Why AirDrop Not Working on iOS - Causes and Solutions You Will Get!

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AirDrop is a wireless transmission technology invented by Apple, which Apple users love. But sometimes you will find AirDrop doesn't work when you want to transfer photos or music to your new iPhone 14. It doesn't matter! This post will tell you why AirDrop is not working. Moreover, you can get 5 solutions to fix it quickly to transfer your files to your new iPhone 14!

Part 1: Why AirDrop Not Working on iPhone

AirDrop is not a panacea. There are many reasons why AirDrop does not work. You can check whether your AirDrop doesn't work for the following reasons.

Airdrop Not Working

WiFi and Bluetooth are not turned on: If you do not turn on WiFi and Bluetooth, AirDrop will not work properly.

iOS version is outdated: When the iOS is not updated to the latest version, it may cause your AirDrop not to work.

Your device does not support AirDrop: AirDrop only supports iOS 7 and later. If your iPhone does not support AirDrop, it will not work.

Part 2: Best Methods to Transfer Files When Your AirDrop Is Not Working

If you can't fix the problem that AirDrop isn't working now and are anxious to transfer files to a new iPhone 14, AnyRec PhoneMover is the best tool to solve your problems. You can transfer files from your iPhone to the new one with one click. It also can sync files between any iOS, Android, and PC. Moreover, this all-in-one tool can organize your files as an iPhone manager, such as edit, delete, add, and play.

Phone Mover Product Box
AnyRec PhoneMover

Transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages to all iPhones.

Manage and de-duplicate files to free up more space.

Back up and restore your lost or deleted contacts.

Support iPhone 14/13/13/11 and iOS 16/15/14 and earlier.

Free Download

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Step 1.Free download the AnyRec PhoneMover on your computer and launch it. You should connect your iPhone and computer with a USB cable. Then you should tap the Trust button on your iPhone screen. You can also download the MobileSync on your iPhone and scan the QR code to connect two devices.

Connect Device to Anyrec

Step 2.After that, you can see all information about your old iPhone, like Name, Type, and Free Space. Then, you need to click the Connect new device button to connect your new iPhone 14. So that you can transfer the photos from the old iPhone 13/12/11/X and earlier to your new iPhone 14 without AirDrop.

Connect New Device with AnyRec

Step 3.Select which file type you need from Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, and Messages based on your needs. For example, you can click the Music button at the left if you want to transfer music. Then you will see all music stored on your old iPhone. You can choose the music to transfer by ticking the checkbox.

. Choose Files and Edit with AnyRec

Step 4.The last step is to click the Export to Device button to transfer music to your new iPhone 14 when your AirDrop is not working. Moreover, you can move multiple files to your new iPhone in a batch.

Transfer File to New iPhone with AnyRec

Part 3: 4 Other Ways to Fix AirDrop Not Working on Your iPhone

1. Check Whether Your iPhone Supports AirDrop

If AirDrop does not work, you should check whether the device supports it. AirDrop supports iOS 7 or higher, such as iPhone 5 or newer, iPad (4th generation) or newer, iPad Air(all models), iPad Pro(all models), and iPad Mini(all models). The easiest way is to open the Control Center on your iPhone screen and check whether AirDrop exists.

Check Whether your iPhone Supports Airdrop

2. Make Sure WiFi and Bluetooth are Turned on

If either WiFi or Bluetooth is not turned on, AirDrop will not work properly. So you should slide down the screen to open the Control Center to tap the WiFi icon and the Bluetooth icon to turn on them. You can also open the Settings app to open the WiFi and Bluetooth.

Open WiFi and Bluetooth

3. Update Your iOS Version to the Latest

If you do not update the iOS version in time, it may also cause your AirDrop not to work. So you should check whether your iOS is the latest version. If not, you should update it.

Step 1.Unlock your iPhone and open the Settings app. Then tap the General button to choose the Software Update option.

Open Settings to Check iOS Version

Step 2.If your iOS is not the latest version, you can tap the Download and Install button to update your iOS to fix your Airdrop not working.

Download and Install Latest iOS

4. Restart Your iPhone

It is an old fashion but useful way to fix all iPhone problems by restarting. If your AirDrop not showing up, fail to transfer, waiting no notification or encounter other problems, you can reboot your iPhone to fix it. Of course, rebooting iPhone is not a panacea. It cannot be guaranteed to solve your AirDrop not working. You need to press and hold the Volume button and the Power button until the screen pops up the Power Off slider. Then you need to slide the slider to restart your iPhone.

Restart iPhone

Part 4: FAQs about Why AirDrop is Not Working


Now you should know why AirDrop doesn't work. You can troubleshoot AirDrop not working with the above solutions. If it can't be solved, you can use AnyRec PhoneMover to complete data transmission instead of AirDrop. This all-in-one tool can transfer multiple files in a batch to receive files on your new iPhone in the shortest time.

Free Download

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