10 Best Twitter Hashtags to Get More Likes and Followers

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Twitter is the platform where you can get all the breaking news, including new celebrity couples, environmental issues, or community movements. With the use of Twitter hashtags, the news will reach millions of people, and you can also partake in making some things popular by using Twitter hashtags in your tweet. Another use is to gain several shares, likes, and followers. If you intend to use this method as an internet superstar, here are the hashtags you should use on Twitter.

Part 1: 10 Trending Twitter Hashtags Worldwide

Remember that trends come and go and can be replaced by other topics within a day. However, some seasonal events use specific hashtags for a month, such as Halloween, Christmas, or Women’s Day. See the best hashtags below to add to your tweets.

1. Month Celebration

This could be a great way to partake in an essential celebration of the month. For example, in July, LGBT is celebrated worldwide, and if you are part of the community or a strong ally, you can use #lgbt #pride #loveislove. You can see related tags when you go to Twitter’s search bar.

2. Original Creation

Twitter is a great platform to showcase your digital drawings, where you can get likes using the hashtag #oc. This is also applicable to other platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

3. Sports Events

Sports are one of the most awaited events around the globe. Best to use #FIFAWorldCup #SummerOlypmicsGames when the events occur. If you support a player or country, you can use tags like #argentina or #messi.

4. Memes

Social media platforms always have memes. Whether you are reposting a tweet or have your memes, use tags like #funny #meme #justforfun.

5. Health Awareness

It could be advice or bringing awareness to food intake, best to use #food #health. Pages like World Health Organization also use these hashtags to reach more people.

6. Dream Career

When you share goal-orientated posts, hashtags like #engineer, #artist, or #motivation can be used. These are also used to direct people to a page who are interested in a job.

7. General Hashtags

It could be your pictures with loved ones, and you can add #family #love and #life. Other general things to tag are # fashion, #happy, #photography, #travel, and #art.

8. Mental Health Awareness

Like physical health, you can bring awareness to mental illness and helpful tips to overcome certain episodes or triggers. Use hashtags like #mentalhealth, #youarenotalone, or #mentalhealthawareness

9. Celebrity Hashtags

When there is a hot topic for a new love couple or rumors, best to use the celebrity's name. It also can be shipping a potential couple.

10. Gaming Trend

There is a separate section for gaming trends. When a new game console is released, you can use Twitter hashtags like #FNAF #streetfighter6.

Part 2: How to Use Trending Twitter Hashtags

You don’t have to seriously search for the best hashtags because they are already provided from the Explore tab. The trending tags are mostly only for your region, but you can search for international news, and hashtags are provided. To use hashtags effectively, here are some tips for you:

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Part 4: FAQs about Twitter Hashtags


Finally, you can use Twitter hashtags to gain more likes, shares, and followers. Use the proper Twitter tags for your post to help the algorithm bring it to the right group or community. For a bonus tip, AnyRec Screen Recorder will help the best quality Instagram Stories, Twitter posts, and other social media photos. Try it for free by visiting the official website.

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