Screen Mirror iPad Pro 2023 to PC Wirelessly or with Lightning Cable

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Nowadays, the iPad screen needs to be more significant for someone, so they want to mirror it to a PC. You may want to watch videos or play games on a bigger screen. And perhaps a presentation on iPad needs to be revised, so you need a computer screen. Whatever the reason is, this post will give you three methods to let you mirror your iPad to the PC. All your iPad apps and activities can run as fast as before. Now, let’s see how to connect your iPad and PC by screen mirroring.

Part 1: Cast Everything on iPad to Windows with AnyRec

If you need to learn how to mirror iPad to PC, AnyRec Phone Mirror can be your good choice. You can build a connection between iPad and PC via Wi-Fi or USB. After screencasting, you can play iPad apps on a PC smoothly. Moreover, you can get a built-in iOS screen recorder within the phone mirroring software. So you can screen mirror and record iPad screen on PC in one stop.

AnyRec Phone Mirror Product
AnyRec Phone Mirror

Cast iPad to PC via Wi-Fi or USB connection.

Mirror games and videos to the computer without lag.

Record the iPad screen video and audio after casting.

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Step 1.First, click the iOS Mirror button after launching "AnyRec Phone Mirror". Here you can cast all iPad models, including the latest iPad Pro with an Apple M2 chip 10-core.

Choose Your Device Type

Step 2.You will be in the Wi-Fi connection screen by default. Before you mirror the iPad, you should ensure your iPad and your PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi. You can open the Control Center to tap Screen Mirror to reproduce the iPad screen. Then tap AnyRec Phone Mirror from the list to start reflecting.

iOS WiFi Connection

Step 3.If you only want to mirror iPad audio, tap "AirDrop" in the top-right corner to expand the music playback menu. Then you will find "AnyRec Phone Mirror" on that list. Tap it to start mirroring.

Audio Mirror on dAnyRec

Step 4.You can immediately make your iPad connect to the PC. And if you want to record your iPad screen simultaneously, you can click the "Record" button at the bottom of the main screen.

Record Phone

Part 2: Mirror Your iPad via a Cable with AirDroid Cast

If your computer does not support WLAN, you may need a USB cable to mirror the iPad to the PC. And you can use the software AirDroid Cast on Windows to do this task.

Step 1.Connect the Lightning charging cable to your iPad and plug it into a Type-c port on your Windows device.

Connect Device with Cable

Step 2.On your iPad, you should immediately receive a prompt. And you should tap "Trust", and then you should also enter your Apple device’s passcode.

Trust PC and Enter Passcode

Step 3.Your iPad’s screen should now be mirrored on your PC within the AirDroid Cast app. The mirroring can be canceled by either closing the AirDroid Cast app on your Windows PC or disconnecting the USB cable.

Airdrop Mirror iPad to PC

Part 3: Share your iPad Screen with iOS Screen Recorder

Dr. Fone has a feature which is iOS Screen Recorder. Although its name suggests that it focuses on recording iOS devices, it also can mirror iPad to PC.

Step 1.First, you should connect your iPad and PC to the same network. And then, it will pop a screen to suggest different iOS has different ways to connect to the PC.

iOS Screen Recorder

Step 2.If you are using beyond iOS 10, swipe up your device to access the control center. Tap "Airplay". Out of all the other instruments, choose "Dr. Fone" from the list. Now, you can start to mirror your screen.

iOS 7 Choose PC

Step 3.If you are using a version earlier than iOS 10, swipe up your device to call the control center and tap Airplay Mirroring. Then tap Dr. Fone from the list, and your mirroring will be started at once.

iOS 10 Choose Device

Part 4: FAQs about Mirroring iPad to PC


After reading this post, you can go to mirror iPad to PC. Whether you want to do it under Wi-Fi or with a lightning cable, this article can solve problems. And if you want good quality and synchronization of two devices, AnyRec Phone Mirror is the best choice to share your iOS device screen with the computer.

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