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No-lag game recording software really matters. If you want to record gameplay video on a low-end PC, AnyRec Game Recorder can be your first choice. Using hardware acceleration technology (NVIDIA, Intel, AMD), you can record live game video and audio without slowing down your computer. No FPS drops. So you can capture high scores and incredible moments without compromising performance. Just choose the Game Recorder mode to start your trial!

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Why You Need a Game Recorder

Compared with built-in tools, AnyRec Game Recorder provides more customizable recording options. You can record, edit, save, and share all game videos in one stop. Want to know more about this game recording software? You can check the following items.

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Free Download

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How to Record Game Video and Audio

Unlike Bandicam, OBS, and other complicated gameplay recording software, AnyRec Game Recorder provides an intuitive interface with easy-to-use functions. You can record computer game video and audio effortlessly. Here’re some examples you can follow.

How to Record Rolox

The built-in Roblox recorder allows users to capture full-screen game video only. If you want to record Roblox game screen video only, follow the steps below.

  • Click “Game Recorder” and select the game window.
  • Turn on “Microphone” to record Roblox with voice.
  • Click “REC” to start recording gameplay on Roblox.

Learn more on how to record Roblox games.

Minecraft White

Recording Minecraft gameplay for YouTube channels is also easy to do. Launch AnyRec Game Recorder and enter its game recording mode first.

  • Set screen capture area and input audio source.
  • Click “REC” to screen record Minecraft game video.
  • After recording, click “Share” and select “YouTube” for sharing.

Learn more on how to record Minecraft on PC.

How to Record Minecraft
How to Record Fornite

If you want to record Fortnite kills or wins on a computer, you can always trust AnyRec Game Recorder. As for Fortnite gameplay recording on Switch, PS4, and other consoles, you can get more solutions.

  • Set the game sound, video, and webcam based on your need.
  • Click “REC” to start the game recording.
  • Once stop, preview, trim, and save your Fortnite game video.

Learn more on how to capture Fortnite replays.


Want to be a famous League of Legends player? You can start by uploading your LOL game video first. Record your live LOL gameplay and voice now.

  • Choose the LOL game video and audio source.
  • Record LOL gameplay video and audio after clicking “REC”.
  • Stop recording. Then share the recorded LOL video to YouTube.

Learn more on how to use LOL recording software.

How to Record LOL

FAQs about AnyRec Game Recorder

See What Our Customers Say

  • FR

    Franklin Rooney


    DecorationDecorationAnyRec Game Recorder has exceeded my expectations. Its hardware acceleration makes a noticeable difference in both recording quality and system performance. The built-in video editor is a plus. I can quickly trim, merge, and convert videos after recording.

  • CA

    Carol Boothe


    DecorationDecorationI’ve been using AnyRec Game Recorder to capture gameplay for 3 months, and it works like a charm. The editing tools are basic but sufficient for my needs. Definitely recommended for fellows who want to fine-tune recordings before sharing.

  • RO

    Roy Curtis


    DecorationDecorationAnyRec Game Recorder has been a valuable asset for recording and showcasing gameplay footage of my indie game projects. The program can capture high-quality game videos without hogging system resources. Its editing tools are intuitive and help me create engaging game trailers. So I can do all work and upload it to YouTube directly.

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