Record Any Online Meetings with Audio as a Participant

A video conference recorder is a must-have tool to bypass the recorder permission of each meeting platform. It’s okay if you are not the host or don’t attend this online meeting. You can record the online meeting on your computer as a guest participant. Moreover, you can control all recording details and add real-time annotations while recording within AnyRec Meeting Recorder. Check the following ways to record meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Webex, BigBlueButton, Skype, Bluejeans, and Google Hangouts without admin permission.

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Why You Need a Meeting Recorder

Most online meeting platforms indeed provide a screen recording function. But the built-in meeting recorder is only for the host or someone who gets the host permission. If you want to record a meeting without permission, AnyRec Meeting Recorder is your first choice. Whether you are a host or attendee, you can record online meeting video and audio without others knowing directly.

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Free Download

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How to Record Meetings without Permission

First, download and install AnyRec Meeting Recorder on your Windows or Mac computer. It takes less than one minute to complete the installation. Then start your online meeting as usual. You can record a live meeting on Zoom, GoToMeeting, Zoho, Microsoft Teams, and others without getting caught. The entire meeting recording process is undetectable. Just feel free to start your trial with our meeting recording software for Windows or Mac.

Record Zoom Meeting

To record a Zoom meeting without permission on your computer, you can do as the following steps show. The other participants won’t know about it.

  • Start a meeting and open the Zoom recording software.
  • Click Video Recorder and specify details.
  • Click REC to start recording.
  • Save or share Zoom meeting recording video.

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Microsoft Teams

If you want to record a Teams meeting as a guest, here’re the detailed steps you can follow.

  • Join your Teams meeting.
  • Run AnyRec Meeting Recorder.
  • Click REC or use hotkeys to start recording on Teams.
  • Preview, edit, save, or share your Microsoft Teams recording.

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Record Microsoft Teams Meeting
Record Google Meet
Google Meet

Not only the meeting organizer but also participants can record a Google Meet with audio. Here’re easy steps to record Google Meet on a laptop or phone.

  • Join a Google Meet meeting.
  • Specify the recording area and audio input.
  • Click REC to start the Google Meet recording.
  • Save Google Meet recording to MP4 and other formats.

Learn more on how to record Google Meet on PC and Phone.


GoToMeeting can’t detect screen recording. To record GoToMeeting as an attendee, open AnyRec Meeting Recorder first.

  • Join GoToMeeting with a web browser.
  • Click Video Recorder and set which area/audio to capture.
  • Record GoToMeeting sessions with audio.
  • Edit the meeting video after recording, then save it.

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