20 New Family Photo Ideas to Have Fun with Loved Families

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Capturing a family in a single photograph with the best family photo ideas is a timeless tradition with immense sentimental value. Whether you're looking to commemorate a special occasion or freeze a fleeting moment of togetherness, the right family photo can evoke emotions and create cherished memories for years. This article will explore many creative and heartwarming family photo ideas to help you craft images that reflect your family's unique bond and personalities. From picturesque outdoor settings to playful indoor themes, these ideas will inspire you to capture unforgettable moments and celebrate the love and joy within your family.

Part 1: Top 20 Family Photo Ideas You Can Try

Family portraits are done in different settings, seasons, and events, so looking for the best poses and styles can be troublesome. Here are the 20 photoshoot ideas for you to cut the long list.

1. Framed message

Framed Message

This could be done outside with natural surroundings. Place a small frame with a message and focus the camera on it, wherein the family is in the background with happy poses. Don’t overthink your poses; be in the moment with your partner and children.

2. All hands

Create a unique family portrait just capturing the hands of the family members. Place them from the biggest to the smallest, then set the filter to black and white.

3. Picture what you love

When you and your partner start liking the same thing, you can bring hobbies to the photo shoot. For example, camping, hiking, or cooking. Better to have your kids have the costumes too!

4. Same outfit

Choose an outfit that has all the sizes for all ages! This is one of the classic family photo ideas, where you can be seafood, pizza, or a gothic family. Just ensure you follow the mood, such as fun or gloomy.

5. Focusing on the child

Focusing on The Child

It is a great family photo idea to highlight your kid in a family photoshoot. It means that they are the result of the love of two individuals and the very reason for a happy household. Two children or more is also better!

6. Outdoor with nature

Nothing beats the standard family photoshoot with nature. You can add a picnic as a prop with flower crowns and wildflowers included.

7. Beach time!

Take the family where they can have a blast with many activities while having a photoshoot. Bring prompts like beach balls or surfing boards on the beach rentals.

8. Color coordinate family photo idea

Tell all the family members to shop for the best casual clothing in the same color. You can also use the color of your home to represent the household.

9. Urbanized family photoshoot

Paint a wall with the best graffiti, choose clothes from the early 2000s, and create a unique family portrait. Don’t forget to have the same outfit for your partner and kids.

10. In the field of work

If the husband or wife is a firefighter, doctor, or lawyer, make it the photoshoot's highlight. Dress the kids as the parents’ professions, and shoot with the biggest smile.

11. Photo Collage

Photo Collage

You would want a separate pictorial for every member of a growing family. This is also a great idea to include mothers, fathers, and any member with a similar role in the family. If you have the digital version of your family photo, you can make a video collage with those photos.

12. Lots of kisses

Try this fun family photo idea with many kisses received from your kids. Include other affectionate love languages, such as hugs or piggyback rides.

13. Be extra

Nothing is harmful in being extra with your family photo. You can hire a professional photo editor to put everyone in a fantasy world or be the do-it-yourself member to add funny edits.

14. Christmas family photoshoot

When everyone has made it for the holidays, it is time to create a memorable Christmas holiday with photoshoots. Wear your best costume or ugly Christmas sweater with gifts wrapped under the tree.

15. Throwback

If your family loves photos, you can recreate one with the same members! It will show the difference in years apart.

16. Wear the same jersey

Wear the Same Jersey

Everyone loves a good sport. If the whole family supports a team, wearing the same jersey will be a great family photo idea.

17. Last name of the family

Bring every letter of the family name and create a dynamic photoshoot with it! Suitable if the members are old, each letter with matching outfits.

18. Framed already

If you have an extra frame around your house, it's best to use it on your upcoming family photo shoot. It can add up to some iconic moments.

19. Upcoming baby number 2!

Upcoming Baby Number 2

Even if you are still waiting for the second child, best to grab the opportunity for a photo shoot and show that you are adding another member to the family.

20. Generational portrait

Include the old generation with the new one to show the long lineage of the family. Best in black and white effect.

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Part 2: FAQs about Family Photo


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