All Steps to Create Large Prints of Photos [Keep Details]

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Why lessen the size of your image instead of creating large prints of photos? You can turn your beloved images into wall art in your home. However, where will you go for this service and high-quality results? Unfortunately, when making large prints of photos, imperfections in them are much easier to see. So, this post got you answers to make sure that your favorite images are done right. Furthermore, it presents you with what you must prepare before taking photos for large prints as well as enlarging photos with excellent quality; get started now!

What You Should Prepare for Large Prints Before Taking Photos

In order to get you satisfied with the outcomes of large prints of photos, you have to plan before taking photos. You have to understand that you’re accountable for the image quality, so see the following list below to work on your large prints of photos.

1. Capture in a RAW format.

In photography, the camera raw file only has slightly processed data from the image sensor, so ensure to have set up your camera to RAW.

2. Keep a Clean Camera Sensor.

If the camera sensors have dust, those spots will likely remain in the same area in your picture. Clean it with care as it is a very tender process and vulnerable to causing huge damage. Before printing large photos, inspect if there are dust spots on it so you can retouch it with image-editing software.

3. Edit in 16Bits/Channel.

After the images are printed, the lines are finer in 16-bit, so please keep your picture as 16-bit, although your eyes may not recognize the differences between 8 and 16.

4. Use the Resolution 360 dpi, not 300.

It’s more okay to use image editing software to set the resolution of 360 dpi by yourself and to have complete authority over your image rather than waiting for what will occur when you finish creating large prints of photos.

5. Save Your Photo As PSD, TIF, or Photoshop Large Format.

Most people use JPEG as a format when they save photos. Some files are suitable for social media uploading, but it isn't enough for high-quality large prints of photos. The TIFF format is the standard for professional printing, so it’s much better than JPEG.

6. Adjust the Sharpness.

When you are done with the additional editing for your images and have completed the photo enlargement printing, the final step might be adjusting the sharpness to enhance your image more.

How to Enlarge Photos for Large Prints with High Quality

That’s all you must prepare before taking photos for large prints. How about those pictures that are taken with small pixels? Is it possible to enlarge it without compromising on quality? You should ignore losing the quality and blurry stuff of enlarging photos with small pixels if you have a dependable tool to assist. Thankfully, there’s AnyRec AI Image Upscaler. It can enlarge images up to 8x for free in just a blink! Make effective use of AI solutions and let the large prints of photos be visually stunning after increasing!


Step 1.Go to the "AnyRec AI Image Upscaler" webpage. After that, open up your small pixeled image by clicking the big "Upload Photo" button in the middle.

Anyrec Upload Photo

Step 2.Please wait until the picture loads to open another window where you’ll enlarge the image. You can select from "2x" to "8x" from the above menu to make large prints of photos.

Anyrec Enlarge Image

Step 3.When the outcome pleases you, click "Save" to get your enlarger picture online for large prints with high quality. It is now ready to be printed!

Anyrec Save Image

The Best 5 Companies that Offer Large Prints of Photos

When hunting for decent printing services to get quality large prints of photos, people often have a hard time since they are looking for something that fits their budget. Thus, to help you, go straight ahead and check the best places to find stunningly large prints of photos.

Printing Companies Maximum Size Framing Options Customization Options Best in
Printique Printing Company 12 x 36 × Large Prints
Pictorem Printing Company Up to 96 Large Prints
White Wall 30 x 45 Black and White Large Art
Nations Photo Lab 30 x 45 Large Prints
CanvasPop 40 x 72 Large Canvas Prints

1. Printique Printing Company

Printique services come with high-quality photographs as well as affordable prices at the starting point to make it more cozy for more people. Yet you have to beat this price point if you wish for more quality materials, colors, and solid detail. Also, it doesn't let you use low-quality pictures, so you won’t spend on large prints of photos that don't fit their high standards. Furthermore, this printing place has various options regarding the size and the style of print you wish.

Pintique for Large Pringt of Photos

2. Pictorem Printing Company

Large artworks aren’t easy to find and print to a level that satisfies you, which is why Pictorem is here as the best place to go where large prints of photos can be found. This company can guarantee the level of service and results of photo enlargement and print. With their service, you can find original artwork in a large format as your wall art because who would want to stare at a blank white wall? Plus, compared to others, it is superior regarding packaging quality.

Pictorem for Large Pringt of Photos

3. White Wall Printing Company

Moving on to the third printing company, which is the White Wall. Consider this palace if you have a most loved photo you like to hang on the way. Their service is known for its quality acrylic paints, canvas, and metal printing. Undoubtedly, you can be satisfied with their stunning yet minimalist prints. Although that’s the case, you might have trouble looking for large prints of photos at first since they are known for black and white large prints. However, they offer fast delivery as you will get the product sooner than ever.

Whitewall for Large Pringt of Photos

4. Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab is one of the great options if you’re searching for large prints of photos that come with steadfast shipping and affordable costs. All more giant prints have accurate colors, are vibrant, and give you crystal-clear details, unlike many other printing services that stumble with. What’s more about this site is that glossy, textured linen and metal picture papers are available.

Nations Lab for Large Pringt of Photos

5. CanvasPop Printing Company

Finally, what stores with this printing company is that it focuses on printing on canvas. Therefore, if you wish for large prints of photos on canvas, they provide up to 72 x 72 inches. Moreover, CanvaPop makes use of high-grade printers and quality canvases. It also allows you to create collages and panoramas by dragging a single image across the four canvases. And if you love to see art prints around your room, it has a service for selling picture pillows and magnets with the same design.

CanvasPop for Large Pringt of Photos

FAQs about How to Print Large Photos with High Quality


That’s all this post got for the large prints of photos. You’ve learned what you must consider before taking pictures meant for large prints and the five best services that provide you with stunning large prints of photos. Furthermore, this post got you a solution! If your picture has a small pixel, you can enlarge it without compromising the quality with AnyRec AI Image Upscaler, your go-to online tool if you have pictures to be printed or posted on social media. Enjoy enlarging your pictures and getting them ready to be printed!

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