How to Fix Hotspot Not Working on Android/iPhone and Share Internet

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When traveling, it’s vital to stay connected, in case of emergency or for work purposes. Without finding free public Wi-Fi, you can also use your mobile Hotspot. But how about your Hotspot not working suddenly? So, what will you doto fix it? Fortunately, this question has many practical answers introduced in this entire content. To fix your Hotspot not working problem, follow the 10 suggestions to get it to work again.

How to Fix Hotspot Not Working on Android/iPhone Devices

A Hotspot lets you share your device’s service with others. It is safer to use as it can add a password to protect your data and from any threats from the public. Although mobile Hotspot carries these qualities, it still runs into issues like Hotspot not working. To get you out of this problem, here are the 10 fixes for you!

Fix 1. Re-enable the Personal Hotspot

Most of the time, you just have to simply reset the Hotspot to fix Hotspot not working and get it back to work again. You can do it by turning it off and then on after a few seconds. Here’s how:

For iPhones:

Navigate to “Settings”, tap the “Cellular” button, and then ensure the “Cellular Data” is enabled. After that, tap on “Personal Hotspot”, toggle the “Allow Others to Join” button to turn it off/color white, and turn it back on afterward.

iPhone Re-enable Hotspot

For Android:

From “Settings”, head to “Network & Internet”. Next, go for the “Hotspot & tethering” and toggle the “Wi-Fi hotspot” button to turn it off. Then, you can check if Hotspot works well or not.

Android Re-enable Hotspot

Fix 2. Turn Off the Cellular Data, then Turn It Back On

The problem of the Hotspot not working problem might be because of your cellular data networks. A Hotspot won't work if you have trouble connecting to networks.

Enter the “Settings” application and go to “Cellular” among many other options. Toggle the switch button of “Cellular Data” to turn it off; wait a second to turn it back on.

Turn Off Cellular Data

Fix 3. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Make sure that the Airplane mode is disabled since turning it on means preventing networking features, such as mobile Hotspots, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others.

For iPhones:

On iPhones with a Home button, swipe up on your screen to open “Control Center”, tap on the “Airplane mode” option, and disable it.

For iPhones without a Home button, accessing the Control Center can be done by “swiping down” from the top right corner of your screen. Then, you can turn off the Airplane mode to fix Hotspot not working on iPhone 15/14.

iPhone Turn Off Airplane Mode

For Android:

“Swipe down” from above your Home screen to show the “Quick Settings”, and tap the “Airplane Mode” to switch it off.

Android Turn Off Airplane Mode

Fix 4. Disable the Battery Saver

Ensuring the Saving mode is disabled is another thing to consider if the Hotspot keeps disconnecting. This feature sometimes interferes with the device's uses of Hotspot data.

For iPhones:

Open up “Settings”, then go for the “Battery” section and locate the “Low Power Mode” feature; tap the switch button to turn it off.

iPhone Turn Off Low Power Mode

For Android:

On “Settings”, head to “Battery and Device Care/Battery” to the “Battery/Battery Saver” section. After that, toggle the “Power saving/Use Battery Saver” switch to deactivate it.

Android Turn Off Battery Saver

Fix 5. Adjust the VPN Connections

A VPN encrypts the web traffic via a server to protect your privacy. However, it can affect how you use your mobile Hotspot, so adjusting them would help to fix Hotspot not working on Android/iPhone.

For iPhones:

Open the “Settings” app, go to “General,” and choose the “VPN & Device Management” section. Tap the “VPN” and select “VPN Configurations” to deactivate its settings.

For Android:

Head over to “Settings,” tap “Network & Internet” to “VPN.” From there, stop any private network connections.

Android Adjust VPN

Fix 6. Check Your Data Signal Strength and Password

If you have a poor data signal, there’s no way you can access the Hotspot, which is why you’re experiencing the Hotspot not working problem. For this reason, for both Android and iPhone, you can try using standard mobile data rather than tethering. Please also consider the signal strength of your area. Furthermore, ensuring you’ve input the correct password is also a way to fix the issue or try changing it to an easy-to-remember one.

Check Signal

Fix 7. Get the Latest Software Update

Outdated software may be the one to blame for the Hotspot not working issues. So, immediately check for available updates in your device’s Settings and install the latest one.

For iPhones:

On your iPhone’s “Settings” app, head over to “General”, then go to “Software Update”. If there’s an available update, tap the “Download and Install” option.

iPhone Update OS

For Android:

Head to “Settings”, then go to “System” to “System Update/Software Update”. Next, tap on “Install Now” or “Reboot and Install” if it is ready for an update.

Android Update OS

Fix 8. Lower the Frequency

Trying to connect with the highest frequency makes encountering the Hotspot not working problem possible. Use a lower one, like 2.4 GHz, for your mobile hotspot. Here’s how to change it:

For iPhones:

After going to “Settings”, tap on “Cellular” and then “Personal Hotspot”. Select the “Maximize Compatibility” to force the Hotspot to use a lower band.

iPhone Maximize Compatibility

For Android:

On the “Settings” app, go to “Network & Internet/Connections”, then “Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.” Tap on “Mobile Hotspot”, choose “Configure”, and then go to “Band” or “Wi-Fi Hotspot”. Select the “2.4” as frequency.

Android Lower the Frequency

Fix 9. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device may be a fresh start for your device’s performance. Bugs and glitches often affect some data, including the Hotspots not working on Android/iPhone problem.

For iPhones:

iPhones without a Home button: Press and keep on hold the “Volume Down” or “Up” buttons at the same time as the “Side” button. Please wait until the “Power-off slider” appears. Drag it and switch it back on after a second.

On the other hand, for those iPhones with a Home button, press and hold the “Power” button either on the Right side or at the Top. When the “Power-off slider” shows up, drag it to turn your device off. Turn it back on after a few seconds.

iPhone Restart

For Android:

Restart your Android device by long-pressing the “Power” button for seconds to access the Power menu. Tap “Restart” to shut down your device, and switch it back on after a few seconds. Then, restart your Hotspot to check if it’s working.

Android Restart

Fix 10. Reset Network Settings

After all those methods and still having the Hotspot not working problem, resetting the network settings might help. It clears all the passwords and saved networks, so here’s how:

For iPhones:

Once you’re in “Settings”, tap on “General”, then select the “Transfer or Reset” button. Go again for the “Reset” option and tap “Reset Network Settings”, among other options.

iPhone Reset Network Settings

For Android:

From the “Settings” app, go for the “General Management/System”, then tap on the “Reset” option. Afterward, tap “Reset Network Settings” and “Reset Settings.”

Android Reset Network Settings

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FAQs about How to Fix Hotspot Not Working


At this point, you indeed have answered your Hotspot not working problem with the given 10 solutions for Android and iPhone. All fixes have higher chances to solve the issues that prevent your mobile hotspot from working correctly. Moreover, if you are in an emergency situation that you wish to share photos to other devices without fixing Hotspot not working problem, just have a try on AnyRec PhoneMover. The program supports transferring all data between iOS and Android devices and share photos from iPhone to Mac. It is really worth a try!

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