snapshots continuously without hotkeys.

Start Recording Gameplay

Step 3.Go to the "Recording history" option, you can preview the screenshots, edit the pictures, share them on a social media website, or even save the screenshot to your computer for further editing on your computer.

Save Captured Gameplay

When you need to adjust the photo format for the screenshots, you can click the "Preference" button and adjust more settings, including the hotkeys. Moreover, if you want to record Wii gameplay videos or files from other devices, you only need to mirror the content to the computer beforehand.

FAQs about Taking a Screenshot in Minecraft


Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, this newfound learning will bring more fun and enjoyment in playing with your friends and easily share your Minecraft progress in your social media accounts. Just learn more about how to take a screenshot in Minecraft, where are the locations for the screenshots, and the best alternative to record Minecraft and take snapshots. Moreover, there are extra tips about the different Minecraft editions, devices, and hotkeys. When you have any queries about the topic, you can always find a suitable answer from the article.

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