6 Effective Solutions to Fix AirDrop Not Working on iPhone/iPad

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If you are an Apple user, you have probably heard about AirDrop. AirDrop works in a similar way as Bluetooth. If AirDrop is enabled, users can directly transmit photos, files, and other items to neighboring Apple devices, and the speed is faster than Bluetooth transmission. However, it would be absolutely heartbreaking if AirDrop is not working on your iPhone/iPad because you would be unable to transfer files wirelessly across Apple devices. This issue has been reported to Apple several times, and it has been discovered that it frequently happens after the iOS 14/13 upgrade. But don't get too stressed up over it! This guide highlights the most effective solutions to fix AirDrop not working on your iPhone and Mac. Please continue reading to be well guided.

6 Efficient Solutions to Fix AirDrop Not Working on Your iPhone/iPad

#Solution 1: Check If Your Device is Detectable

Check if your AirDrop is detectable if it is not working on your iPhone. In line with that, make sure your AirDrop is turned on to be visible by other devices. Take note that it must be manually enabled in order for it to function. And so, to enable AirDrop, follow the instructions outlined below.

For iOS Devices:

Step 1.For you to set up the AirDrop settings, go to the "Control Center". For outdated iPhone devices, you may swipe up the screen of your device. On the other hand, for the updated iPhone devices, you may swipe down the hidden menu on the upper right side of the screen. After that, long-press the "Wifi" button for you to see the "AirDrop" button.

Long Press Wifi Button

Step 2.Next, tap the "AirDrop" button and select "Everyone" to turn on your AirDrop and make it detectable to other devices, which will fix AirDrop not working.

Select Everyone

For Mac OS:

Step 1.For you to set up the AirDrop settings on your Mac, go to the "Finder" app and then click the "Menu Bar" button.

Step 2.After that, you may click the "Go" button then "AirDrop". Next, click the "Allow me to be discovered" button. Finally, choose the "Everyone" button.

Set Up Airdop

#Solution 2: Ensure That All of the Devices Are Within Range of Detection

Of course, make sure that your iPhone or Mac is within detection range for it to be discovered and reached. Ascertain that your iPhone or Mac is in close proximity to the device to which you wish to transfer your data. If you are 20 feet or 6 meters away from your device, the AirDrop will not work because it might be undetectable.

#Solution 3: Turn Off the Airplane Mode on Your Device

Airplane mode disables your iPhone's connection to all wireless networks, including cellular and Wi-Fi, so AirDrop will not work if it is enabled. Kindly follow the steps below to turn off your Airplane Mode.

Step 1.Go to the "Control Center" to turn off the airplane mode. You can slide up the screen of your iPhone if it is an older model. On the other hand, you can swipe down the hidden menu on the upper right side of the screen on updated iPhone devices.

Step 2.After that, you can simply click the Airplane button to turn it off. Finally, you can check whether the AirDrop not working issue is fixed or not.

Trun Off Airplane Mode

#Solution 4: Ensure That Your Device’s Screen Is On

If the iOS device's screen is turned off when you are trying to AirDrop files, the items will not be sent or received. When utilizing AirDrop, ensure your iOS device's screen is turned on.

When it comes to Macs, you can utilize AirDrop when the screen is turned off, but make sure it is not in sleep mode. AirDrop will also be disabled if you put your phone in sleep mode.

#Solution 5: Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

As previously stated, AirDrop can function correctly when both WiFi and Bluetooth are operating properly. It is possible that AirDrop will not work if your WiFi or Bluetooth is not working properly.

Although WiFi and Bluetooth will automatically turn on if AirDrop is enabled, you can try turning WiFi and Bluetooth off and on again to see if it will work properly.

Step 1.Go to the "Settings" app, then select the "Wifi" button. After that, you may now turn off and on your Wifi.

Reset Wifi To Fix Airdrop not Working

Step 2.Go back to the "Settings" app and then, click the "Bluetooth" button. After that, your Bluetooth has been reopened as well.

Turn Off And on Bluetooth

#Solution 6: Reset Networks

It might be painful to reset all your networks, but if you have done everything that is written above, this method might be necessary for you to fix AirDrop not working issue.

Step 1.Go to the "Settings". After that, click the "General" button. Among the list, select the Reset button.

Setting General Reset

Step 2.Next, click the "Reset Network Settings" button. Then, you need to enter your "Passcode". Finally, click the "Reset Network Settings" button to confirm the action.

Reset Network Settings

Bonus Tips: Transfer Screenshots/Videos from iPhone to Mac without AirDrop

AirDrop allows you to send videos, images, audio, and other files from one Apple device to another. If AirDrop still doesn’t work when you want to send the screenshots you took just now from your iPhone to Mac, AnyRec Screen Recorder allows you to capture the screen as screenshots or videos straight on your Mac. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to download this software and start sharing your files with ease! All you have to do is to follow the steps below. It’s also workable when your AirPlay doesn't work on your iPhone.

Screen recorder
The Best Screen Recorder to Capture Your iPhone on Mac

Provide a designed phone recorder tool to capture iPhone screens on Mac.

Capture your screen with an adjustable screen size of a certain region.

Able to adjust the recording settings and edit the recordings freely.

Support to export the recording to any format with the desired quality.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

Steps to Follow:

Step 1.Launch "AnyRec Screen Recorder" on your computer. After that, you should connect your computer to the same WiFi as your iPhone. Then, click the "Phone Recorder" button and your iPhone will be mirrored on the computer.

Anyrec Screen Recorder

Step 2.After that, choose the location where you want to record on-screen actions. Then customize the screen size.Next, if you wish to record your audio as well, you may turn on the "System Sound" and "Microphone" buttons.

Select Recording Area

Step 3.After you have finished with the settings, press the "REC" button to begin recording. You may take pictures, set the record length, edit the recording, and modify the audio volume during the recording process.

Output Preferences

Step 4.Finally, you may now save your recorded video. Just click the "Stop" button to stop the recording. After that, you may check your video first. Once done, you can now click the "Save" button on the bottom right area of the app to save your video.

Save Video Recording

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There you have it! These are the 6 most efficient solutions to solve AirDrop on your iPhone that is not working. Which strategy is most beneficial to you? We would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us if you have any further queries, and we will see what we can do to assist you.

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