How to Do Photo Enlargements in 8 Easy Ways (DIY Provided!)

Lynn Hu Posted by Lynn Hu Oct 31, 2022

Photo enlargement can do anything other than decorating your home or excellent presentable work. And you need to keep the best resolution after enlarging the size of your photos. If you are looking for the best photo enlargement service, this post will fill you up with the best 8 recommended ones so you can print or have digital images in good resolution.

Part 1: The Ultimate Way to Do Photo Enlargements On Your Own

The best software for photo enlargements is using AnyRec AI Image Upscaler. Without registering or paying for a subscription, this online tool gives excellent features for photo enlargement, including magnification options, reducing image noise, and more. Thanks to AI technology, you can enlarge any photo to share, print, or present to work without worrying about the quality.

◆ Support multiple image formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.

◆ Allow users to have a real-time preview to adjust photo enlargement.

◆ Smart AI Image Upscaler with magnifications up to 800%.

◆ Auto-detect blurry parts of an image and fix them with more details.

How to use AnyRec AI Image Upscaler:

Step 1Click AnyRec AI Image Upscaler to quickly direct you to the website. Click the Upload Photo button and add a picture from your local folder to do photo enlargement. You can also drag and drop the image file to the website.

AnyRec Upload Photos

Step 2Select the desired image upscale by click 2X, 4X, 6X, or 8X buttons next to the Magnification once the image is successfully uploaded. You can compare the original image from the left part of the window to the output on the right part.

AnyRec Magnification Option

Step 3If you want another picture to do photo enlargement, click the New Image button, then choose a new one. Repeat the steps and click the Save button to download the image to your device.

AnyRec Save New Image

Part 2: 7 Best Photo Enlargements & Printing Services Online

There is no need to find photo enlargements near you; you can easily find online printing services to do photo enlargements. Here are 7 services for you to enlarge images online.

1. Amazon Photo

If you are looking for excellent prints at a reasonable price, the Amazon Photo tool offers more than expected. Of course, this still depends on what you are looking for, but the photo quality produced by Amazon Photo is quite the best. It also provides you with unlimited photo storage space for free if you have a Prime membership.

Amazon Photo Enlargement


Suitable for photo enlargement for mugs, calendars, etc.

It has an app version to download on the phone.


Photo editing options are too basic.

2. Walmart Photo

The store is known for its product variety and reasonable prices, so it is not a surprise if it has a photo service for photo enlargement. Unlike Amazon Photo, Walmart offers a wide range of printing services like metallic easels, Christmas cards, jewelry, wall tapestries, etc. What’s more, the photo service will give you free shipping when you purchase or print photos over $25.

Walmart Photo Photo Enlargements


Allow customers to upload photos from their camera roll, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Quick photo enlarging process and can be picked up on the same day.


Minor errors in the photo’s colors.

3. Nations Photo Lab

The Nations Photo Lab produces good-quality photo enlargements. Its interesting photo products will guarantee amazing images which you can choose from any theme. The upload process is easy, but you can’t expect Nations Photo Lab to have Facebook and Instagram as uploading sources. Fortunately, you can use a hard drive to upload images you want to do photo enlargements.

Nations Photo Lab Photo Enlargements


Offer a variety of paper types, mounting options, etc.

Photo enlargement includes photo albums, bracelets, ornaments, and books.


The print quality of wallets is a little bit dark.

4. Snapfish

If you want to import from other sources, you can use Snapfish. Photo enlarging can be of good quality, but it is not the same with wallets. Some reviews stated that some of the photo enlargements had darker shadows when printed, which was both loved and hated by the same crowd. Overall, Snapfish is an ideal print service for lower prices.

Snapfish Photo Enlargements


Enable users to import from Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, etc.

Offer lower prices than other print services.


Some parts of the image are distorted.

5. Shutterfly

Another way to do photo enlargement is Shutterfly. Aside from its wide range of print options, Shutterfly gives you reasonable prices for the best photo quality. Your pictures can be lighter, brighter, which helps to make tiny details to be visible. It is ideal for creating more photos hanging on your walls or even invitation cards without any distorted colors.

Shutterfly Photo Enlargements


Offer a handful of styles and sizes for any event.

Fast delivery up to three business days.


More extensive photos are too expensive.

6. Walgreens Photo

Same-day pick-up is always available at a local Walgreens Photo. It is a great way to do photo enlargements in Walgreens Photo by going to its website or downloading its app version on your phone. A large selection of Christmas ornaments is also available on the photo service at reasonable prices.

Walgreens Photos Photo Enlargements


Good quality for any photo size.

Many uploading methods.


Deliver into a thin paper envelope which may rough up photos.

7. Printique

Initially known as AdoramaPix, Printique secures all the photo enlargements you will do under their care. It will also feel overkill because you don’t have to pay extra charges even with its secured packaging. Photo enlargement also is affordable with Printique compared to other photo services, but don’t expect too much on the photo quality.

Printique Photo Enlargement


Safe photo packaging and delivery.

Offer app version for easier photo enlargements.


All different image styles are darker.

Part 3: FAQs about Online Photo Enlargements Tools


Photo enlargement is best with an excellent print service. You can make photo enlargement for photo print. If you want to make your photo enlargements, AnyRec AI Image Upscaler is always free and open to use. Visit the website today and bring the best colors out of your images! If you have more questions, please contact us now.

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